Tips on Writing an Amazing ‘About Us’ Page for Your WordPress Blog

About Us page is the section of your website where you can tell users about your brand and add value to it. Your WordPress About Us page has great potential to become one of the most frequently visited on your website, so keep reading to learn new tips on writing an amazing About Us page!

A well-crafted About Us page should provide an insight into your brand, its value, and the people who work made it all possible. Before creating your About Us page, define the answers to the following questions to describe your brand better:

  •       How did you start your company?
  •       What are your company’s values?
  •       What makes your product unique?
  •       Why people who stand behind your brand are unique?
  •       Why customers should choose and trust you?

Once you’ve formed your thoughts on these questions, check out these 10 tips for writing an amazing WordPress About Us page.

1. Tell a story

An effective way to engage your readers is to invoke an appetite for an interesting story. Telling your brand’s story is a great way to connect with customers and build trust. Use timeline storytelling to cover the following points in your brand’s history:

  •       When you who first had the idea of establishing a brand
  •       When and how you sold your first product
  •       When you’ve realized that you need a team of professionals
  •       When you’ve made your first 100 sales

Don’t make your writing long or detailed, though. Remember to keep your narrative both short and informative. Check spelling and grammar using Pro essay writer online writing tool to get the best out of your writing.

Example: Coca-Cola opened their Company Information page with the history and their milestones.

2. Facts do matter

The facts on your About Us page should be different from the ones you’ve mentioned on the home page. The narrative we’ve discussed before could use some dates and numbers to make it look more credible. Mention the year when you started your business and the number of employees who make your business going. Use statistics to persuade your readers that you’re trustworthy. Always remember that numbers look far more reliable and persuasive than words.

Example: Disney puts out their current stock value on their About Disney page.

3. Address your benefits

Lead with your professional credentials such as your licenses, awards, depth of expertise, and experience. Quantify your benefits without sounding like you’re pushing readers or bragging.

Tell your users where you’re located. Even though you might already have a mailing address on your Contact page, mention the city and state where you’re located on the About Us page. It’ll give your users an idea about how far are you, and make your company look more approachable.

If your brand is new and doesn’t have any facts, numbers, or testimonials yet, tell about your future goals and perspectives and discuss what you’re doing to achieve them.

4. Lead with a unique value proposition

Build your About Us page around your company’s unique values and beliefs. Corporate values matter to customers. They tend to choose brands which value alight with their owns. Establish and explain your company’s core values to better connect with your users. Tell more about your social mission, and the importance of addressing the particular issue you’re chosen. For instance, if you only use recyclable and sustainable materials in production, tell more about it, and explain why it’s vital to your brand. You could also start by telling a brief anecdote that shows your corporate philosophy and values.

Example: That’s how Amazon opens with their corporate values and social mission to introduce who they are.

5. Be transparent

Transparency builds trust and customers do value it. The research suggests that 73 % of surveyed customers are ready to pay more for a more transparent brand. The demand for transparency and openness rises since many brands now appeal to the customers through social responsibility.

Customers are hungry for the company’s insights and everything behind the scenes. They’re also more likely to buy from you if they see the production process themselves. Include pictures of the manufacturing process on your About Us page to give small insights into the process.

6. Establish your unique tone of voice

Your tone of voice should reflect your brand’s personality through written words. It helps to connect with the customer since it makes your brand more approachable, more human. Be honest and personal as you tell your brand’s story. If you want to sound more approachable and position your company as a group of people, use a ‘we’ pronoun. The first person ‘I’ pronoun is appropriate for the brands built around a single person. If you want to sound more formal and professional, consider using the name of your company instead of pronouns.

For some brands, a conversational and funny tone is more suitable than educational and serious. Identify your needs and how you want to sound, then craft your tone of voice accordingly.

Example: Notice how Google uses their unique tone of voice and pronouns to connect with their readers.

7. Call to action

What is the next step you want your customers to take once they’ve finished reading the About Us page? You need to direct them toward the next action. Make sure your CTA is relevant and placed at the bottom of your About Us page. Here are some ideas of relevant CTA links for your About Us page:

  •       Subscribe to our mailing list
  •       Follow us on social media
  •       Check out our new products
  •       Check out our blog

Example: Check out how Starbucks did a great job employing CTA at the bottom of their Company Information page.

8. What else?

If you want to include something extra besides on your About Us page consider describing your business model. Also, you could connect with your readers by introducing each team member, attaching their names and pictures. Visuals play out well, so think about adding a brief animated explainer video.

Final thoughts 

When writing your WordPress About Us page, don’t show off or pitch your products to the prospects. Keep it updated, relevant, short, and on-point. Build the page around your company’s milestones and growth. Don’t use this page for selling and save the hype for your social media campaigns. Treat your About Us page as a valuable asset for your business that preserves your brand’s history and values.

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