The Best Small Business Ideas in New York

The Best Small Business Ideas in New York

Do you want to start a business in New York, USA with high profits? If YES, here is the top America is a country where, other things being equal, the majority prefers to live in their homes. No wonder the symbol of America is a one-story house. There are many business ideas, both large and small, associated with housekeeping and helping with it.

business1.   Businesses for Pets

These can be activities related to walking dogs and cats, as well as temporary keeping of pets while the owners are on vacation or on a business trip. Even a half-hour walk with a dog will be an invaluable service to owners who do not have enough time for this. She will be richly rewarded.

2.   Law Businesses

Law businesses are great in New York, as there is high demand. Especially since immigration always has high demand, you can find more about immigration lawyers in New York. You can try cooperation with them, and also you can use their services if you want to immigrate to New York.

3. Cleaning business

Often, housewives do not have time to take care of the maintenance of the house, and business ideas related to cleaning, cleaning both the whole house and individual sections may be suitable options. Window cleaning, snow removal or lawn mowing: this type of business assumes that the main goal is to free the client from routine household chores. If you are not sure how to develop your business plan then approach a business plan consultant who can provide you professional advice and your business will be more successful.

3. Installation and maintenance of solar panels

Another type of entrepreneurship is connected with the life support systems of houses. More and more houses and cottages are supplied with autonomous power supply systems. There is a wide field for the installation, maintenance of solar panels and wind generators, as well as control systems for this complex economy.

4. Smart houses

penthouseThe fashion for smart homes is gaining momentum in the world. Some of the functions of protection, life support and solving everyday problems are taken over by automated systems. You can profitably organize the maintenance of the software of devices related to the internal systems of the house – air conditioning and heating.

5. Small services

Helping or caring for the inhabitants of a house or cottage is a profitable business. Delivery of products ordered by customers through the online store, lunches and drinks from restaurants. Daycare ideas for small children can also be cost-effective. You can build a scheme of work through network technologies: on the principle of the activities of companies such as Uber or Airbnb.

You can also become a tutor on online platforms and earn some money before you will start your business in New York.

new farming

Traditional farming is also changing rapidly. In addition, residents of developed countries prefer natural products, and farms offer food and some recreational items.

6. Fish farms

This is not just a pond where carp and trout are caught for serving at the restaurant table, but also a place of rest. For example, the fish caught by the client is baked before his eyes and served with a glass of good white wine.

7. Stock Trader

stocksNew York is the place to be a rich man.There are plenty of companies where you can work as a financial consultant, trader, analyst or smth like that.With them for sure, you can get a great experience and knowledge. It is also beneficial for the beginners to think about online stock trading. You can trade stocks online and earn side cash while you are building your business. Moreover if you become a pro in the field you can start a stock broker business.

8. Car Businesses

Despite the fact that the automotive business and market have long-established models and forms of service delivery, there are opportunities for small businesses. In particular, you can organize a small car wash business at the customer’s. The equipment is a trailer (trailer) with an autonomous system for washing and collecting dirty water. A distinctive feature of this format is that the owner of the car does not need to go somewhere to wash the car. Right in the courtyard of the house, you can make a full cycle of car washing.

9. Organization of an online store warehouse

The fact that the network of online stores is expanding exponentially is a fact, but not every owner of such an online store has its own logistics center and delivery capabilities. It is profitable to organize your own small warehouse with elements of delivery, logistics and work with several online stores.

If you struggle to start this business because of time management and organization then you can hire a virtual assistant to solve this issue. Virtual assistants easily help you to have better time management, to solve all the logistic issues and matters.

10. Delivery of goods

Delivery of goods both with the help of our own courier service, and using modern technologies, for example, delivery of pizza or ice cream to the beach by drones or quadcopters.

11. Servicing corporate events, family celebrations and parties

This type of business can be targeted both at a specific group of clients, and at holding children’s parties and school celebrations. This includes not only the delivery of products, but also, for example, delivering guests to their homes. Especially for the Christmas period many companies need these kinds of services. You can check out practical Christmas presents and offer them to buy those. You can basically create an online guide to help companies buying Christmas presents and send list of places where they can have fun corporate parties.

12. Internet platform for the exchange of services

This business combines two main models. The first is the creation of a platform where everyone can offer their services in exchange for others. The second is the organization of offsetting by such services. For example, a person has the opportunity to paint a fence, and in return wants to have a tiled roof repaired. With the help of such a platform, two clients can find each other, and, without losing extra money, get what they need.


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