Five Strategies to Increase Your Followers on Twitter

Five Strategies to Increase Your Followers on Twitter

Twitter is a fantastic place to launch your brand, be it business or a social media presence. And it all comes down to the fact that Twitter is a hub for conversation starters and trendsetters.

Did you know that almost half of the Twitter population is almost always ready to hop on the next trend? They want to be part of the movement, and that’s why it’s so easy to gain a following on this platform.

But if you’ve been trying to do so unsuccessfully, you may wonder how other people do it. And we have the answers.

1. Get Your Bio in Shape

Woman in officeWhat do people see when they click on your profile? Is it a blank avatar with a few tweets, almost no followers, and a bland content portfolio? Honestly, that is a put-off. Even you would not follow such a profile. What for? People want to follow vibrant accounts that have something to offer.

And here is how you get them to think you are worth a second thought. First, be clear about why you are on Twitter. What are you offering? Are you selling a product? Are you here to provide an unsolicited array of opinions? Write that down in your bio. Anyone looking at it should know enough about you to decide if they should follow you.

Secondly, amp your following. It does not look good to have ten or 100 followers on your account. So, buy high-quality Twitter followers and follow enough people to create the image of an active Twitter user.

Keep in mind that Twitter users jump on trends.

Thus, if your account seems to be trending, then the organic Twitter followers will come to you.

2. Create Meaningful Content

Person using laptop and phoneTwitter is all about conversations. People want to give their two cents on almost everything that happens – who won the Oscars, the world fuel prices, the environment, etc. They keep sharing content that aligns with their beliefs. And you can use this need for the conversation to your advantage.

How? – By creating content that aligns with your brand and attracts people to engage with you. For example, if your brand offers a product, how about providing tutorials? That attracts people seeking educative content. And it does not have to be bland content – you can get creative with it and add some entertainment aspects.

If you curate good content, people will retweet it, thus enabling your content to be more visible to people who do not follow you. And curious souls will look at your content and use it as a basis for if they should follow you. So, as much as your bio may look good, ensure that your tweets also fall in line with your brand.

3. Jump on Trends

Before we go deeper into this, let’s be clear about one thing. At any given time, there’s a trending topic on Twitter. And sometimes, it has nothing to do with your brand.

Some people make the mistake of jumping on almost any hashtag they can find. And unfortunately, while this gives them visibility, this reach does not always amount to followers. Here is an example. Suppose there is a trend in fuel prices. And you jump on it without referring to anything about fuel.

Maybe you want to sell a pair of shoes, and you describe them and add the fuel hashtag. Sure, some people who see the tweet under the hashtag will like the tweet and might even check out your account. But the thing is that this visibility will not help you much. In contrast, you would get more interest if you were to relate your tweet with the hashtag.

Why? People looking at the tweets under the hashtag care about what other people have to say about it. So, assuming you sell cars and jump on a hashtag about fuel prices by highlighting a vehicle with low fuel consumption. Can you see how this sale ties in with the topic?

People will be more likely to look at your tweet and follow the CTA because it addresses a need under the hashtag. Before you jump on any hashtag, consider its relevance to your brand and how you can bring it out. And if you cannot find that gap, let go and find another way to reach your audience.

4. Analyze Your Performance

Do you want to know what people like about your content? Twitter allows you to experiment with different kinds of content – images, videos, infographics, etc.

And you can use the in-built analytics to gauge just how well any of these content strategies have worked. If you realize that people tend to interact more with your captions, focus on these to get even more engagement.

If they like it when you post tutorials, offer them even more options. There is no need to develop content that does not elicit any engagement as that does not help you gain any followers. So, keep your eye on the ball and focus on what gives you the best returns.

5. Interact with Other Accounts

Hello signWhat do you do when you get on Twitter? Some users post on their accounts and log out, not having interacted with other accounts. Yet they expect to gain visibility and grow their followers. If only it worked like that!

Twitter is a two-way street. Even accounts with millions of followers still take time to interact with other people. It’s the only way to spark conversations and remain relevant. Who knows? Your input could be rewarded with increased interest in your profile.

Your reply could even go viral, and you could attract enough people to make your account even more visible. So, find conversations that align with your brand and contribute something meaningful to them. Also, like and retweet valuable content.


Finally, do not forget to be consistent. Even with hard work in play, consistency makes all the difference. People don’t want to follow an account that hibernates for prolonged periods.

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