How To Market Yourself as a Ballroom Dancer

How To Market Yourself as a Ballroom Dancer

Ballroom dancers deserve far more recognition than they receive. Luckily, we live in an era when dancers have a wide range of opportunities to promote and market themselves and their skills. Promoting and marketing dance skills may lead to job opportunities and offers, recognition from a wider audience, and accolades on a job well done.

Before marketing begins, dancers should have eye-catching costumes and shoes readily available to wear during their performances and for photo ops. Save traditional costumes and shoes for ordinary days. If you want to turn more heads, strut your stuff by wearing flamboyant, colorful, exciting pieces, complete with comfortable ballroom dancing shoes. Shoes designed for ballroom dancing ensure your feet are pain-free for extraordinary performances.

Choosing shoes designed specifically for ballroom dancing allows you more freedom to move, ensuring every dance step is carried out precisely and perfectly. Furthermore, ballroom dancing shoes protect your feet against common issues experienced by dancers, alleviating aches and pains so you’re always dance-ready.

The exciting and versatile collection of ballroom dancing shoes ensures every dance, regardless of the dancer’s ballroom style, has the perfect shoes to match their outfit, personality, and style.  Expect to see a versatile mix of gorgeous shoes for men and women as you browse the collection of ballroom dance shoes.

When you have several costumes and at least two or three pairs of dance shoes, it is time to schedule performances, record and photograph the events and let the marketing fun begin.

There are several ways to effectively market and promote ballroom dancing and your dancing services and skills.  For best results, we recommend implementing a mix of online and offline marketing strategies.

Create a WordPress Website

Want to Optimize Your WordPress Website? Learn About Website TranslationWe recommend WordPress since users find it simple to use.  Without any web design or coding experience, users catch on to its simple process and create beautiful, professional-looking websites quickly and effortlessly.

WordPress websites allow you to turn your visions into a reality and create a website dedicated to ballroom dancing. Your website can even include promotional photos and flyers if you’re looking for work opportunities.

Find below a few ideas for creating your ballroom dance WordPress-themed website.

  • Write a Blog: Regular blog posts can help showcase your knowledge about dancing. Consider writing about entertaining, educational, and informative topics to create a nice balance of reading. Share dance tips, tutorials, personal stories, interviews, coverage of local events, ballroom shoes and costume reviews, and other topics of interest in your blog.
  • Classes and Events: If you hold dancing classes, workshops, or other special events, include details on your website. This helps spread the word about the event, encouraging higher attendance. Consider posting class schedules, workshop details, registration forms, and information about upcoming events.
  • Samples: Post photographs of yourself dressed in your best costumes off-stage and while performing. Videos also give viewers firsthand experience of seeing you strut your moves.

Social Media

Use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to share photographs of yourself and videos of dance performances, behind-the-scenes photographs, and other fan-themed content to build a following. It can take time to reach the level of success you may want, although the rewards of your patience are often worth the time and effort.

Business Cards

Yes, we live in a world where an app or website can take care of almost everything we need, from groceries to movies to news about animals. A whopping 63% of people shop online for items they need and use the web to search for information. That leaves 37% of people who have not received your marketing and a fairly large audience of potential clients.

Business cards are not a thing of the past and are gone in the wind. The cards come in handy when meeting people in person, an activity common in the world of ballroom dancing and for ballroom dancers. You can hand them out to prospective clients at business meetings, parties, and those random chance meetings.

Host Events and Open Houses

If you operate a dance studio, host open houses. Hosting an open house is a great way to introduce ballroom dancing to newcomers while showcasing your services. Everyone enjoys attending a fun open house!

If you are a ballroom dancer seeking work with a local theater, school, or other organization, hosting community events can help establish your brand. It can help others better understand your style and why they should work with you versus other dancers.

Participate in Events in Your Local Area

Check the community calendar in your local area for events that sound interesting and plan to be part of them. Participating in events is just as important as hosting them.  When you attend community events, expect endless opportunities to put your face out in the community, build connections, and show your skills to those who matter.

Consider partnering with local businesses to offer your services. Whether it is special events, demonstrations, workshops, or dance classes, companies like fitness centers, dance centers, and schools may benefit from your work.

Distribute Flyers and Posters

Create flyers and posters with shots of your best poses and performances and a list of your services. Distribute the flyers in local clubs, fitness centers, and cafes, and post them on community bulletin boards. Include contact information so interested parties know how to reach you.

Creating flyers is inexpensive and more effective than many people realize. Post flyers in the right places, and soon you’ll notice an influx in the attention and eyes on you.

Advertise and Market Yourself Using These Ideas

There are so many ideas for marketing yourself and advancing your career. Use the ideas above to market your ballroom dance skills and services to a large audience and make headway toward your ultimate goals. It may take time, but with effort and diligence, dancers can establish a presence in the community, build connections, and ultimately take their career or interest in ballroom dancing to new heights.

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