22+ Websites Built using Avada Theme By ThemeFusion

Looking for the websites built using Avada Theme? Then, you have landed on the right page.

Avada is a popular multipurpose theme that is used for creating various types of websites built using Avada theme. Crafted by highly experienced professionals at ThemeFusion. Avada is a renowned bestseller at ThemeForest.

Since it was released back in the year 2012, Avada is currently being used by more than 500,000 clients across the world.

Fitted with many unique features, Avada has a critically and extraordinary acclaimed, and great drag and drop feature and website page builder referred to as page builder. It is one of the easiest to use plugins that is available on WordPress.

Having more than 255 ready web page designs, over 100 shortcodes, and more than 41 fully-featured sites, and can be utilized in more than 33 languages. As a result, there is no doubt that Avada is the best for improving your website’s online visibility.

There are limitless possibilities when it comes to the Avada WordPress theme. As of now, you can find hundreds of professional and beautiful sites built utilizing this theme.

Here you will find a comprehensive list of 22 sites built with the Avada theme to showcase high versatility levels whenever possible. This will allow you to achieve what you want with this great theme.

Avada is a very popular WordPress theme by ThemeFusion. It sold over 170,000 times until now and still continues to grow. It also got a staggering 5.0 out of 5 rating and an excellent user experience

The customizability of Avada helps it to be sold this many times and to celebrate its success we present you the examples of websites built using Avada theme.

Before we start listing the websites built using Avada Theme, let’s list the features of Avada theme below.

  • The theme is truly SEO optimized with the responsive layout and retina ready status.
  • Avada is a multi-purpose theme with a focus on six layout options. The layout options are large, medium, large alternative, medium alternative, grid,  and time. It also comes with four different post types.
  • The social media options are integrated into the theme.
  • Great customer supports from Theme Fusion.
  • Mega Menu is built in.
  • It also comes with Cross browser compatibility.
  • Translation support.
  • The color palette that offers extreme customizability.

And much more.

Examples of Websites Built using Avada Theme

1. Bezingcreative.com

Websites Built using Avada Theme

Bezingcreative.com is a website created for a graphic design company. It is one of the popular websites built using Avada theme. The owner is in the profession for the last nine years and looks like he pulled a excellent websites built with Avada theme.

2. Vermeijdesign.nl

Websites Built using Avada Theme

The website is a personal portfolio of Gabrielle Vermeij. The owner is a designer and photographer, and I must say, I am impressed by the overall design choice and photos that are picked up to create the website. The website utilizes the power of Avada rightfully.

3. JewellersExchange


JewellersExchange is an excellent eCommerce websites built using Avada. This showcases the ability of Avada for multi purposes website creation.

4. Koolbee.com


Koolbee.com is a children based website that load fast and looks amazing.

5. Tabglogistics.com


Tabglogistics.com is yet another business implementation of the theme. The company deals in global logistics.

6. Mandurahcityfc.com.au


A city football club website. This example really showcases the diversity of its implementation. Sporting websites can also be created using the Avada WordPress theme.

7. GraphicTwister.com


GraphicTwister.com is a place where you can find PSD resources. Check the website out and see the power of Avada to built a digital sharing website.

8. Bullish.it


I failed to understand what the website was all about, but it doesn’t look dull–it at all. Great design and execution.

9. Cheyannecontracting.com


A women-owned engineering manufacturing company with the power of Avada. The design is simple and attractive.

10. RingDesign.nl


The website is all about rings and their amazing designs. A great choice by the owner as he/she has used the power of Avada and WooCommerce to create a great online website for selling rings.

11. Maui Hawaii Edu


The website is build for Maui College. The website is quite attractive including the front page, and the other pages are also built nicely.

12. BostonRedDog


If you live in Boston and is looking for a center to take care of your pet, this is it. The homepage is attractive and gets the point straight forward.  The website load faster and offers great conversion for the visitors.

13. CleanlyMaid.com


CleanlyMaid is a great website for booking your maid. If you are living in the US, you can easily access the service. From the perspective of design, it is simple made and offers great navigation. The homepage offers a center call to action button and utilizes the design to a good degree.

14. FitnessSouth.com


FitnessSouth.com is a great website that aims to deliver the best fitness. The homepage is simple and offers a great call to action stuff. The theme is modified by Page one, and it is quite stunning to see the pictures on the home page.

15. SwiftRiverConsulting.com


SwiftRiverConsulting.com is a consulting firm. The site design is simple and informative. The less cluttering actually helps the visitor to get access to important stuff.

16. YellowMarineConsultancy


YellowMarineConsultancy is a marine manufacturing consultancy. I loved how they utilized the yellow color in their logo name and also the website. There is not much to showcase here, but they always give the point away to the visitor.

17. DigitalSolution


DigitalSolution.com is one wonderful website that can completely use the power of Avada. The single page layout is stunning and attractive. Scrolling down you will get access to other well-crafted aspects to the website. The website is completely responsive and well-made.

18. FleetTrax.net


FleetTrax.net is a tracking system solution. I love the site simplicity and other aspects of it. The homepage has a good old form hanging around for capturing leads.

19. TheKitchenRag.com


Until now, we have only discussed websites built using Avada theme. These offer services/products to their customers. The Kitchen Rag is different and offers a great blog using the Avada theme. The blog is informative and a great place for the knowing about life, food, and healing.

20. StacyGroup


StacyGroup is a design company website. It is clean and one-page. The menu is stuck on the left sidebar of the theme. The middle section uses full-screen animation background, and I must say that the website is well-thought out and executed.

21. Wednesdayinmhd


A great website that focuses on the beauty of Marblehead, a seaside town offering a great place for vacations and other things.

22. ExplainedTV


ExplainedTV is an initiative to connect Christ followers through the internet.

23. Microsoft Visual Studio

If you check out Microsoft’s Visual Studio, you will realize that it’s built utilizing the Avada WordPress Theme. The website offers software and tools for different types of developers. The download links, product listing page, On-Page Slider and much more provides this website with a professional appearance.

24. Graphics Twister

The Graphics Twister website offers premium and free graphics resources and PSD files. All the graphic content and unique designs of this website target a great number of audiences worldwide.

The creative and professional layouts and icons offered by the Avada WordPress themes make this student-operated site looks quite professional.

25. MoniDesign

MoniDesign is a great site that deals in design and communication for brandings, using appealing and powerful graphics. With expertise in the maps, the MoniDesign assists build user-friendly designs.

The MoniDesign takes advantage of the Avada’s WordPress theme infinite graphical customization options to create the stunning graphics centric site.

26. Red Dog Pet Resort

As a renowned pet care company, the Red dog pet resort website has an attractive and clean design. The loud text and attractive graphics offered by Avada has assisted the brand reach newer heights.

The straight forward homepage and fast loading webpages make the site stand out.

27. Russell Brand

The popular comedian known as Russell brand makes use of this site to advertise his writings, podcasts, live shows and more. Also, there is a very attractive full-screen background image on the homepage. It is also one of the popular websites built using Avada theme.

The good news is that the Russell Brand official site is quite simple and straightforward, thanks to the Avada WordPress themes.

Wrapping Up

Avada is a truly powerful and multi-purpose WordPress theme and the above examples showcases on how the theme can be used different purposes. The theme is powerful, fully responsive and can create almost anything you throw at it.

Did you like the collection of the websites built using Avada theme? Comment below and let us know.

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  • Slava
    Posted at 14:49h, 09 February Reply

    You may have a look at one more site.

    amunet.biz is the site of the software development company. It uses the Revolution slider that comes bundled with the theme. It also uses some cool features like flip boxes, check lists and others. The site offers a plugin that make Avada work with any custom post type.

  • zozothemes
    Posted at 06:26h, 06 October Reply

    Amazing Work! GLWS.

  • Gracen Kostelecky
    Posted at 11:29h, 02 August Reply

    The Iowa State College of Business just went through a complete website overhaul. I used the Avada theme for this multi-site platform with over 500 pages/posts (cut down from 1000+). We used very visual elements including video, icons, hero images, and bright and engaging colors to keep this educational and wordie site fun and exciting.

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