23+ Restaurant Logo Designs for Inspiration

A good logo always catches the attention of people and leaves an impact on the minds of the customers. Logos and designs are the essential elements of any brand strategy, a good design that will help people connect with the brand is an absolute necessity. While designing a logo for a restaurant, one should keep in mind that it should be simple yet distinctive, and the customers should be able to identify it easily. It should be able to convey the essence of the restaurant, and the cuisine served there.

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There are umpteen restaurants in the market, and there is huge competition, each one wants to stand apart from the crowd and pull customers. They are always on the lookout for a designer that can design them a unique logo. If you’re a logo designer, chances are you’ve already designed a restaurant logo or you’re likely to design one in the future. There is some amazing restaurant logo designs available on the web, I have collected the best 23+ restaurant logo designs to get inspiration from.

Fish Food

Fish Food v2

Fish Food was created by Garrett Bolin, a creative design that combines fork, spoon and knife instead of fish bones on the fish are brilliant. The logo is perfect for a restaurant that specializes in fish food or seafood.

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Music Delicacy

music delicasy

Music Delicacy logo is created by Oliverakos, it is a clever design that combines music and food. The logo is best suited for restaurants and cafés with live music.

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best restaurant logo design

Listaurants logo is designed by scribe; the logo combines the idea behind the brand. It is perfect for a company offering information about restaurants or dine-in places in a city for visitors or anyone searching for a nearby restaurant.

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Drinkware Company

drinkaware company logo design

It’s not quite a the logo design of a restaurant but you can see how this would work had the name been slightly different. What I love about this design is the colour combination and how the image fits wit the text.

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Forkroad Restaurant

Forkroad restaurant is designed by grimsmc, the design has fork and road combined beautifully to form the logo.

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Omelette Station

Omelette Station

The omelette station is designed by sameerg, the bright yellow color background and the train are apt for the brand name. It is a fun logo with the smoke of the train and wheels represented by eggs; it is perfect for restaurants that specialize in egg delicacies.

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Reserve Seats

Reservseats logo is created by revotype, it is a creative design for online reservation for restaurants seats and wait list management.

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Fork & Cork

Wooden Spoon Bakery

Fork & Cork as the name suggests, is a restaurant and bar that serves both food and wine. The logo is created to represent a fork in a wine glass, clever use of design.

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HiRecipe logo is created by Voxsix, the design is perfect for a recipe blog, cooking blog, cookbooks, catering services or related business.

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Chicks n Salsa

Chicks n Salsa

Chicks n Salsa logo is designed by dreamerworx, the logo has been designed for a Mexican grill restaurant. The use of colors such as bright red and yellow in the logo is noteworthy as it brings the essence of the restaurant.

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plated logo design

Plated is simple and elegant design for a restaurant logo; the blue background gives a rich feel that signifies fine dining, and the fork and the knife are beautifully incorporated into the logo.

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love sip

Lovesip is a created by logo point, a romantic looking logo with a heart in a wine glass. The logo is best suited for romantic places, restaurants and could also be perfect for a wine label.

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Coupon Dish

Coupon Dish

Coupon dish is designed by Shnickerdoodle Studios; the logo is perfect for websites offering deals on restaurants and cafés or even a blog.

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Soups & Pickles

Soup Pickles logo

Soups & Pickles is designed by Matt Holloway, the design is simple yet artistic, the motion in the spoon shows the swirl of a bowl of soup. It is perfect for restaurants or places that serve different varieties of soups.

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Fork & Knife

Fork Knife logo

Fork & knife is designed by Nick Sickelton, the logo is cleverly designed to incorporate both fork and knife in the logo, ideal for a fine dine restaurant or a hotel.

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Food Cloud

Foodcloud logo

Food Cloud logo is designed by CrossTheLime; it is the perfect design for any online food ordering website or online restaurant booking website.

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Two knives & one fork

two knives one fork

Two knives & one fork is designed by Shrubowski, the designer has used the negative space very creatively to make a fork between two knives. The logo is best suited for restaurants, fine dine restaurants or similar business.

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Big Fish

bigfish logo

Big Fish logo is designed by Vinslev, the design has incorporated fish and burger and made for fast food restaurant. It is a great design for inspiration, the grill marks on the fish or the design of lettuce leaves are brilliant.

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Musicafe logo

Musicafe logo is designed by Bazilio, the logo has beautifully incorporated food and music and is perfect for restaurants or café with live music.

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Foodaholic logo

Foodaholic logo is designed by dbunk, the designer has kept the logo minimalist and made good use of negative space to create a wine bottle. The logo is perfect for a restaurant, hotel, food blog or catering services.

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MXCocina logo

MXCocina is designed by malbardesign, the logo is perfect for a Mexican restaurant, grills or cooking tutorials or food products. The fiery red color takes the design to another level and the does justice to the theme.

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Sunny Spoon

sunnyspoon logo

Sunny spoon logo is designed by TriangleWrap, the background and the color gives a very warm feeling and the yellow spoon gives a happy vibe. The logo is ideal for restaurants, café or children foundations.

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SeaFood Restaurant

SeaFood Restaurant logo

SeaFood Restaurant logo is designed by azus, the design has creatively used the hand serving the dish in the form of fish. The logo is perfect for restaurants specializing in seafood or any seafood related hotel or similar business.

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Final Word

Hope the collection inspired you for your next restaurant logo. Do you know of some brilliant designs that should make to this list? Let us know in the comments below, also share your logo designs that you made after getting inspired from the collection.
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