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Use Your WordPress Site To Kickstart Your Freelance Career

When I decided I wanted to try freelance writing, I had no relevant experience or education. I knew I could research and write, but I had no way to prove it. I came across job postings that, rather than asking for a portfolio, requested a test sample. I wrote a few of these for different companies and never heard back from them. At first, I assumed my writing wasn’t good enough, but then I learned that companies pull this scam to get free work done!

So, with nothing to show for my hard work, I decided to try a different approach. I created a WordPress site that showcased me as a writer, and included a blog that I updated twice a week, and within a month later I had created what basically served as an ideal CV. Clients could see that I was professional and had the skills necessary. What more could they want?

Before I give you some tips to create the perfect freelance website, I must warn you that as a freelancer, all your work can be for nought if hackers somehow get hold of your data. A VPN is more necessary than ever to protect you from data theft. You can get a 100% free VPN if you don’t want to commit money to it just yet.

Here are the tips you need to know to use your WordPress site to kickstart your freelance career.


Sell yourself as the finished deal

All too often, I see freelancers saying something like, “I don’t have experience just yet, but I’m willing to work hard to show you I can do the job.” This does not inspire confidence in anyone.

If you know you can do the job, or even if you have a strong hunch that you can, sell yourself as the finished deal. Explain what you can offer as a freelance writer, as if you’ve been doing it for ages.

This is not unethical. As a freelancer, you’re probably not going to get huge contracts without proving yourself first. Clients tend to hire you for smaller jobs before committing to major projects. If they don’t like what you provide, they can move right along to the next person. If they are so upset with your service that they feel like you’ve conned them, you can offer them their money back, or they can leave a scathing review, but they most likely will simply continue their search for the right person.

Branding matters

It is crucial that you think about your website as your business’s home. It is not just a glorified advert for your services. It is not just a CV. It is a brand. For this reason, you need to focus on good branding.

Create an attractive logo that is related to your niche or reflects what you do. Build a theme around it. And make sure that you pay for a domain name that is catchy and professional. A free domain from WordPress or Google or anywhere else is not professional. Other businesses do not use free domains, and neither should you.

Ultimately, what is important is that you sell yourself as a business, rather than just another individual looking for work. This way, your website will reflect what you can offer, and clients will feel confident giving you a shot.

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