ipwhois.io Review: Track Your Visitors' Geolocation and Get to Know Your Audience

ipwhois.io Review: Track Your Visitors’ Geolocation and Get to Know Your Audience

Geolocation tracking can be one of the most valuable features a website possesses. Finding out your visitors’ IP and geolocation can be indispensable, especially if you’re running an eCommerce business or any similar type of venture. Acquiring all of that data can be especially tricky, which is why most of the significant web-based companies utilize ipwhois.io API.

IPWHOIS.ioInstead of wasting valuable time by manually procuring your users’ info, ipwhois.io automates the process and saves you the time you could otherwise spend on more important tasks at hand.

Having on-hand geolocation is perfect if you need to deal with special monetary regulations or even just for the pure user convenience of automatic currency conversion. Also, you’ll be able to focus on utilizing specialized marketing campaigns that would promote recommended products based on your visitor’s geolocation.

What Is ipwhois.io

ipwhois.io is a specialized geolocation application programming interface or API for short that focuses on finding and fetching visitor geolocation data to you in the least time possible.

With it, you’ll be able to track where most of your audience comes from and what trends are popular by what location.

Why Do You Need ipwhois.io

Question markIn the early days of the internet, only a few websites dealt with geolocation, and those mainly dealt with it due to technical limitations instead of utilizing its benefits. As mentioned earlier, geolocation tracking is invaluable in the world of eCommerce as your customers expect you to know and handle their country’s unique tax laws and delivery options.

If they live in a country with a high customs tax or exorbitant shipping prices, it mainly comes into play. After all, nobody would want to pay double for a product simply because they didn’t see the shipping costs. And while these problems may seem like unique localized instances, the more they happen, the more lousy press your website may receive.

Therefore, by utilizing ipwhois.io, you’ll save yourself some trouble by allowing your customer to automatically see all the necessary tax and shipping info that’s based on their geolocation. The same principle also applies to your customer’s local currency, who, instead of separately looking up a currency converter, will automatically gain the converted costs, thus automatically improving their user experience.

So, the better the user experience, the higher the chance of gaining user-generated marketing (which is by far the best form of marketing, by the way). Another important factor in utilizing a geolocation API is that through it, you’ll be able to learn where the majority of your user visitor base is and if they have any special local regulations.

It becomes vital if you’re trying to run something like a media-sharing website, as those can have a lot of legal trouble with some copyright issues. For example, there’s a particular reason why some online video streaming services tend to region lock their content, and it’s due to local regulations preventing them from fully utilizing their potential. So keeping track of where your visitors come from can save you not only time and money but also some unsavory legal trouble.

ipwhois.io Key Features

Speed and Power

SpeedometerGeolocation tracking requires immense speed as the faster you can find your visitors’ geolocation, the quicker the page will load and convert your necessary data, such as currencies. That’s why ipwhois.io spread its servers across the globe to ensure the fastest response times wherever you and your visitors are.

Also, to ensure that your API usage is as easy as possible, ipwhois.io provides you with a powerful interface for quick and easy access to your visitors’ data.


Along with speed, geolocation also requires immense accuracy in the data it provides. Because of that, ipwhois.io gathers your required data in real-time as your visitors browse your website. You will no longer need to worry about the precision of your data as you receive the most accurate geolocation profiles possible. At the same time, your visitors enjoy your website at top speeds.

In addition, unlike similar geolocation programs, ipwhois.io is entirely lightweight and doesn’t bulk up or slow down your website at all, thus ensuring that the efficiency of your website is as high as possible.


Security wordBack in the 90s, you might have gotten away with underutilizing online security options as the use of the internet didn’t dominate daily lives. But today, when the internet encompasses all aspects of everyday life, ensuring that your website and its visitors are safe is a paramount responsibility.

Safety is essential considering geolocations and IP addresses are regarded as some of the most private information on the internet. A lack of proper security around them may create a lack of trust from your viewers. Also, ipwhois.io ensures that safety with its 256-bit SSL encryption.

Ease of Use

When it comes to website building, many add-ons, plugins, and other forms of feature building APIs are ten to be great when it comes to features but dreadful when it comes to actual usability.

Some are needlessly complex and require the same amount of expertise as running a nuclear submarine, while others are so bulky that getting through to a simple feature takes ages. This is why ipwhois.io made sure to create an API as easy to learn and use as possible, which is very useful in general, especially if you’re a newcomer in website building.

Decent Language Base

Letter blocksWhat’s a proper geolocation API without a widely supported language option. An extensive array of languages impacts the user experience directly, especially those whose English isn’t their secondary language.

Thus, ipwhois.io offers a multi-language response option that covers most major languages, including Chinese, Russian, Japanese, among the standards such as English, German, and French. With these options, you’ll be able to spread the popularity of your website all across the globe without the worry of language barriers getting in the way.

How to Best Utilize ipwhois.io


Tracking appBy finding your visitor’s geolocation, you’ll be able to personalize their user experience, which has been proven to improve their visiting habits by almost 70%. Instead of defaulting to the English website, your visitors would have to choose their language manually.

You can also set up ipwhois.io to show which language they should be automatically redirected to. And the best part is if you’re running a website that offers some form of product delivery, you can set up an autofill feature so you can save your visitors’ time when it comes to filling out some of the delivery details.

Time Zone

Finding out what time zone your visitors are from can be significant, as that’s how you can find out what your website’s peak traffic hours are, and thus you can manage your marketing campaigns more efficiently.

If you plan on running something like a live Q&A or some form of a live stream, automatic reconfiguration of timezones can help you gather more visitors and viewers since they needn’t separately adjust their timezones to find out when you’re going to be online.

Running a business also requires proper communication with your customer, so having your office hours displayed in a time zone adjustable format may become invaluable.


CurrenciesAs mentioned before, using ipwhois.io allows you to set up the local currency of your visitors automatically. Seeing local currency allows your visitors to save time and mental capacity on manually converting currencies, which immensely improves the user experience.

Not only that, but it has been proven that automatically presenting local currency improves website conversion rates by over 30%, as customers tend to be more comfortable spending their money. In contrast, foreign currencies make them more hesitant.

Marketing Strategies

With lightning-fast and accurate geolocation tracking, ipwhois.io allows you to manage incredible marketing strategies. That’s because, with proper monitoring, you’ll be able to create targeted ad campaigns that can focus on creating a localized experience for your customers.

Moreover, if you have a vast number of visitors from a specific region, you could even run campaigns entirely focused on local data. For example, running a giveaway with physical items can be problematic on an international level, but running it on a regional basis when you know that 75% of your customers come from the same region might not be a bad idea.


Personalized experiences have become the norm on the majority of the internet, so why not utilize a powerful API such as ipwhois.io to create the perfect user experience for your visitors. Considering its prices range from $10 a month to $80 a month, it is quite a steal.

If you’re just a small-scale website (after all, the Platinum option serves more than 10 million requests a month), you even have a free version that can support up to 10 thousand recommendations a month with no strings attached. So if you want to try out ipwhois.io, you needn’t commit to a larger package.

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