Are You A Talented Mechanic? Then There Is Plenty To Blog About!

Are You A Talented Mechanic? Then There Is Plenty To Blog About!

Anyone who desires to start a blog can do so in this day and age. However, while some people may settle for the same topics as anyone else, others prefer to share with others the secrets of their trade. With car repairs becoming increasingly expensive and the overall cost of new vehicles being on the rise as well, a lot of people want to learn how to do such repairs on their own.

Therefore, if you are a talented mechanic and you know you have something in mind that you can teach others, then a very lucrative business for you can be running a blog. Still, without any experience in blogging, you may feel at a loss about how to start. Here are some ideas that will help you become a successful blogger and monetize your passion.


Choose a blog theme that works for you

Fortunately, you don’t have to build a website from scratch if you want to begin your career as a blogger. There are plenty of WordPress themes that you can use and, even if you are not tech-savvy, you will find it easy to implement so that you can start doing what you know best and also love.

Setting up a website is easy, and you should search for several functionalities, such as good responsiveness on mobile, a clean design, and comfortable navigation. A good theme should also help you keep things organized, something that will definitely aid your visitors to find the information they seek fast and without complications.


Create videos and upload them

You could go ahead and make a YouTube channel if you are a person of spoken words, rather than written. Still, while vloggers can be very successful, to limit yourself to a platform is not such a great idea. You can take great advantage of social media to advance your blogging career, and YouTube is undoubtedly a must, but do not limit your content to such narrow distribution.

Make sure that your content is distributed on all the social media that matters and where you believe your potential readers might be.


Get inspired by the competition

One way to get ahead in the world of blogging is to offer something that others don’t. While this is one excellent piece of advice, it is always recommended to get inspired by what the others offer. That means that you should take some time to examine the other people who are successful in the same field as yours.

You can draw your inspiration from what they’re blogging about and offer a new twist or add recent information. For instance, if the inspection cameras for borescopes are suddenly all the rage, you can shoot a video where you explain how such equipment can be used for car repairs.


Offer insight that’s not readily available elsewhere

With all the competition now present, you may wonder if you still have something new to offer. And the answer is that, as a talented mechanic, you have undoubtedly encountered throughout the years, quirks and other things that people who are not involved with car repairs daily, like you, cannot know.

That’s a wealth of information that you should exploit to your advantage. You can offer quick bits and distribute them on social media. Even if you’re not crazy about writing a lot, such information can be provided in the form of short texts. For social media, such posts are preferable, as people don’t have a lot of attention span, and they can quickly absorb the details delivered.


Accompany your posts by photos

If you are serious about becoming a successful blogger on the topic of car repairs, you should have a camera at hand with which to take pictures of various mechanical problems and other issues you explain in your posts.

In case you want to provide your readers with step-by-step guides on car maintenance and the like, it would be an excellent idea to have a picture taken for each step so that they can understand better what you’re talking about.


Don’t just sit inside the box

Car maintenance tips, regular repairs, even the most common issues for known car models, have all been done and done to the death. To prove to the world that you are a different type of blogger when it comes to this topic, you should gather courage and step outside the box.

That means that you should, at least sometimes, talk about topics that are related to cars but are not only about cars. You can talk about travel, accessories, car culture, the latest innovations in the industry, interesting statistics, and many other things.

While you don’t have to stray entirely from the topic that’s your passion, by offering more entertaining content, you will be able to round up more readers, and even people who are only interested in car repairs.

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