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3 Tips How to Optimize Content to Make it Voice-Search Friendly

You might be aware that people are more accustomed to accessing the internet through their mobile devices rather than personal computers nowadays. This has led to a new way of user queries on search engines – voice search.

The convenience and constant improvements to this technology are driving people to use it more and more often. In seconds, you could get your search results without having to bother moving your fingers over the keypad. I mean, who would not approve of this?

In this article, we will dive further into this trend. You will learn about what voice search is and how it has affected the way people are using the internet today. I will also share a number of tips that you could use to make your content more voice-search friendly. If you’re looking for ways to optimize your digital content, then read on.

What is Voice Search-Friendly Content?

As the name suggests, voice search technology allows users to verbally voice their search queries on search engines in order to get search results. You may no longer be a stranger to the practice of literally asking your phone what you want to look for, and trend keeps growing from day by day. Ever since it was introduced by Google back in 2011, the use of this technology has seen a drastic increase.

Starting with choosing a new domain name for your website or a blog, you should pick a voice search-friendly one. It is essential to pick the essential one that could double and sound like a phrase. But it’s just a small part of what is waiting for you in becoming a voice-search friendly website. So, let’s overview the benefits and the tips on how to do that.

Benefits of Optimizing Voice Search-Friendly Contents

Given the fact that voice search has become a mainstream practice today, it is not a bad idea to learn about the potential benefits that you may get by optimizing your content to be more voice search-friendly.

Here are just a few of the benefits from optimizing your content:

  • It keeps your content relevant – voice search has become one of the most-used technologies today. By optimizing your content with it in mind, you’re making in relevant because of things like accessibility.
  • It paves a way to a whole new mobile market – since most users surf the internet through their mobile devices, creating voice search-friendly content is one of the best ways to penetrate such a market.

3 Amazing Tips for Optimizing your Content

Now that you have learned about the benefits you could enjoy by optimizing your content, you may want to know more about how you can do it. Don’t worry, I will share a number of easy to implement tips that you can use right now.

1. Be aware of Long-Tailed Keywords

When developing voice search-friendly content, you need to put yourself in the shoes of mobile users. Long-tail keywords are queries that involve more than three words, typically more similar to a sentence. These keywords typically have lower traffic, but in turn, have a lower keyword difficulty – meaning there is far less competition when trying to score those top spots on the SERP. Keep in mind, that at times you might need to get creative and dig into question keywords, like “how do I disable cookies on my browser” or similar. When using voice search, people tend to speak to their phones in a more natural tone, rather than using keywords.

2. Focus on localizing your contents

Through voice search technology, users would most likely search for a locale related rather than the general. Imagine you are on a trip and want to find the best restaurant in town. It is much more convenient for you to ask your phone directly rather than type out a quick question, right?

For example, a pizza diner owner shall anticipate questions like, “where can I get the best pizza in Milan?” by providing every detail of his business on its main page. This includes the exact location of his restaurant (so that Google could detect it) and the actual menu of the diner. In fact, it is better for him to mention the specialty of his diner on the main page to anticipate specific keywords like “best pepperoni pizza in Milan.”

3. Develop a mobile-friendly website

Optimizing your content alone would not lead to increased conversion rates. You need a mobile-friendly website to go with it. If people have found your website through voice search and then access it, only to get disappointed when they see that it takes forever to load or is unusable on a smartphone screen. They will never bother accessing it for the second time. While fixing responsiveness can be done with a mobile-friendly theme if you’re using WordPress, or some tweaking of your HTML if it is a static page, performance and speed will require a hosting provider.

For optimal performance, it is crucial to go with the best hosting service provider that offers strong optimization features. They have an excellent team both in terms of technical upkeep, maintenance, and feature updates, and customer support.


Every webmaster or website owner, just like you, should definitely accommodate their audience through every popular method. This includes optimizing for voice search. It is only through this mindset that you would be able to secure traffic and increase conversion rates.

While not optimizing for a voice search won’t break your business, you’re definitely cutting off a source of potential traffic that is waiting to be brought in.

Remember – following the latest growing trends is a surefire way to get yourself in front of the competition, and secure your slice of the market share.

We hope you found these tips useful!


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