Five Ways to Utilize User-Generated Content: Promote Your Brand and Reach New Audiences

Five Ways to Utilize User-Generated Content: Promote Your Brand and Reach New Audiences

User-generated content is only becoming more popular as time passes. Based on your internet activity, user-generated content is a system of advertising that will take the information you upload (things you search, watch, read, etc.) and show you similar content.

A great example of this would be YouTube because it will suggest videos based on what you watched, liked, saved, etc. However, it is not just videos that you can see according to your data. Ads that you see on those same videos will also be modified based on your searches and uploaded information.

Some people think user-generated content is terrible, some think it can have a lot of perks, but regardless of that, we are here to present you with some tips on utilizing user-generated content.

1. Be Authentic

Who are youIt’s a lot harder than it sounds, but you need to produce content that will market your brand initially and recognizably. For example, when you look at social media advertising campaigns, you can instantly see no authenticity in most of the advertising campaigns presented.

User-generated content is supposed to appeal to the most important person, the user. If you keep putting out bland and lifeless campaigns to advertise your brand, users will ignore you.

However, if you interact with your audience by liking and commenting on their posts that relate to your brand, it will inspire your audience to make even more posts. You can apply the same thing in ads as well.

Using your audience to create advertisements for your brand, you can show others that you take care of the people who believe in you and support your brand.

Furthermore, it is undoubtedly a lot better than making the same generic ad campaigns that everyone uses to advertise themselves.

2. Reward Effort

TrophyNow, we have to talk about what your audience will gain from you doing content marketing. First, of course, you will offer compensation for promoting your brand, and it would be best if the reward accurately represents your brand.

Saying that the top post will be featured on your website or in the next marketing campaign is one way to do it, but you can take it a little further and collaborate with the top poster for a limited amount of time.

Another way to advertise yourself is by giveaways and competitions, where in exchange for promotions, you offer a reward related to your brand. Your audience will like, comment, and share a particular post, and all of them who do, are competing in the hopes of winning the ultimate prize.

3. Represent Through Hashtags

HashtagHashtags became a big part of advertising since Instagram showed up. By coming up with unique and easy-to-remember hashtags, you will be able to advertise yourself all over social media effortlessly.

However, it’s not just you who can do it; your audience can do so as well. Through the power of hashtags, you are giving your audience a tool to support your brand and advertise it to all people connected with them through a social media platform.

Now, let’s say that an average member from your audience has around 300 followers on Instagram; if that member uses your hashtag, those 300 people will see it. It is enough if only 10% of the followers follow the hashtag.

Furthermore, giving power to the people is a great marketing tactic and an even better way to get new audience members.

4. Give Fans Extra Perks

Fans on concertOne aspect is essential to distinguish, and that is the difference between your audience and your fans. Your audience may support your brand from time to time, but true fans will do it all the time, which needs to be recognized.

Nowadays, many people who want to start a brand have a Patreon page, where members of your audience can donate small or large sums of money to help you create content. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if the amount is big or small; it’s a great idea to reward those who donate.

For example, giving early access to content or making exclusive content for people donating money to you is a great way to show your appreciation and gratitude.

5. Find New Ways to Collaborate

Graffiti on brick wallGiveaways and rewards can be an excellent way to reach out to your audience, but if you want to make your community as large as possible, collaborations are the way to go.

We mentioned them before, but we will expand on the thought a bit more now. By collaborating with your audience, you present your brand as open and engaging. What is more, your audience will get the chance to contribute to your brand for a limited or unlimited amount of time, and you will compensate them for their work.

The result will be great for the members and you because the members will get more exposure, while you will earn points for creating content directly tied to the users.


You can create user-generated content in many different ways, but it is crucial to implement it if you want to advertise your brand.

Collaborations, giveaways, early access content, and ads targeted to resonate with your audience are all different ways to utilize user-generated content and create a bond with the users. Also, it’s essential to remember that without an audience, your brand doesn’t exist.

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