Six Must-Have Social Media Marketing Tools

Six Must-Have Social Media Marketing Tools

If you are into social media, you know how hard it is to make your social media stand out from the rest and gain popularity and following. This is why it is important to use many different tools to boost your social media performance.

Social media marketing tools can be very helpful because they can offer you key analytics. In this article, we are going to talk about the best social media marketing tools that you simply must have! We are going to dive into the list of six social media marketing tools.

1. Postly

The first one on our list is Postly. It is very popular because, with it, you can publish social media marketing posts at scale. With Postly, you get many features such as an AI Writer with a Hashtag Generator, Bulk Content Uploader, Visual Calendar, and many more.

You can publish on many platforms at the same time. You don’t have to spend time rewriting your posts. You get an AI Writer, which is very important because we all know that getting the right product description is key to selling it. You can also make a Content Calendar and have all of your plans in the same place.

Working alone is not an option here because, with Postly, you can easily interact with your audience and also work with your team. Team collaboration has never been easier. You also have a chance to upload videos and polls as well as shorten your links. Postly is here to make your social media the best it has ever been.

2. Inflact

Inflact is an amazing social media marketing tool if you are into Instagram or just overall an influencer or digital marketer. With Inflact, you can plan your posts in advance and work overtime because you can be available even if you are offline, your posts can go up regularly because you can choose to schedule posts and also boost your popularity by using hashtags.

You can easily analyze your profile, and you can smartly grow your followers. You can increase your profile activity by using Inflact because it is based on advanced AI. Your customers will always be content because this social media marketing tool can help you build long-lasting relationships full of trust.

3. ContentCal

The third on our list is ContentCal. With this social media marketing tool, you can even learn how to do things yourself. ContentCal is offering you a learning space called Academy to brush up on your skills. There are also many blogs and courses to learn from and make you one of the best.

You will never have to ask for help ever again because you will become a pro and have your own skills. You can easily download their tools and templates and not worry about decorating or making your social media page look good. ContentCal has got you covered. You can do it all at once – plan, schedule, and publish!

4. NapoleonCat

If you are a cat lover, this one will stand out the most to you. Taking fourth place on our list is NapoleonCat. This social media marketing tool offers you the best analytics out there to boost your performance as well as reports to you how well you are doing so you always know what and when to improve.

You can easily reply to every comment and post without missing any of them as well as scale your scales and improve workflows. You can also set up a calendar and automatize your publishing and never be late in publishing with this tool. You can not only schedule when to publish but also publish across many platforms at the same time. NapoleonCat is the best for small businesses, agencies, and enterprises.

5. Tailwind

If you are into Pinterest or Instagram, then this one is for you. Next on our list is a social media marketing tool created to create, schedule, and optimize. We are talking about Tailwind. You can create the most beautiful social media posts with this tool because it offers you many ways to choose the colors, elements, and overall whole look of your page. You don’t have to be a pro to make it look good.

You can also schedule your posts and make a calendar to have them all in the same place. It doesn’t have to be hard to post or manage multiple accounts at the same time. You can just put them in your calendar and schedule them. You can easily optimize and make your pages more popular by bringing more customers and growing your empire with Tailwind.

6. Buffer

The last place on our growing list goes out to Buffer. This social media tool is the best for small businesses. It believes in 4 simple steps: analyze, publish, engage, and celebrate. You can analyze your social media performance in a matter of minutes because all you need is a few clicks.

Scheduling your posts is also an option which means that you don’t have to waste your time thinking about when your post will publish. You can just schedule them and work stress-free. Engaging with your audience has never been easier and faster. No one will have to wait for your replies because you can reply faster than usual with Buffer. Everything is just a few clicks away. Build your social media empire with Buffer today.

To Conclude

In this article, we have talked about the best social media marketing tools. We have made a list of the 6 must-have tools. Every one of them has many features it can offer you to boost your social media performance and make it an enjoyable experience.

If we had to recommend one of these, it would have to be Postly because it has everything you might possibly need. You can work without any stress and actually enjoy your job if you are using Postly. Get it today and transform your workplace into a stress-free zone today.

Valentina Djakovic
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