4 Tips to Pick the Best Font for your Website

Let’s start with the basics

To work with any exciting niche in our world you need to understand the basics things. 

  • We have two main options: Serif and sans. Serif. Of course, Fonts can be very different and there are more than two options, but generally its divide into two parts. By the way, sans. Serif more popular decision. You can check others Fonts at fontsly.com
  • Leading, kerning and tracking: long story short, distance between letters and lines. Kerning means exactly distance in letters pairs. Tracking its the space between doc characters. Leading by simply words its Line-Height. All three options are very important for harmonious look of the font. 
  • Readability. While working with web admit that readers can view your pages by the different displays, that means different number of characters in the line. Make it easy to read.


Web typography is not so easy for a lot of reasons, and one of them – web browsers are always changing and updating. You need to make it relative so as for Smart TV and little smartphones displays. 

Sounds not so easy, right? Thankful that we have a lot of software that makes your life easier and you can check all of the displays on your laptop. However, better to check it out on the devices that probably would surf your pages. 

Pay attention to the Tone and Message

Start from the type. Of course, it’s also not easy at all, but it’s the first need to make the right decision. Take a look at whole page, colors, would it be relative to paste Sans into the page or not? Sometimes people need a lot of time to choose the right one, but you will understand it when you find. You are not choosing the Font – Font is choosing you, something like that. 

There are some main questions you should ask yourself while choosing: 

  • Is that formal project or casual? 
  • Text must be more bold or lighter? 
  • It would be large text or small? 
  • How that would be relative to the page colors and images? 
  • Does the sense of the letters pair with how they look? 

You probably need to take a look at suggestions

Google fonts it’s a very helpful soft for the designers. Mostly people think that suggestion Fonts are overused and trying to find something special – and it’s the main mistake. Using Google suggestions you will probably choose the right comparing of the Fonts. Doesn’t even try to list till the last page of suggestions – the first one is the most popular and perhaps it would seem well. 

Remember the questions from the last paragraph, choose letters by the mood of the page. Think about the slant and shape of letters. Nothing bad in comparing fonts with the sans and without it, but make sure that it look harmonic. 

Pay attention to loading time

Users don’t like the slow sites, and if you pick up the slow loaded Font – you better choose another one. Mostly all of them loading fast, but even if you find the great type of Font, it looks perfect and loading like the old human walking across the street – it’s bad. 

Just check the time loading, most of the services (including Google) allow that functions in their software. And there are few more options which can help with that: 

  • Set the limit for number of fonts on the page. 
  • For every Font use styles that probably would be used.
  • For every font choose the languages that you would use on your site.

You can find a thousands of similar guides which can be helpful for you, if you have any specific questions – just ask Google. Thanks for reading and get luck with your site.

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