All You Need to Know: Microsoft MCSA 70-740 Certification Exam

Microsoft MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification is a certification program by Microsoft to accredit the skills of Installation, storage, compute with Windows Server 2016. It focuses on the technical tasks associated with working on Windows Server 2016.

As the IT infrastructure is evolving companies are now choosing to hire professionals who have certification in their field of work. Microsoft being a world leader in software designing and operating systems is the first resource that companies look up for. A brief share of the economy today functions on the Windows Server 2016 and so the demand for Microsoft Windows Server 2016 certified professionals is on the rise. And to get this certification one must know about its related exam and those are 70-740, 70-741 and 70-742. To get MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification you must pass all of these exams. So, in this article we will talk more about Microsoft 70-740 exam and its importance.

What Will One Learn with Microsoft 70-740 Exam?

Microsoft 70-740 is all about the installation, storage, and computation with Windows Server 2016. Taking up the course guides through the finer aspects and technical details of the working of Windows Server 2016. Here are some of the key areas where this exam focuses and the certification is rewarded!

  • To install and upgrade to Windows Server 2016. The technical aspects and a fluent way to get through the installation process. It is the basic of the course.
  • Provide for technical support to the problems associated with the Windows Server 2016. This includes the targeting of the troubleshoot areas and reduce the complications associated with a pre-existing Microsoft Server 2016.
  • Focus on protocols and technology used in Microsoft Server. The protocols like SAN, FC, DAS, etc. are given due importance with a host of things to learn with it.
  • Virtualization of the program through a thorough understanding of Hyper-V, its computation system, and configuration.
  • Implementation of a no-fault fully functional storage system that supports the Server.
  • Upgrading of patches while monitoring it. This is done using WSUS.
  • Thorough guidance, understanding, and learning of the features of Microsoft Server 2016.
  • Adding the local storage system to the web and making it functional on Microsoft Storage system. The configuration is made with Microsoft Server 2016 for best performance.
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) and implementation of High Availability programs using the Hyper-V tool of Microsoft Server.
  • Basic storage space configuration and management. The focus lies on the clearance of duplicated data and over-storming data.
  • Network load balancing, its implementation, and network balance.
  • PrepAway Practice Tests For Exam:

What Are the Requirements for Microsoft MCSA: Windows Server 2016 Certification?

Not all the IT professionals or students are eligible for taking up Microsoft MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification. Microsoft has laid down some criteria to be met for successfully registering to the course and choosing amongst the best applicant for their certification program. Therefore, the application is refined to the IT professionals who:

  • Have background experience of working with Microsoft Server 2016
  • Have handled the administration of Windows Server
  • Have worked in a Microsoft Windows association.
  • Have a thorough understanding of the storage protocols for Windows Server 2012 or 2016
  • Knows about networking, its tools and about its implementation of some software.

What Are the Skills Measured in Microsoft 70-740 Exam?

Microsoft has carefully laid down the course for Microsoft 70-740 exam to choose only the ones who possess complete knowledge about the working on Windows Server 2016. This comes as no surprise that the skills are polished to the utmost and necessary knowledge is imparted with a definitive course to attend. Here are the skills that need to be worked on and is checked for the certification.

Install Windows Servers in Host and Computer Components

Installation of Windows Server 2016 is the basic knowledge that one should possess for this exam. A thorough understanding of the features of Windows Server, it’s working, configuration, installation and targeting the troubleshooting is the knowledge shared here. Given almost 15% importance in the exam, the branch deals with Key Management service, installation, and configuration of nano-servers, creation, maintenance and management of images for deployment.

Implement Storage Solutions

The configuration of disks and their volumes, implementing server storage, implementing data deduplication, Configuration for appropriate workloads, implementing a backup, determining storage replicas, etc. are some of the highly important areas to work on. This section carries a 10-15% score importance.

Implement Hyper-V

Forming one of the important sections to work on and carrying almost 25 percent weight,Hyper-V is one of Microsoft Server tools which is a must learn. Starting from installing and configuration of Hyper-V there are other areas to focus on like Virtual Machine (VM) settings, Hyper-V storage aids, Hyper-V networking, performance, Linux Integration Services (LIS), remote management of Hyper-V hosts, etc.

Implement Windows Containers

Windows containers are an operating environment supported by Microsoft Windows Server 2016. IT is important as part of Microsoft 70-740 certification to get complete knowledge on the same. This section holds 10% of the total course and teaches deploying windows containers and managing them.

Implement High Availability

The most important section of the course is the implementation of High Availability and recovery of disaster operations through Hyper-V. Here the key areas to cover include implementing failover clustering, implementation of storage spaces directly, management of fall-over clustering, VM movements in clustered nodes and their management and network load balancing.

Maintain and Monitor Server Environments

Server environment, installation, and maintenance form the core of Microsoft Windows Server 2016 learning. Here the focus is on the maintenance of server installations and monitoring them for accuracy. For this, there are various aspects covered like WSUS group configuration, patch management, backup strategies for Hyper-V guests, file servers, and server workloads usingMicrosoft Windows Server 2016.

How to Clear Microsoft 70-740 Exam?

To clear Microsoft 70-740 exam, one needs a good span of time for preparation. The preparation should be paired with a practical understanding of the subject, usage of reference books and an evaluation on the learning for time to time. The practical training is important to understand the working of the system thoroughly. Take up mock tests and refine your knowledge the most to successfully clear the exam and achieve certification. So, in short you can have a way to where you will find the best exam material to prepare for 70-740 exam.


There are three set of exams you need to pass in order to get MCSA: Windows Server 2016 and know you know why passing 70-740 is really important. So, follow the article and understand what is 70-740 exam is all about and how you can achieve the success in it. Good Luck.

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