Who is the Best WordPress Web Hosting Company?

“Best WordPress Hosting Company” feels like the debate from the origin of the human species. WordPress is used by more than 23% of the world’s websites and probably the world’s most popular CMS, so there is certainly no dearth of WordPress hosting offerings out there.

Today, we will invite you to compare and consider which of these are the best WordPress web hosting companies. Understanding the ecosystem and how it performs on both managed and non-managed WordPress hosting is completely dependent on minute details that go under the hood.

The web hosting that we are going to compare are HostGator, inMotionHosting, Stable Host, Hawk Host and BlueHost.

Before, we start, the most important thing that I want to mention is the configuration, theme selection and other small factors that can manipulate the results. That’s why, we have kept some of the things intact for each of the tests.

So, why the wait? Let’s start the comparison one by one. Each web hosting company that we are going to discuss will have their pros and cons listed so you can decide for yourself…

1. HostGator

HostGator needs no introduction as it is one of the popular WordPress hosting services out there. HostGator has been active in the WordPress hosting for many years and they have hundreds and thousands of websites to support.

Pros of HostGator

  • HostGator services are not costly. This means that anyone who is starting off their online journey can easily use their services.
  • They offer tons of different plans to choose from.
  • Uptime is good.
  • WordPress can be installed with one-click.

Cons of HostGator

  • Shared Hosting performance is not great.
  • cPanel is complex in nature and can put off the beginners.
  • Security of the Website is an issue.

2. inMotion Hosting

inMotion Hosting has become quite popular now-a-days. With different types of hosting plans available, anyone can take advantage of the amazing hosting that inMotion hosting offer.

Pros of inMotion Hosting

  • inMostion hosting revolves around customer service. They provide robust customer service for 24x7x365, which is handled by real humans and not automation.
  • Hosting Performance of inMotion Hosting is on the better side.
  • Uses cPanel, which is open source and tutorials are available everywhere.
  • Provides 3-month money-back guarantee and free data backups.

Cons of inMotion Hosting

  • inMotion hosting is not cheap.
  • There is limitation to the packages you take. Understand the limitation before buying any packages.
  • Available scripts are not user-friendly.

3. StableHost

StableHost is one of the low range service providers out there. With similar techs such as cPanel and scripts, it is also popular with many entrepreneurs and bloggers.

Pros of StableHost

  • Support provided by StableHost is good.
  • As already mentioned in the introduction, the hosting supports cPanel and popular scripts.
  • Plans for everyone.

Cons of StableHost

  • If you are looking for live support for cheaper price packages then you will be disappointed as live support is only supported for costlier packages.
  • StableHost has no custom plans and that can hamper many bloggers requirements.
  • It also doesn’t support script troubleshooting for low-priced packages. For script troubleshooting, you need to buy one of their premium packages.

4. HawkHost

HawkHost is yet another WordPress hosting service. They provide an incredible fast hosting service and have a good online reputation.

Pros of Hawk Host

  • Hosting Speed is good!
  • The hosting comes with the standard cPanel. Great for beginners.
  • The pricing of the hosting is decent and anyone can get started with them easily.
  • Packages are well-defined and you will not get confused on anyone of them.

Cons of Hawk Host

  • Missing Live Support is the biggest Cons for Hawk Host. Their email support takes 15-30 mins to respond.
  • No refunds scheme
  • Average Uptime can be slightly less compared to another hosting.

5. BlueHost

Just like HostGator, BlueHost is also one of the most popular hosting provider out there. They are famous for their cheap plans.

Pros of BlueHost

  • It is one of the cheapest hosting providers on the internet.
  • According to the hosting, they provide unlimited metrics including transfer, email accounts and more
  • Offers cPanel, different types of hosting and bonus.
  • Comes with 30 days money-back guarantee.

Cons of BlueHost

  • Shared Hosting can be extremely slow
  • Shady Customer Service
  • There are security issues with the hosting. Also, the uptime is not impressive.

Wrap Up

We tried to narrow down the comparison to the five hosting companies out there. They are quite popular with the masses and the comparison will solve the problems of many bloggers/entrepreneurs out there.

Which hosting provider you are using? Comment below and let us know. We are also open to reviewing any other popular hosting company if we receive a good amount of requests regarding them. So, start commenting and share the article with your friends.

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