How to Write a Rock-Solid Slogan in 5 Simple Steps (That Truly Works)

Have you ever wondered what is the importance of the slogans for brands?

Slogans, just like logos, carries an impressive value for the brands.

It helps in creating a brand and keeping them.

Words along with pictures have the biggest impact on the brain and it is easy for brands or marketers to take advantage of the system-1 failure of the human brain. We humans live by fast thinking(system-1) which ignore many cues and makes sense of the world around us.

Slogans are a powerful weapon that is being used since the era of the first brand started.

Today, I will move forward to share five tips on writing a killer slogan. If you read the article carefully, you will be able to write slogans of your own with no difficulties.

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How to Write a Rock-Solid Slogan in 5 Simple Steps (That Truly Works)

The first step of creating a slogan is to create a logo that matters. Logo creation is an entirely different pathway, and we will not go through it right now. Only one thing that I want to add is the fact that logos should always be created professionally with mission and vision in mind.

If you have created the logo, congrats, you are half way through writing an excellent slogan. Understanding what your business offer for the masses is the first step you can take to build your slogan. You can go on the mission and vision of the company to have a better understanding before jumping in the slogan creation process.

Also, writing slogan is a creative process, and you might want to iterate it many times until you have found the match you are looking for. User feedback is also a part of the process so don’t hesitate to ask others for feedback.

Without wasting any more time, let’s get started with the process of creating a killer slogan. The tips will help you gain insight on how slogan works and can be created. If you feel overwhelmed by the information, it is always a good idea to come back later and revise the content. Like any other skills, creating famous slogans is all about practice.

The Power of Logo

Building a brand is an invaluable asset for any business. Business can see ups and down, but it is the brand value that brings whole business, back into the game.1-just-do-it

Logos, on the other hand, offers a great insight into what the business is all about. So, it is always a good idea to get the logo done first.

A slogan is a part of the logo. Slogan without logo just doesn’t make sense. If it did, many brands would only have slogans and no real identity. A human mind works better with images, and it is no doubt that using the combination of image and text work the best.

Combining both will get you the best result for building your brand. Similar to big brands changing their logos with time to time, slogans are also modified to showcase their current strength or position in the market. The change is brought out by the marketing team and is completely dependent on personal aspects.

Give Proper Time For Creating Slogan


It is human tendency to fasten up things and come up with the end product. Sometimes, it is great but doesn’t work always.

A slogan, for example, is a big thing. You can quickly come up with a few words slogan, but that might not be in sync with what the company is all about.

The first step is to find what the company does. It will require hardly 2 hours of your crucial time. Once done, you need to enter your creative mode and brainstorm many potential slogans. Brainstorming can easily last 1-2 hours. Once done you can ask the client or your supervisor for editing and consultation.

Slogan writing can sound easy, but it takes times to come up with something that fits the bill. It takes a whole day or two to come up with a slogan that packs a punch. So, if you are a slogan freelancer, it is always a good idea to charge accordingly.

For companies that are looking to create a slogan, it is always a good idea to build trust and then proceed further.

Keep it Simple Silly

funny slogan

Creating sophisticated jargon-filled slogan might sound exciting, but they are a flop idea a few minute you spend with them. Companies target a different audience and mostly it is all about the global audience. An audience, on the other hand, doesn’t want to open a dictionary or ask friends what the slogan means.

Simplicity is the biggest tool one can use for their brand building. Also, there is no point in writing a two sentence slogan. No one has the time to read through and also the long slogans don’t have a lasting impression on the human mind.

Always keep it simple but not simpler. Too much simplicity can easily harm you.

For example, “Make X happen”, can be a slogan for a hypothetical company. But a slogan that reads, “We make X things for you so that you can do Y ways” is a bad idea.

Tickling the Funny Bone

People love humor. They are also more likely to remember the slogan if it makes them laugh. “Adding a Year” to the slogan can also help you create a good slogan.

For example, “Making X happy Since 1987”.

Make sure to use humor to appropriate level. Humor that showcase bias will not help you in a long run. Also, stay clear of any sexist or any humor that harms any group or idea.

Tell Them the Truth


Slogans are the door to tell the world what your company is all about. You may be tempted to go overboard and add that extra spice that you don’t offer.

Any slogan should be honestly written and should focus on what the company offers.

For example, take Wikipedia. Their slogan is simple and to the point, “The Free Encylopedia”.

Wrapping Up

Creating the right slogan is a tough task. If you are not sure what you are doing, it is always a good idea to take the help of a veteran or a professional. The simplistic thing is the hardest to do, and the slogan is the best example of the simplistic daemon.

So, what you think about slogan writing? Let us know through the comment section below. Also, share the article with your peers.

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