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Possibility of Using Social Media as a Means of Increasing Business Productivity

Almost everyone is on social media nowadays. Statista reports show that there will be approximately 2.77 billion social media users worldwide in 2019.

Each and every aspect of our lives are influenced by social media. When it comes to business, these days, all the business houses are taking advantage of social media to lay a solid foundation for a solid customer base as well as keep employee productivity high.

Corporations that fail to tap this resource, in fact, miss out on this inexpensive yet high-impact way of boosting their business productivity.

The incredible impact of social media on workplace productivity

If social media is as beneficial as just portrayed, why do several businesses shy away from incorporating them in their business models? Well, the answer is simple, because even today, many businesses dwell in the traditional idea of pamphlets and billboard advertising. Here you can find find the info on the Difference between an Advertising Hoarding & Billboards. For some, websites are nothing more than a waste of time. They believe that websites do nothing but distract the employees and decrease productivity. You need to make sure you’re not one of them. 

When social media is used correctly, it becomes an asset to your company. Here are some ways in which social media helps in boosting the productivity of a business.

1 – Keep your employees morale high

Workplaces can be exhausting especially with long working hours and constant requirement of being at the top of our game. This can cause your employees to lose spirit. Employees are exposed to the stringent conditions of maintaining the decorum of the workplace and are often compelled to focus only on their work.

Snack breaks and lunches are a great way to make up for these conditions. But apart from the general lunch breaks, allowing your employees to take small breaks to browse social media can make them more dedicated towards their work. Your trust towards them can boost their morale in ways you cannot imagine.

2 – Becoming more customer friendly

In this competitive era, besides just selling your products to your consumers, providing them with quality service also matters. Remember that famous quote about the customer being the king?If you are running a business you know how correct this is.

You can provide customer friendly services through social media. For example,you can enable them to interact with you through your Facebook Page or by using customer chat box services. This can not only help you in improving your relationships with customers but also can take huge amount of workload off your employees. It can even lower your outsourcing costs.

3 – Gather competitive intel

Doing business in this era is akin to being at war. You have multiple rivals working day and night to get ahead of you and you have to work equally hard to stay ahead of them. So,naturally, the best way to strategize is to make sure you stay informed of every move your competitors make.

Social media can be of immense help when it comes to this. For example, by following your rival on social media you can understand which of their activities gather more engagements and which don’t. This research can help you in formulating your own social media marketing strategies. To achieve great results, you may engage some reputed social media marketing agency. Using their expertise, they may be able to sketch an effective campaign for the success of your product.

4 – Boost online brand visibility

Have you heard of Kylie Jenner? You may have heard of her because of her show Keeping up with the Kardashians or maybe because she is the youngest self-made billionaire. She created a cosmetic empire by just using and being famous on social media. That’s how influential social media can be.

Social media marketing strategy not only costs less but can also be easily outsourced. With the increasing social media influence on customers and the presence of more people on social media, you can increase your visibility and create a loyal fanbase.

If things go slow in the beginning, one can take the easy route and buy views.

5 – Add a touch of ‘human’ to employees working for you

Your employees are working round the clock to help you achieve your business goals. This often compels them to sacrifice their social lives as well as any chance to relax. Day by day they become more mechanical and less human. Social media can help them reconnect with the world in which they belong, especially their loved ones.

Through social media, they can keep up with their interests, stay updated with the events happening outside their workplace. Taking a break from work clears their minds and stay energized. This helps to increase their productivity.

As a business leader, you too can help them remain more socially connected. How about collecting the favourite pictures of your employees from their social media profiles and creating a beautiful video out of them using a tool like Animoto or Clipchamp? You can then invite all your employees to the event and share the video with them and make them feel that you care for them.

6 – Targeted Information Dissemination

When it comes to the public sector, social media helps in the easy propagation of information. It is so because once a public department makes some announcements on their social media webpage, people start to pay attention. For instance, if the meteorological department announces that it is going to rain today, people will start sharing the same and the information spreads like wildfire on the Internet.

Government departments and offices these days regularly use various pictures, statistics as well as infographics to catch the eyes of the youth using social media. This has become a key to increasing productivity.

7 – Better networking at the workplace

Communication transparency plays a vital role in the working efficiency of a business. You can use web-based social networking applications for communication inside the workplace. This can lead to a heightened feeling of oneness among the employees. The younger employees particularly find it relatively easier to communicate via social media than following the formal communication channels laid down by the organisation.

Communicating through social media helps in getting quicker responses. For instance, if you want your employees to know what the other department is doing, or what are the goals to be achieved this week, just put it on social media. If you’re working on a new project and want the approval of others for your idea, social media can get you quick responses. This will help you save your time that you would have spent going to everyone in person.

8 – Modern solutions to modern problems

As discussed above, social media can help you save time and provide you with just what you need. So how exactly social media is going to help you in finding solutions to your questions, that too quickly? Well, it is very simple.When you put your problems on social media, more people work towards solving it. Some people might even have faced these problems before and hence might just give you expert advice.

Putting problems on social media to gain input from others can give a spark to discussions. This helps employees to come up with new ideas and yield more possible solutions. You never know what great ideas can be formulated in those discussions that can help you a lot in making your business more innovative. 

Signing off

The importance of Social media is constantly increasing in the lives of people. Keeping up with social media trends in the business world has now become more of a requirement than just a formality. Many businesses have started to take note that social media is creating a more positive impact on the workplace. As a result, many businesses are incorporating these techniques mentioned above and are benefiting from these platforms.

Gone are the days when social media was just a tool of distraction for the employees. Nowadays it is more of a weapon to target the right audience and increase business productivity.


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