Top Five Meeting Solutions for Management Teams

Top Five Meeting Solutions for Management Teams

If you are thinking about purchasing a board portal for your organization, you face a difficult decision choosing from the many available platforms on the market.

Within this article, we’ll be covering five of the most reliable board portals for company management teams of all sizes. If you’d like to know more, keep scrolling for our comprehensive board portal breakdown below.

1. Boardtrac

Boardtrac is an online meeting software that offers comprehensive document management features and video conferencing capabilities. Users can add, view, and edit documents during their meetings, highlight text, and assign permissions to sensitive material.

It operates on a single login basis across online meeting rooms, so users are less likely to go to admin to recover their passwords. Users can also view presentation slides and share them instantaneously during an online board meeting.

Boardtac is available on your laptop, desktop, smartphone, and tablet and offers a native application to access the software when you have no web connection. However, you’ll need to download any files while you’re online. Boardtrac has also introduced a plugin for its video conferencing service.

In addition, team members can access support via documentation or live chat. Companies can request custom prices depending on their requirements.

2. BoardPro

BoardProBoardPro offers a massive range of features to help companies organize any virtual board meeting. The software lets users arrange meeting items by themes or departments to organize the discussion and promote efficiency — no more unnecessarily long board meetings! Boards have numerous options to add word documents and make changes without hassle.

In addition, documents can be distributed to relevant team members with the click of a button. Teams can annotate documents collaboratively and view any changes in real-time. Board meetings are also saved digitally to be accessed from any device with ease.

BoardPro also offers push notifications, reminders, and interactive digital voting to keep everybody on track. The platform has a simplified drag-and-drop agenda creator, making meeting planning remarkably easy. You can also load old agendas and use them as a template for future meetings.

Also, there are numerous integrations with the likes of Trello and Slack. The platform prices start at $150/month/board, though organizations can access a 30-day trial before committing to a subscription.

3. BoardEye

BoardEye is a virtual board software from Axar Digital that offers a robust paperless meeting solution for companies of all sizes. This board portal offers document management, agenda creation, and data permissions management; users can even use BoardEye to send RSVPs.

Team members and admin staff can add and share files, while other members can annotate comments and highlight documents for easy collaboration. In addition, BoardEye has e-signature tools so board members can approve documents and contracts with assurance. Admins can assign permissions and determine which team members access specific materials to protect sensitive materials.

Currently, there are no listed integrations, and customer support is reached via live chat and email. Companies will also receive a manual running through every aspect of the board management software. Speak to BoardEye directly for pricing information.

4. Wrike

WrikeWrike is a budget-friendly board portal software ideal for young startups looking to scale and keep costs low. This virtual boardroom works on a role-based access basis so boards can share files and agendas, schedule meetings, and collaborate effectively.

Regarding agenda management, team members can track agenda items, send agenda reminders, and assign roles based on their pre-meeting requirements. In addition, board members can annotate and highlight any key issues that need to be emphasized.

The whiteboard feature allows further collaboration and real-time input on any board decisions. Wrike integrates well with 400 quality apps, including Dropbox and Google Drive. Also, users can access customer support via email and live chat and refer to a help center that has numerous guides and FAQs.

Wrike costs a relatively cheap $9.80 per user per month. However, there is a free version with limited functionality.

5. Boardable

Boardable is a subscription-based service with monthly, quarterly, and annual payment plans. The portal is web-based and easily accessed on any device. Board members can set meeting times and respond through the app without relying on phone calls or emails.

The platform offers many features for uploading agendas and holding virtual votes. In addition, you can record key points from board meetings with a minutes feature and assign tasks straight from the minutes’ record.

Boardable is compatible with many calendar apps, including Outlook, iCalendar, and Google Calendar. Users can also access agenda templates to make meeting prep efficient and speedy. You can even export those agendas in PDF format.

Pricing begins at $49 per month for up to 10 users, and Boardable also offers a 14-day free trial.

Bottom Line

There are many different board portals available on the market. We recommend checking out reviews to ensure the software does exactly what you need and aligns with your business requirements. With the right amount of research, you can find the right board portal to take your management team to the next level.

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