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30+ Useful Web Tools and Services Examined for 2021

Using the right web tools and services in 2021 is not optional, everybody should use them daily to be competitive and be more efficient in terms of pricing and time. Many times the most important difference between companies and freelancers is the suite of web tools and services that they are using. Some use more effective tools than others and this can easily be seen when comparing the offers they are making to customers and how fast they can deliver what they are promising.

Today’s website builders are ready to deliver you an outstanding website that you cannot tell if it was made by a talented team of designers or by a web tool.  Same happens with logo and company branding. Everything you need can be easily done with the right web tool or service.

Check below over 30 online solutions that will help you gain a competitive edge.

  1. Creative-TIM – Premium Bootstrap Themes and Templates

Creative Tim is a powerful developer of UI Kits, Dashboards, templates, and plugins, having over 750,000 users: web designers, web developers and huge corporations like Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco and others. Everything you will find on their website is awesome, including the tens of free products. They invested a lot so you can be very happy with the products that you will use in your projects, using the latest technologies like Bootstrap 4, Vue.js, React, Angular, Node.js and Lavarel.

Using these premade UI Tools, you will save a lot of time and heavily improve your web and mobile apps. There are lots of awesome good free stuff that will help you, check the website.

Price: Free to $249. When checking their website for the products that you need, also check the 6 famous Bundles with over 70% discounts. Each is dedicated for a particular need: Angular, HTML, Big Bundle with 34 items, Material Design, React and Vuejs.

2. Brizy – Innovative Site Builder

Whenever you need a new website or landing page, Brizy is there for you. It is a powerful, professional and super-simple to use visual page builder which works a WordPress plugin that you upload on your website, or as a Cloud platform where you can easily create landing pages. When using the Cloud, domains and hosting setups are provided, so you will have everything you need to rapidly launch your landing page.

Brizy was built using the latest technologies, being loaded with literally all you need. It comes loaded with over 400 blocks, 4.000 vector icons, a simple drag-and-drop builder, templates and tons of features and options. The free version of Brizy has included even features that are considered premium in other builders and for which customers are paying. Here are free.

Build a great website with Brizy today, anybody can do it, including you. You only need to master clicks and drags, and it is as simple as it sounds.

3. Tailor Brands

Whenever you are on a budget or you need extremely fast a new design (logo, presentation or brand identity) use Tailor Brands, a revolutionary design studio online platform. It is the most used AI driven online platform for these needs, with over 10 million happy users and over 400 million designs made, basically, every 1 second new design is made.

The platform is very fast and simple to use. Anybody can create a new logo or presentation in less than 30 seconds, without having any designers skills or previous experience. You write down the logo name, you tell the platform what is your business about and after a few selections, Tailor Brands will show you tens of logos to choose from. Keep in mind that you can change the color, text, font and other design elements to get a final design of your logo just right.

Start using Tailor Brands.

4. LogoAI

LogoAI is a powerful way to create gorgeous logos while keeping the budget at its minimum and without having any special skills or previous experience. Anybody can do it and the results are excellent.

You simply write down the logo name, you add a slogan and a symbol if necessary, and right after lightning-fast platform will generate for you lots of designs to choose from. After you find something that you like, you can make tweak the design by changing several aspects (the font, colors, symbols, sizes and more). You only pay after you find something that you love.

Get a brilliant logo design with LogoAi.

5. Codester

Codester is a huge marketplace dedicated to web designers and web developers, where they will find thousands of premium PHP scripts, codes, themes, graphics and much more. The website is very well structured and fast.

Browse Codester and pick what you need.

6. NameQL

NameQL will quickly help you find a great name available with a .com domain. You write the name you want and the platform will search for it and for derivations available with the .com domain. It is simple, free and very effective.

Try it.

  1. SeekVisa

Australia is facing skill shortages in talented web designers and web developers. Australian start-ups are facing a critical talent gap in IT roles that are key to the success of the start-up ecosystem. If you want to immigrate to Australia, discuss with Seekvisa and they will gladly help you.

8. MobiLoud

Mobile is the key for digital publishers – driving up to 90% of their traffic. That’s why native mobile apps are the most powerful tool for growing and engaging your audience and driving revenue through a channel you 100% own.

MobiLoud is a solution that takes your existing WordPress site and converts it into native apps for iOS and Android. The process only takes a few weeks, and comes at a fraction of the cost of traditional app development. The finished apps are truly custom, feature packed and exactly what you’d expect from a top publisher.

They come with all the features you need to grow, engage and monetize your audience, like: rich push notifications, subscriptions, advertising integration, analytics and many more.

9. Total WordPress Theme

Total is a complete WordPress theme packed with tons of features and options, including over 80 builder modules, 40 pre-made demos that can be installed with 1-click and much more. Total is fully responsive, lightning fast and the designs are very creative.

10. RankMath

Putting your WordPress website on autopilot in terms of SEO is super simple with RankMath. This autonomous SEO plugin is an innovative solution that will help your website rank higher very short time after its installation and configuration which is extremely simple.

11. Schema

Schema is the fastest WordPress theme the planet saw. Its unbelievable that someone succeed building such a fast theme which is giving its users an unique experience.

Configuring Schema is super simple as the interface is friendly and as it works with any page builder.

Build a lightning fast website with Schema.

12. WebResourcesDepot

On WebResourcesDepot website you will gorgeous free Bootstrap themes and UI kits for startups. The theme is fully customizable (all the SAAS files are included for modifications) and 100% responsive and optimized for mobile, tablets and desktops.

Even if these products are free, the team invested a lot in them to bring them very close to the level of premium items.

13. ArchitectUI Dashboard Vue PRO

ArchitectUI Dashboard Vue PRO is a very popular and configurable dashboard which is loaded with tons of good stuff, including a pixel-perfect design. It’s fully responsive, it has multiple layouts and color schemes, over 200 customized components and much more.

The personal license is $49 – one-time fee – and it includes 6 months free support and updates. Use the personal plan for private or commercial use.

14. Format – Free Website Template Using Bootstrap For Portfolio

Format is a great free portfolio website template, a perfect fit for web designers, photographers, agencies and anybody else who needs a creative portfolio design. The theme is lightning fast, fully responsive and the design is creative.

Build your next portfolio website for free with Format.

15. Raptor

Raptor is the most appreciated and recommended free hosting website theme on the market, having a professional, clean and pixel-perfect design. Even if the theme is free, you will find a level of expertness that is normally found on premium, expensive themes. The team invested a lot so you will get the best theme in the niche and they succeed.

16. Email template builder

With Unlayer you can easily let your customers to create high converting and engaging emails and landing pages directly from your website. This embeddable editor is coming with a smart drag and drop builder, with templates, a friendly and fast interface and much more.

See how it works.

17.Newsletter Templates

MailMunch is the fastest growing email marketing platform and it doesn’t require any coding skills. It is loaded with a drag and drop builder, a smart and easy to use WYSIWYG builder, tons of pixel-perfect newsletter templates and much more.

Send out broadcast email newsletters in just minutes using MailMunch.

18. Pabbly Connect

pabby connectPabbly Connect is a platform that lets you integrate multiple applications to transfer data and create automated workflows. You can save a lot of time and energy by automating all the less important and boring tasks.

This handy application is easy to configure and it takes a few simple steps, to create a new automation. Further, it enables you to add limitless multi-step calls, set instant triggers to initiate the workflow at a specific event, apply filters using conditions to import only the required data, create conditions using path routers to create smart workflows.

And the best thing is that you can create unlimited workflows with Pabbly Connect and get access to all the features at prices as low as $9/month.

19. actiTIME

actiTIME is a popular timesheet software used by thousands of companies, including Fortune 500 huge brands like Xerox, Philips and Accenture. It is a great fit for regular users which are looking to improve personal productivity, for team managers looking to understand how the workload is distributed across projects, for accounting managers that need to improve the billing and invoicing process and for business owners that want to correctly identify cost drivers and see how costs and revenues stack up.

Start a 30-day free trial with actiTIME, all features included.

20. 8b Website Builder

8b is a powerful and super simple to use innovative website builder that is loaded with tons of features and options (free HTTPS SSL, domain, over 250 awesome templates, AMP, PWA, site export) and much more. The friendly interface is lightning fast, guiding you every moment.

Build a creative website with 8b, no coding skills or special knowledge required.

20. ContentSnare – Get Content From Your Clients

ContentSnare is probably the most popular online solution to easily collect content and files on time from your customers, without you sending tons of emails and making follow-ups. ContentSnare will chase the customers in your place.

After 3 simple and straightforward steps, you are good to go. You will be notified when something is ready for approval. Lock it in, or request changes before checking it off.

Pricing starts at $24 / month – billed annually.

Start your free trial.

21. Work Examiner

Work Examiner is a super effective and popular internet monitoring software that you can use for PC tracking, key logging and much more. Using it you will heavily increase productivity and efficiency in your company, and you will also prevent data theft.

Start a 30-day free trial and see Work Examiner in action.

22. Logaster

With millions of unique logos created, Logaster is one of the most popular logo generators on the market. It is super simple to use, fast and very effective, the created logos are looking great.

Use Logaster for your next logo and even for building your brand identity. The results are awesome, and you only pay after you find something that you like very much.

23. WrapPixel

The Mega Bundle from WrapPixel is loaded with tons of things. It has 45 unique dashboards, 11 admin templates, 130 customized plugins, 6,500 UI components and pages, 3,000 premium icons and much more. The price is $79 for single use and $129 for multiple use.

24. Pixpa

Pixpa is popular and super simple to use way to create a creative and fully functional website, store, blog and portfolio, without writing a single line of code and without having any special knowledge. You will use the gorgeous included templates, the smart drag and drop builder and the friendly interface to get awesome results.

Sign up for free.

25. WordPress maintenance service

SteadyWP is a professional and highly appreciated WordPress maintenance service where experts will take care of your daily backups, uptime, updates, security and much more. There are 2 plans, a standard one and a professional one.

Let professionals take care of your WordPress website and you can focus on growing the business.

26. HelpJet

Implementing a knowledge base on your website is very simple and budget friendly, and the results are remarkable. Customers will easily find answer for their questions, without sending you emails, phone calls or messages, and you can easily grow the sales without hiring more support staff. It’s a win-win situation.

Start using HelpJet, you need 0 special skills or experience.

27. WordPress Forum Theme

Say hello to the most popular WordPress forum theme on the market, named ForumPress. It contains everything you need to run an effective forum on WordPress, including a gorgeous and clean design.

ForumPress is $99 and it includes a single site license, 1 years updates and support and 30-day money back guarantee.

28. Gorgias top Shopify app

Gorgias is the first customer services app built for Shopify, being a highly innovative and time-saving way to respond to customers across all channels. Easily get order info, delivery status and more from Shopify, Shipstation, Recharge & dozens of other apps.

29. InvoiceBerry

InvoiceBerry is a popular and professional invoicing software that is lightning fast, simple to use and effective. Fully configuring and sending an invoice takes less than 60 seconds and the whole process is fun and enjoyable. Using InvoiceBerry also to track expenses, create reports, manage clients, track payments and much more.

30. Goodiewebsite

Goodiewebsite is a popular platform which connects web designers and agencies with web developers. It is a perfect fit for companies looking to amplify their local presence, for small WordPress websites and much more.

Start using Goodiewebsite.

31. Freelance Invoice

Bonsai is the best invoicing platform for freelancers, with over 100,000 happy users. It is great for sending smart invoices with integrated payments, for auto-creating invoices from contracts, proposals and time sheets, for automating reminders and much more.

Freelancers are using Bonsai to get paid faster every day, you should start using it.

Try Bonsai for free.

32. RumbleTalk

With RumbleTalk anybody can add a community chat for free (1 room and up to 5 seats) to their website without writing a single line of code or having any special knowledge. Interact with your website visitors and start improving your conversions.

33. Fotor

Fotor is the most popular picture editing software on the market, having millions of users every day. The interface is super friendly, and the platform is loaded with tons of features and options, including thousands of gorgeous templates that are waiting for you to come and edit them.

34. FreelanceLogoDesign

FreelanceLogoDesign is the way to go if you are looking to get a gorgeous logo, created by real designers. Launch your logo design contest where 3 logo designers will compete on your project, sending you 6 custom logos in 60 minutes or less.

The results are remarkable, start now for $19.

35. Lunacy

Lunacy is a free native Windows app that lets users create and manipulate Sketch files (aka Sketch for Windows). The tool is a full-fledged editor covering the needs of web, mobile and graphic design. It also helps the teams working on different operating systems to be productive with sketch files.

36. Rhodos

Rhodos WordPress theme can update your business or startup project website with a modern and trendy style. A clean layout of the theme lets you create a user-friendly web project that’s built with the focus on essentials. The theme is easy to edit without any special design or coding background thanks to its compatibility with Elementor page builder.




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