What To Consider When Making A Logo Design For Your New Blog

What To Consider When Making A Logo Design For Your New Blog

So you decided to create a blog. Great! Apart from the content that you’ll supply in your blog, you should also consider the design of your website, mainly the logo of the blog.

Blogging has become a way for people to share their thoughts and advocacies. Some people also blog to make some money, which is never a bad thing. If you’re contemplating on starting a blog, you should take time to come up with an appealing layout so viewers will be encouraged to return to your page. One of the most critical designs in your blog is its logo since it’ll be one of the most memorable graphics that viewers will see on the site.

There’s an assortment of design tools online that can help you create a logo that will best suit your blog. When looking for a site that provides logo design for blogs, you should always take the features available to make your experience truly worthwhile.

Why Should I Customize a Logo for My Blog?

You’re probably thinking, why should I put so much effort into creating a logo for my blog? Imagine big brands today, such as Apple, McDonald’s, or Nike without their famous logos. These notable companies can be recognized even if you don’t see the name of the company explicitly written simply because of their logos.

The same reason applies to why you should customize a logo for your blog. A logo helps your blog be easily identified among the sea of pages online. Need more reasons why a custom designed logo is beneficial for your blog? It:

  • Creates a unique identity
  • Encourages people to look at your content
  • Sets you apart from your competitors
  • Establishes your brand
  • Sends your message across
  • Encourages loyalty to your brand


What to Consider When Making a Logo Design for Your Blog

When thinking of a suitable logo design for your blog, it’s crucial to consider the following factors:

  1.     The message you want to get across

All brands have a message. Yes, your blog is also capable of building a brand that’s uniquely yours. First, you have to carefully consider the message that you want to put across to your readers. What is the purpose of your blog? What kind of content do you want to publish on your blog? What story do you want to tell? Who’s your target audience? The elements of the logo should reflect the message that you want to share with others.

  1.     Think simple and classic

Before you get tempted to do an uber-complicated design for your blog logo, remember that you want your readers to get the message your blog puts across quickly. Sometimes, simple is better, it has more impact, and is timeless.

  1.     Be creative but avoid cliché

It’s tempting to join the latest bandwagon when it comes to logo designs, but remember trends change, and you don’t want to be stuck with a cheesy-looking logo badge ten years from now. Focus on creating a logo using visual design elements that will help represent your brand instead. Try utilizing visual double entendre or negative space to be more creative with your design.

  1.     Utilize colors, but the logo should be memorable in black and white

Colors are an essential design element. It helps represent your brand in the way you intend it to do so. However, one way to test whether a logo is memorable is by creating it in black and white first. You should only start adding colors if the logo looks impressive in black and white.

  1.     Remember to make it appropriate

It’s easy to get carried away when our creative juices start flowing. But, you also need to stop and take a minute to analyze if the logo is appropriate for your audience. You’re not going to use a heavy metal theme if you’re using it for your parenting blog. Be creative, but don’t go overboard with colors and design.


In a nutshell, a well-thought-of and expertly-designed blog logo helps you stand out. Logos are certainly not restricted to big companies and brands. Even if you are new to blogging, you can already start creating your brand. A perfectly-designed logo can boost viewership, establish a good rapport with your target audience, and create a distinct and recognizable identity.

If you want to jumpstart your logo design project, you should experiment with a logo maker tool.  An online logo design tool is handy for giving your design project a boost. You will find an assortment of online logo makers which will help you put together a well-designed emblem.

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