SaaS PPC Marketing Tips for Converting Better Leads

SaaS PPC Marketing: Tips for Converting Better Leads

A fresh SaaS business or an established service that has been in operation for some time can all agree on one thing: they need more clients. That is the very reason a company exists: to expand and prosper.

It goes without saying that there are several ways to grow your brand and engage with prospective new clients, and you are no doubt already utilizing many of them. The usage of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one method that your company should consider if you truly want to recruit clients and sustainably increase your subscriptions.

When compared to SEO or inbound marketing, a well-executed PPC campaign will have an immediate impact and bring you in front of prospects who are ready to buy and help your b2b demand generation. However, while developing and cultivating an audience that will evangelize your offer is important and should never be overlooked, PPC campaigns will begin attracting leads immediately and are a good b2b demand generation strategy.

The disadvantage of pay-per-click marketing is obvious from the name: it is, after all, paid to advertise. You are wasting money without doing it properly, and it’s quite unlikely that your firm will have that type of cash on hand, especially if you are just getting started.

If you’re not sure where to begin, SaaS PPC, since you’re not an expert in the field and you’re concerned about wasting money on unsuccessful campaigns, that’s completely understandable and absolutely normal! Creating a great SaaS PPC marketing campaign will be a lot easier with these three tried-and-true strategies.

1. Adopt an Educational and Problem-Solving Approach to Your PPC Strategy

Studying at homeInstead of simply pushing for a hard sell right away, offer them a solution and provide them with advice and suggestions on how they can address their problem. This will help to build confidence in your organization and increase sales. In actuality, people are seeking the best bargains from a company they can rely on, and it’s all too simple to try to entice them with a “Buy it now!” or a “Email us immediately” line.

Here are some practical suggestions for avoiding overselling your company: Incorporate “problem” keywords into your campaigns: rather than using “purchase now” or “buy” keywords, analyze consumer comments and inquiries to identify problem/solution keywords.

As a result, you can attract consumers looking for assistance, who will then study your website and realize that you can be trusted because you are not only interested in making a profit.

Ads that contain solution content should be targeted: Campaigns should be organized into ad groups and ads that target specific problems, leading to a landing page that provides searchers with an immediate answer, such as an e-book or a downloaded guide with no sale but an opportunity to capture searchers’ contact information.

2. Use Ad Testing to Make Sure You’re Not Attracting the Wrong Audience

Secure Virtual Data Rooms Frequently Asked QuestionsEven though you may target advertisements based on location, age range, time of day, and device, it is still challenging to deliver ads to the exact “perfect” searchers you are looking for in a given market. The most effective technique to test advertising is to have at least two or three ads running in each ad group at the same time and then do the following things:

To avoid one particular ad showing more frequently than the others and invalidate the test, your ads must rotate evenly or endlessly. This may be done in AdWords under “Settings”> “Advanced Settings”> “Ad Serving.”

Allow enough time for data to be collected: giving each ad group 30-60 clicks before making any adjustments to optimize the advertisements.

Paste old ads and pause them: Because data is reset when you update an ad, it is advisable to save this information for future reference by copying the old ad and pausing the original to make changes to the copied ad as necessary.

3. Remarketing Is Your New Best Friend

Top Ten Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Through 2021Because the sales cycle for SaaS is significantly longer than that of a traditional product purchase, remarketing is an excellent strategy. Visitors who have previously visited your site can be followed up to ensure they don’t forget about your service or product. Remarketing also allows you to create a call to action that will (hopefully!) inspire them to return.

Remarketing is an excellent strategy to further promote your brand and target potential clients across the sales funnel. It is feasible to start with the “All Visitors” option in Adwords, and then, as you progress, you can target more specifically based on the page that was visited, as seen below.

It is now time for SaaS marketers to make significant improvements to their sponsored search campaigns to increase the return on their advertising expenditure. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to get started.

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