Top 5 Ways to Enhance Your WordPress Site

Do you have a registered website on the world-famous provider of sites known as WordPress? And is your site reaching tons of traffic daily? If not, there must be a problem with the performance of your website. It may have all the right plugins and other programs to help it run efficiently, so what could be causing it to decrease production and slow your site down, one might think.

Web-searches repel slow sites. They leave a website that takes as much as four seconds to load. For your WordPress site to perform better and receive substantial traffic below are a number of useful tips and tricks you can follow. They might also have your site placed higher in Google’s rank system.

Clear Trash

Like most spaces aren’t able to function correctly with unwanted things lying around, your site will also decrease in functionality if there is a mess forming up. To speed things up on your website and improve traffic, you could simply remove some of the unwanted stuff. These could be plugins, themes and overheads that are no longer in use. You can do this by uninstalling those unneeded plugins and themes through your settings or a cleanup plugin.

As for the clutter in the databases, you can get rid of it manually, which may be a complicated process for many as it involves dealing with MySQL database. A dedicated plugin for this purpose can come in handy at times like these.


The theme for your website needs to be in incline with it. The way you customize your WordPress site should be able to attract customers. Search for and buy WordPress themes that are manufactured according to your expertise in mind. Pick images for your website that provide meaning to your audience and also help to elaborate your brand’s idea.


It’s good to fill up the site’s pages with elaborate and sleek themes and images, but keep in mind that it will need space for visitors to roam around easily. Accumulated or hard to understand themes will confuse the traffic on your page and may even be a cause for the potential readers to exit. Keep your themes engageable and straightforward. Use themes and images that aren’t overly complex while using complicated fonts and website color schemes.

Implement SEO

Nothing can bring your site more traffic than implementing some basic yet effective SEO practices. You can also hire professionals to completely handle your site’s SEO while you focus on bringing in quality content. SEO is essential to not only get your website more traffic but also make it into one of the top sites on the internet.


Every web surfer likes to see pictures on a website, as it enhances readability for them. However, did you know that your site could slow down a lot with too many images residing on it? They take up the most amount of storage on your website and cause it to deter in speed. For this matter, you can make use of different plugins to help you compress the size of your images so that they won’t be a problem in running your site efficiently.

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