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Link Building for a New Website: 6 Ideas to Get Links

Building links for your new website can seem pretty intense. On one hand are your competitors who have an overwhelmingly large number of links on their site. On the other is you who is new to the whole idea of how to get links. Sure, finding the easy ones will happen quickly. But if you want to include only the really good links, it is going to take some doing and you will have to find the best guest blogging services.

We’ll cover some great ways of making your website become link-worthy in the first place. Then we’ll look at other ways you can build good-quality links:

  1. Creating and putting up great content

If you’re a newcomer to SEO and link-building, we’d suggest starting here. However, if you already know the importance of good content, then proceed reading. One way of creating great content is, to begin with, reconnaissance. See what people have done and then do it better. Another way is to use the information to do the same thing but in a different manner. Yet another idea is to find what’s missing and then create something to fill that void.

What you should be aiming for is evergreen content regardless of which way you pick to get there. That’s because buying links to any content is easy. But if you want quality backlinks, you will need good and relevant content on your website first.

  1. Requesting backlinks

When considering how to build links to a site, you can also reach out to bloggers that you know. Provided that their website is relevant to your niche, you can get some good quality linking done with this strategy. Irrelevant links could even have a harmful impact on your fledgling website. Beware!

We’d recommend asking them to give you an in-content link position instead of the sidebar or footer. The former will get you the desired results.

  1. Sneaking to reverse engineer your competitor’s backlinks

The website you are competing with is probably a result of strong link-building strategy. Your competitors probably also spend thousands of dollars to acquire the high-quality links you see. You know they are good, which is why you want to be where they are. However, you may not have the budget or the manpower to do so. Not having built your reputation or the experience will also work against you. So, you’d likely fail to get the same quality of links on your own. But that’s okay because you can work smarter.

Spy on the competition and then steal their best backlinks for yourself. For instance, when you analyze their content, synthesize some of your own that is better. Then pitch to the sites that have linked to your competitors. Show them the new and improved article that you have. Now, ask for a link. It may be a simple tactic, but it will help you get links and bring you to the notice of the search engines.

  1. Choosing the right sites for guest blogging

This approach remains a huge deal in link-building. That’s because of two main reasons. Firstly, it gets you links that work in the long-term. Secondly, it does remarkable things for your page rankings. Haven’t guest blogged before? Don’t know how to utilize it to build authority links online?

Begin by looking for opportunities that will allow you to submit your guest posts. This will come even before you prepare a pitch for those websites. So, what you should do is look for ones that are:

  • Relevant to your website’s niche
  • Working with a decent-sized following – which also falls in your niche
  • Getting big engagement rates through likes, comments, and shares
  • Welcoming guest content, sharing it, and providing links

There is an easier and dependable way of finding all that information. Since you are looking for places with high domain authority, you can measure it. Different tools, such as Moz’s Open Site Explorer, are available to do the quantifying for you. Check out their authority, how many good backlinks they have, and the average traffic of the site.

  1. Creating great guest posts

You must now know of several places where you’d want your link featured. But here comes the most difficult part that is guest posting. Pitching to the websites in question and then getting them to okay your blog idea. Luckily, you can also outsource your guest posts.

Try a few of these tips for success:

  • Follow their rules. Every site that asks for guest posts will have its guidelines. Adhere to those as best as you can. That will get you in through the gate.
  • Be honest. If you chose an authoritative blog, they probably see thousands of pitches in a month. You can differentiate your pitch from the bots and copy-pasted templates with honesty. Work hard to make your pitch look natural and personalized. Show honest appreciation of what a link on their site would mean for you.
  • Do not forget to follow-up. Send in your request and then hit them back after a reasonable amount of time. They may forget because they aren’t the ones building links to a website!
  1. Finding high-quality directories to submit to

You may erroneously think all such submissions are black hat SEO. They aren’t because you can still discover legitimate directory websites. Use them to establish credibility for your own site. We’ll suggest being careful and not going after a listing on every directory website. Look for names that are common in the discussion on the forums in your niche. For example, when beginning a new design website, think about submitting to Dexigner.

Don’t be suspicious when they tell you about submissions being free. Many legitimate organizations that post quality content offer that. Check if the directory in question has a great online community of niche-related websites. If it does, then you are probably okay!

Parting thoughts

Link building is hard and tricky. There are so many other tools and tips that you can use to help you succeed. For instance, you can have a link-building company do the heavy lifting for you. Whichever method you choose, make sure the result are new, high-quality links!


Evie harrison is a blogger by choice.  She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries, experiences and express herself through her blogs. Find her on Twitter:@iamevieharrison

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  • Alice
    Posted at 06:53h, 17 November Reply

    I’m currently focusing on guest posting. I keep reaching out to authority websites in the similar niche to write guest posts. I think this is the best way to build backlinks. However, the reply rates are not really high. Do you have any recommendations.

    • Editorial Staff
      Posted at 03:03h, 24 November Reply

      Hi Alice,

      Guest post requests that get the most responses are ones that have a list of relevant and unique topics ready to pitch in the introductory email. Also, it’s best to state that you are open to suggestions on topics. Most likely, there is content the site manager was planning to cover in the near future and might be willing to get someone else to write about it instead.

  • J. mankey
    Posted at 05:16h, 09 December Reply

    Great Blog, Really interesting and amazing.

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