Four Hacks to Make Your Mac Feel Fast and New Again

Four Hacks to Make Your Mac Feel Fast and New Again

A slow Mac is enough to drive you mad. You will always be frustrated regardless of what you are doing with the computer. That’s why most Mac users usually head to the shops to buy new ones as soon as their computer gets sluggish.

Fortunately, there are different ways you can improve the performance of your Mac. So, before spending a lot of cash on a new computer, try these hacks to make your Mac feel fast and new again. Some of these hacks include;

Uninstall unused and unwanted apps

Too many unused apps on your Mac consume the memory and take up the space on your hard drive. That’s why it’s vital to find these programs and uninstall them to improve Mac’s performance.

This can be done manually by viewing the folder with the applications and then sorting them by size. You can see which programs take up a large amount of space. Still, you can use an automatic cleaner to detect unwanted apps and delete them successfully.

The rest of the apps on the computer should be updated regularly to streamline Mac’s operations. Turn on the apps’ notifications and system updates to receive alerts on what’s new and install it immediately. Updating Mac will improve its performance and boost operational efficiency. It ensures that your OS is the latest version.

Turn off visual effects

Most built-in visual effects on macOS greatly impact Mac’s performance. Disabling some unnecessary visual effects and animations may not seem like it should make a huge difference. But these small tweaks add a noticeable performance boost to your computer. Suppose your Mac struggles to perform intensive tasks with the available processing power!

Then these little visual effects may be the thing that will push it over the edge, causing the computer to crash. To turn off visual effects on your Mac;

  • Open the Apple menu and then navigate to the System Preferences
  • Click on the Accessibility
  • You will be directed to Display on the left panel. Select it
  • Tick the Reduce motion option checkbox

This will help speed up your computer by eliminating all the extra motion effects. Still, you can use special tools to find and disable animations. If you need these visual effects, you can follow the procedure above to reset your computer.

Clear your caches and logs

When you use your Mac on a website for the first time, the information regarding the site is stored temporarily in its cache. If you log in to the site again, the browser will load the site’s information from the cache copy instead of downloading it again.

The whole process aims to speed up or improve the browsing experience. Unfortunately, this whole process can impact the performance of your computer. Over time, a sizable cache can be built up. This affects your Mac’s speed and performance as you surf online.

Clearing caches and logs may improve the overall performance. This makes your Mac feel fast and new again. You can clear caches manually or with special tools available on the internet. This should be done regularly because your computer keeps storing more files as you surf online.

Trash duplicate files

Duplicate files on your hard drive could be slowing down your computer. Fortunately, it’s very easy to find and delete them. Most duplicates are mistaken downloads usually caused when you click the download link more than once. Duplicates can also form when dragging files to your desktop or a convoluted filing system.

You can use the Smart Folders feature in Finder to locate duplicates on your system.

  • Open the Finder app
  • Navigate to the File>New Smart Folder
  • Click on the “+” button in the upper-right corner
  • Search for all duplicate files

The key here is to ensure you sort out your results by either ordering them by name or size to check if there is any duplicate. To avoid deleting the wrong file, check the file’s date to determine whether it’s a true duplicate.


Improving your Mac performance is very easy. All you need to follow the hacks discussed above. These small steps will make your Mac feel fast and new again. Each is equally important, and you should use them to improve the computer’s performance.

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