What Technologies Are Used in Java?

What Technologies Are Used in Java?

There are more than 24 technologies on the Java platform, and a question arises. Currently, programming is moving into developing web applications and integrating them with existing software, corporate databases, payment systems, search engines, workflow systems and data processing automation, etc.

In addition, the Java programming language is most suitable for these purposes. The main advantage of outsource java development is the portability of Java applications and their scalability, i.e., the ability of the program to work on any hardware platform, operating system, and any Java-enabled device.

Three Editions of the Java Platform

  • JavaSE (StandardEdition) is used to create applications for desktops, servers, and real-time systems;
  • JavaEE (EnterpriseEdition) is used to create complex server applications, web services, and corporate distributed client-server applications;
  • JavaME (MicroEdition) is used to create applications for mobile devices, phones, PDAs, set-top boxes, printers, and other devices.

Main Technologies Included in Java SE

  1. Conversios ReviewSwing (JFC) is a set of Java class libraries used to create graphical user interfaces;
  2. JavaHelp-technology to create a help system for applications;
  3. JNI technology for interacting with programs and libraries written in other programming languages;
  4. Java 2DAPI-set of classes for working with two-dimensional graphics, as well as operators for working with images;
  5. JDBC technology for accessing most relational data sources (databases) from Java applications. It can connect to a variety of SQL databases as well as other tabular data sources such as spreadsheets and flat files;
  6. JAAS technology for user authentication and verification of their access rights;
  7. JMX-technology for creating distributed Web applications and network services;
  8. JMF technology for working with audio, video, and other media information;
  9. JSSE is a set of packages for the secure exchange of information on the Internet. They implement the Java version of the SSL and TLS protocols and provide tools for data encryption, message integrity checking, server, and client authentication;
  10. JSAPI-technology for the use of speech technologies in the user interface, for the recognition of voice commands, speech input systems, and speech synthesis;
  11. Java 3D – for working with 3D graphics in Java applications;
  12. JAXP – for working with XML documents.

Main Technologies Included in J2EE

  1. Man and serversEnterprise JavaBeans (EJB) is a component model that provides services such as transaction management, security, and database connectivity;
  2. JavaMail is a set of abstract classes that model the mail system;
  3. JMS is a technology for creating portable Java-based messaging applications;
  4. JSF technology for building Web applications by assembling pages from reusable user interface components, as well as associating these components with data sources and events generated on the client with server handlers;
  5. JSP technology for creating cross-platform Web pages that separate user interface and content generation so that designers can change the markup without touching the dynamically generated content;
  6. Java Servlets – Extend the functionality of Web servers by providing a cross-platform, component-based approach to building Web applications that are free from the performance limitations of CGI;
  7. JCA is a standard architecture for connecting J2EE applications to heterogeneous enterprise information systems (EIS);
  8. JMX is a management information model for interacting with many management systems and protocols. It contains standard tools for mapping to the CIM Common Information Model, SNMP Management Information Base, and Java Object Model using an EJB resident server bean;
  9. JTA is a high-level implementation and protocol-independent API that provides programs and application servers with the means to access transactions.


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