Seven Reasons Why You Should Take Your Business Online

Seven Reasons Why You Should Take Your Business Online

If your business is not online, you’re either not sold on the idea, or you’re living under a rock. The first place the average millennial looks to find products or services is not a store – it’s online. The internet is one of the most powerful tools in the modern era.

Nearly 60 percent of the world’s population has an online presence. When going online gives you massive exposure; it makes you accessible to customers far and wide. From local to international customers, your business will reach an incredible number of potential customers.

Highlighting the reasons why you should take your business online could take all day. To convince you, here are seven powerful reasons why your business should be online.

1. Every Other Business Is Online – Including Your Competitors

There are currently more than 1.88 billion websites in the world. From small local businesses to multinationals, most of these organizations have a solid online presence. They aim to make the most of what is arguably the greatest invention since the 20th century – the internet. Thus, if most businesses globally are online, then there must be something good about it.

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Indeed, there are numerous opportunities and benefits of being online that you are missing out on. Virtually everyone is online, including your competitors. If that doesn’t motivate you to get on the internet train immediately, nothing probably will.

2. Going Online Proves Your Business Exists

Person shopping onlineThe internet has become a vital part of human existence such that it is easy to assume that whatever is not online does not exist. For instance, about 60 percent of shoppers prefer to shop online. Having an online presence does more than prove your existence; it makes you appear more trustworthy.

When a business or store is online, it seems more credible to the average customer. Your business has to maintain a constant online presence so that it doesn’t cease to exist in people’s minds.

Here are ways to remain relevant online on a budget:

  • Creating a business website with a free CMS like WordPress.
  • Opening social media accounts on all available platforms.
  • Online interactions on online forums, websites, and social media accounts with similar interests.
  • Paid ads on other platforms, including websites and social networks.
  • Online business/eCommerce testing.

3. It Exposes Your Business to More Customers

Word audienceNo medium compares to the power of the internet in terms of reaching a vast audience. The number of internet users increases by 5.7 percent annually. Also, more than 700,000 new internet users emerge daily. You can have the best quality goods and offer the best customer service ever, but a lack of exposure would stunt your progress.

However, when you go online, it would make many potential customers discover you. In addition, going online keeps your business open to customers 24 hours every day of the week. Therefore, differences in time zones will not hinder your customers halfway across the world from patronizing you.

4. Gain Full Control of Your Business

Provided that you run an ethical business, you have no limitations. Like starting a business or opening a shop, you decide when to open and close the shop. Also, you get to determine who has access to your business and who doesn’t.

For instance, some websites you do not trust may intend to link to your site. You could use a disavow backlink service to prohibit such incoming links to your website. Being online also makes it easier to manage aspects of your business like marketing, customer interaction, sales, and more. Since the internet never sleeps, your goods or services will be available every day of the week.

It also implies that you could be running your business effectively in your sleep. The internet has a plethora of tools to help business owners. With analytics, monitoring the progress of their business online is effective.

5. Connect Better with Your Clients

Hello signAccording to some of the most successful entrepreneurs, customer satisfaction is the key to a successful business. Going online allows you to connect with your customers. It is then that you can learn more about their perception of your services or products.

One such means is getting timely feedback from your clients. It can happen through customer reviews. Working on these priceless pieces of information will enable you to offer improved services or products that your customers will approve.

There is no better feeling for a customer than knowing they are part of your organization. With this advantage, your level of customer service will only shoot through the roof. When the customer is happy, the sky is the limit for your business.

6. Customers Can Locate Your Business Easily

Google MapsWhen customers locate your business online, it opens doors for your business offline as well. On your business website, you can also add the physical address of your office, warehouse, or store. Indeed, you can place the full address permanently on your website.

You could do the same creatively on your official social media accounts as well. The best part of this process can add a map of your location to your website. There are numerous ways of creating a Google map of your business location and then embedding it into your website. This map works like the standard Google map, and your customers can get real-time directions to you.

7. Cheap Marketing With Endless Opportunities

Marketing is vital to every business, organization, or brand. That explains why advertising is expensive. Fortunately, the internet has opened an equal playing field for every scale of business to advertise. Through the internet, your business can reach billions without you spending a penny. You can achieve this feat by employing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and using free WordPress themes for business websites.

Of course, you may need to spend some amount to get started. However, advertising online is much cheaper than through TV or radio. Also, you would be able to monitor your progress and see the results of your marketing. Doing this would help you to plan better marketing strategies for the future.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps the most significant benefit of taking your business online is the level of exposure it affords you. It makes your business known to billions of people from all over the world.

Likewise, taking your business online creates a platform for you to connect with your customers. Although some reviews might be harsh, they will only help you to improve on quality. While going online might be cheap, you need to spend more to stay ahead of the competition.

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