Is YouTube Best Way to Market Your WordPress Site

There’s no doubt that the digital marketing landscape has changed a lot in recent years. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become extremely saturated, making it harder for small businesses to stand out from their competition.

That’s why many business owners are still turning to YouTube as their primary marketing platform, even though it’s been around since 2005. After all, according to Forbes, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google.

In this article, we’ll discuss several reasons why YouTube is still your best bet for marketing your small business in the ever-growing digital age.

The Number of Users

Think of the sheer size of YouTube’s user base: over 2.6 billion! That’s an enormous number of potential customers you could reach with your marketing videos.

Not to mention, YouTube is available in 91 different countries and 80 different languages, so no matter where your target market is located, they’re likely able to watch your videos.

The Engagement Levels

YouTube isn’t just a platform for passively consuming content. In fact, users are highly engaged on YouTube, with the average user spending 11 minutes per day watching videos.

This engagement presents a great opportunity for businesses to get their message across and spark some engagement with their target audience.

The Search Engine Optimization Benefits

One of the main reasons businesses should be using YouTube as part of their marketing strategy is because of the SEO benefits it offers. When you publish a video to your YouTube channel, you have the opportunity to optimize it for certain keywords that your target market is searching for. This helps your videos show up on search engine results pages, which can ultimately lead to more views and engagement.

Even better, you can boost your SEO, even more, when you include captions on your videos. This is important to understand because not all users will watch your videos with the sound on, so you want to be sure that your message is still getting across. This can also be added to a transcription of the video in the description, allowing even more opportunities for your videos to show up in search results.

YouTube Helps Connect to Customers on a Personal Level

Hello signAnother advantage of YouTube marketing is that it allows businesses to connect with their customers more personally. Unlike some other platforms, YouTube is less about selling and more about building relationships. This gives businesses the opportunity to show off their personality and build trust with potential customers.

It’s simple and easy to connect with people in the comments section, yet another reason this platform is a great fit for small businesses. Responding to user comments and feedback is a key part of maintaining a good relationship with your target market.

It’s Cost-Effective

Creating high-quality videos doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, there are plenty of different ways to create great videos without breaking the bank. For example, you can use your smartphone to film instead of hiring a professional videographer.

Additionally, there are plenty of copyright-free and royalty-free music options available online that you can use to score your videos, such as Soundstripe or Epidemic Sound.

For a small monthly fee, these sites offer royalty-free background music for your YouTube channel or any other media project you have in mind. Keep in mind that copyright-free music, or non-copyrighted music, means you needn’t worry about legal issues for their commercial use.

It’s Simple & Easy to Use

Not only is YouTube cost-effective, but it’s also extremely simple and easy to use. You don’t necessarily need high-end, expensive equipment or editing software to get started. Just film your video, publish it on YouTube, and you’re good to go!

This very low barrier to entry is one of the big reasons why so many small businesses are using this platform and others to reach their target market.

YouTube Offers a Variety of Video Types

Live streamNot all videos have to be filmed in one style or format. In fact, YouTube offers a variety of video types that businesses can take advantage of, such as how-to videos, product demonstrations, customer testimonials, unboxing videos, and more.

This variety helps businesses keep their content fresh and engaging while also catering to the needs of their own target markets.

You Can Use YouTube Ads

YouTube offers businesses a number of different advertising options that can be extremely effective in reaching their target market. For example, you can use skippable or non-skippable ads and in-stream or discovery ads.

You can also target your advertisements to specific demographics, interests, and even locations. YouTube advertising can also be a great way to reach a larger audience and jumpstart your video marketing efforts.

You Can Easily Analyze Your Results

Finally, one of the best things about YouTube marketing is that it’s easy to track and measure your results. YouTube provides businesses with a number of different metrics, such as view count, watch time, audience retention, click-through rate, and more.

This data can be extremely valuable in helping you to understand what’s working well and what needs to be improved. Additionally, YouTube analytics can help you to better understand your target market and what type of content they’re most interested in.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many reasons why YouTube is still the best marketing platform for small businesses. It has a large user base, high engagement levels, great SEO benefits, and it’s cost-effective.

Additionally, it’s simple and easy to use, offers a variety of video types, and allows businesses to track and measure their results. Now is the time to start if you’re not already using YouTube videos as part of your digital marketing strategy.

If you’ve been using YouTube for a while now but haven’t had the best results, then it may also be the time to take a closer look at your analytics to see what isn’t working. It may take some effort, but with YouTube marketing, there’s still a bright future in sight.


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