Website Cost: Know How Much It Takes to Build a Website

Owning a website exclusively made for your business counts as a necessity in this modern business world. Having an online site reduces your workload of walking door to door to promote your services or create awareness about your business.

An online site also lets you have access to serve and reach out to people on a global level. Some website owners are the ‘underdog’ of the technological world and have mastered the art of creating a full-fledged website.

In contrast, some lag behind in technical aspects. For all the technically challenged but creative minds out there, there are companies like ours who build/ customize your website for you to suit your desires. Now comes the question of the era. How much does a custom website cost?

Building a custom website requires immense dedication and sheer hard work. From selecting an appropriate layout to strategizing management and marketing, everything is being taken care of by the service providers. You have to pay the price to avail of these services accordingly.

Often, it’ll be best to deal with professionals in creating your website. Invicta Agency, eCommerce website design Perth specialist, mentioned that bad website design can negatively affect your business. A badly coded and designed website can lead to a loss of revenue and sales, a lack of credibility and customer trust, and a waste of marketing efforts.

However, the price for the same amount of services fluctuates from company to company. In this blog, we are going to give you a detailed estimate of the expenses you will witness while opting for getting a customized website created.

Steps in Making a Website

Website on screen1. Choosing a Theme

The first and the most crucial step to building a successful website is to choose the field in which you want to make it. There are hundreds of themes available for every possible area a website can be made in.

While some of the themes are free of cost, some of them are to be bought. The paid or the premium ones are better as they offer more promising features. The paid themes range somewhere between $4-$1012.

If these thousands of available themes fail to satisfy your needs, you can get a theme customized exclusively for yourself. This will reduce the redundancy on your website, and you will have a mix and match of all your required features.

2. Choosing Efficient Customization Service Providers

Choosing appropriate customization services is as essential as selecting a theme for your website. Any reputed service provider makes sure your website ranks on the top in every aspect of a good site, be it its versatility, stability, performance, variety, or features.

There is a series of events that every reputed customization service company follows to build a website for you:

  1. After hearing of your desired field, they present you with a wide variety of themes to choose from. You can even get a theme customized if none of the displayed themes suits your interest or you want a mix and match of some themes.
  2. They run a background check on all your requirements thoroughly and then quote a price accordingly. An excellent service provider will quote a price you wouldn’t have to bargain with. It would be very pocket-friendly and worthy of the work assigned to the company.
  3. The website developers develop the website and run it through several tests before presenting it to you. The site is, however, still open to changes.
  4. A meeting is fixed with you to show the final website and incorporate any changes if desired by you.
  5. The finished product is then sent and installed in your given location/system, with a free bug-fixing period.

3. Choosing a Web Hosting Service

Does Your Website Need a Blog?A web hosting service is required for you to get on the WWW and reach out across the globe. Only the right web hosting service provider can match your expectations with the performance.

So, you need to spend money on a useful web hosting service. All of the steps mentioned above require a severe amount of labor work, and therefore, it adds to the cost of making a website.

How Much Does a Website Cost in General

CurrenciesSocial Media

Social media is an excellent platform for the creative promotion of your website—monthly maintenance and updates for the same cost around $250-$2500.


Excellent copywriting costs around $5 per 500 words, whereas video production costs around $250- 2500. According to this St Louis video production company, customers prefer consuming video content because it keeps them engaged. Also, don’t forget about copywriting. Good copywriting is essential as it shows you as an experienced person in your field.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The PPC ads can be spotted everywhere. At the bottom of a YouTube video or on the sidebar of Google. They are a fast and effective solution to gain traffic to your website in an organic manner. The PPC costs you around $100-$1000 per month.

Online Marketing

Best Social Media Widgets for WebsitesThis is one of the features that are worth paying extra for. It helps you to turn the trespassers into frequent visitors and eventually customers. This feature increases your search engine ranking and online traffic.

Content Management System

A content management system displays videos, pictures, text, and articles on your website. Depending on the content management system you choose, you either pay the price as low as $0 for opting for a CMS like WordPress for a rate as high as $100.

Domain Name

A domain name is what people type in the organic search listing to get to your website. It generally costs around 10$-20$. For a custom domain extension, you need to pay a premium price as high as $200-$300 per annum.

Website Hosting

Website hosting is an integral part of the plan as it lets you on the world wide web. The more traffic your website attracts, the more features you ought to add, and the more price you have to pay. A website hosting, on average, costs around 10$-99$.

SSL Certificate

WP Force SSLSecure Socket Layer encrypts confidential data like credit card numbers or any other personal information. The authority issues an SSL certificate at the cost of $10-$100. An SSL certificate becomes mandatory when you run an e-commerce website as it deals with online transactions.

Web Design Expenses

To make your website audience alluring, you have to design it professionally.

  • Responsive web design: $2000 (one time task)
  • Full Redesign or new design: $1000- $20000.
  • Theme Design: $10-$100


Word SEOSeo has become mandatory for any e-commerce website. SEO’s primary work is to take care of your ranking on the organic listing when searched for a similar or same topic.

SEO’s cost varies from agency to agency. You can expect an upfront cost of $3000-$9000 and then a maintenance fee of $200-$500 monthly.

Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO can increase website conversions with call-to-action tactics like sign-up sheets, newsletters, landing pages, and buttons. A package of CRO costs around 300$-600$.

Content Marketing

A good marketing strategy acts as bait to the customers. Video production costs around $3000-$5000, whereas infographics cost just 500$.

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