Is Social Media Essential For Bloggers?

Is Social Media Essential For Bloggers?

Blogs used to be the highest converting activity online. You search for something on Google and find a blog that answers your query. Then, you read it and make a purchase. All brands use blogs to boost their search engine rankings, increase traffic, and help visitors learn more about their services, products, brand, or industry.

But in the age of social media where Tik Toks, Reels, and YouTube Shorts are taking over, do you need to transition to social media too? Should your blog be on social media, or should you keep doing what’s already working?


Blogs On Social Media

Blogs are still the bread and butter of digital marketing. You need to create content about people from every stage of the buyer’s journey, and it’s tough to do that with only social media posts. Website blogs have way more customization and tracking options, and every brand leverages them.

But times change, and now social media channels and influencer marketing have the same effect as focusing on a blog. In fact, those three things have the highest ROI compared to every other marketing channel.

Plus, if you’ve seen any Millennials or Gen Z people around, they’re glued to social media like flies to honey. Short-form content is taking over, and it’s the easiest way to direct more people to a blog that’s already working. You can use a bit of extra time and effort to repurpose your existing repository of content for these channels. Here’s how.

Repurposing Content

If you’re not on social media, you don’t exist for newer generations. Bloggers want to be on social media and think they should use the same content and post it everywhere. That doesn’t work well. Every platform has its user base, rules, and algorithms. You must adhere and conform or be stuck with the noise.


Most bloggers are familiar with Facebook because you can publish links to your website in groups or cross-promote with pages. That strategy worked exceptionally well until Meta cracked down the algorithm and promoted different content.

Reels, Stories, live videos, and Groups are the top places for promoting your blog. The algorithm won’t push something made from your personal profile. Instead, create a specific page and experiment with the newest thing. If you want more direct contact with people, join groups related to your niche, and answer questions. Naturally, people will check out your profile and land on your blog.


Instagram is another social media app controlled by Meta. But it’s completely different from Facebook. They reward Reels, short-form videos that last less than a minute, and carousels, multiple images that users can swipe. Because you’re transitioning from a blog, carousels are the easier option. You can take a couple of bullet points and paste them into a unique template.

For starters, check out what some of the biggest accounts in your niche are doing. If they’re creating carousels, try to make something similar and see how it works. You can always experiment with showing your face on camera and talking through the points in your blog. Loads of influencers began their journey as bloggers and eventually transitioned to creating video content. Plus, you can reuse the same video on Tik Tok and YouTube.


YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world. Google still holds the first spot, but YouTube’s in a close second. The truth about new generations is they don’t want to read as much. They’d rather watch a video than spend time reading. YouTube gives them that option because it’s primarily a video platform. You have a choice between short and long-form content. Like Reels, YouTube shorts last less than a minute. Regular videos usually fall into the 8-10 minute mark. Podcasts typically last more than an hour.

The best YouTube strategy is to create one podcast related to your niche and repurpose it for every social media app. You upload the entire thing on YouTube. Then, you cut up the best parts and post them as long-form videos lasting from 5 to 10 minutes. And you make short, 1-minute teasers of the best parts to gain a bigger audience. Easy, simple, and reusable.


Mark Zuckerberg is the person controlling Facebook and Instagram. Elon Musk is another billionaire that wanted to have a social media of his own, so he bought Twitter. Now, they’re battling with social media beef to see who comes out on top.

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Twitter works in a different way. It rewards threads, meaning long Tweets. When trying to create a blog presence on social media, Twitter is best because you can copy and paste headlines and paragraphs from your blog to create a hit piece. All you need is to go viral one time, and you’ll get a bunch of followers. That’s true for every platform. So keep going until you hit the nail on its head, and then keep going some more.


Secure Your Blog

Garnering a lot of social media fame leads to more visitors, more clicks, more purchases, and more trouble. Now, you might be thinking, how can more of a good thing be trouble? Well, most bloggers don’t care too much about security, and there are cybercriminals waiting for their newest target.

If you’re not in the tech space, hackers think you’re an easy target. They’ll visit your website, and the first thing they’ll check is whether you have an SSL certificate. If you don’t, they can steal your customers and visitors’ data.

The next thing they’ll check for is your IP address to see where you’re browsing from. Every hacker starts an attack from your IP address, so it’s essential to protect it. A VPN does the job perfectly, and you can protect yourself with a single click. If you don’t know how it works, you can read a blog that explains VPN for dummies. Or you can watch a short video about it. See what happened here?

Finally, make sure you use strong passwords. You’ll include your business email on social media or on your website. You don’t want somebody to brute force it and breach your data by guessing your password. Instead, use a password manager or a passphrase. No matter which strategy you choose, being safe should be priority number one.

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