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Why Internet Presence Is Essential For Success In Car Finance

Today, the success of a business is parallel to its success on the internet. There are many businesses that operate only on the internet. Businesses in the automobile industry are not an exception. For the car people intend to buy, car loans are often used as payment since it’s difficult to pay for everything at once. The first thing that car finance seekers do is to compare the different options on the websites of finance providers. However, success is almost impossible for car finance providers that don’t have a robustly designed website.

Also, many third party sites provide convenience in comparing the options available to finance seekers. Finance seekers try to make the best choice for themselves either by searching websites of direct lenders or other third parties.

Developing a website for car finance is a somewhat complex issue but there are many tools that ease the process. For example, WordPress provides a cost effective and easy to use solution for car finance websites.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source tool for building and maintaining websites. It is used by many users for blogging to e-commerce. Even websites of some Fortune 500 companies are powered by WordPress. With WordPress, which is one of the world’s most powerful content management systems, businesses can seamlessly develop their own sites. WordPress is free to download and use any way you wish. If you want additional functionality and prefer to take advantage of premium WordPress themes designed by other developers, you have to pay for it. However, theme costs are quite reasonable and there are excellent themes with prices as low as $20-30.

Why WordPress?

Almost every piece of information related to automotive industry can be found online through automotive websites. There are many WordPress themes that can be used for such websites. A quick internet search will display many WordPress themes from auto rentals to car news.  Of course, the WordPress ecosystem also offers themes for car finance. In fact, a WordPress theme that contain a general-purpose loan calculator can meet most of your needs when it comes to calculating car loans. However, themes specially designed or customized for car finance take a step forward with additional functions such as vehicle display, advanced car loan calculator, integrated payment, etc. Let’s briefly examine some WordPress car themes and gain more insight.

The Finance

This flexible theme offers many features customized for finance business. Thanks to its customizable structure, it is also a perfect website solution for car finance operations. Like most of WordPress themes, it is responsive and mobile ready, so the user does not need spend additional effort in achieving consistency across different devices. The loan calculator integrated in the theme has many functions that can be used for every aspect of car finance.


AutoDeals is a WordPress theme that enables you to create websites for buying and selling cars. It has many advanced features such as car search with filters, automatic import of car data or PayPal integration. Its powerful financial calculator is especially useful in determining the best option for your budget.


This is a premium quality WordPress theme targeting especially car dealers. It has many customizable features dedicated to car trading. Its loan calculator is highly functional and lets the user to calculate loan installments based on the amount and term of the loan as well as the current interest rates.

As another option, you may prefer to use WordPress plugins, which add new functions to websites. They provide an easy and simple way to enrich existing sites. There are many plugins that can be used in car finance websites and new ones are added every day.

Final Remarks

Digital technologies, especially internet technologies, are disrupting and redefining the car finance business like every other business. Those who cannot keep up with the developments will stay out of the game. Whether you’re a car finance provider intending to increase the share of your business over the internet or an interested car buyer in need of finance for your new car, exploring what the internet offers will give you additional power.

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