The Benefits of Combining WordPress & Remote DBA

By far one of the most popular CMS (content management system) options is WordPress, and even a kid knows this that is internet savvy. The reasons are many. And when you are making your website for your business, or organization, or personal gallery or cause, then there is no other reasonable alternative than WordPress to do everything on your own.

WordPress lets you be yourself

The main reason you choose WordPress in the first place to make a website is ease of use and comfort of handling. You know you need not learn things. And that is the best thing about WordPress. And the next thing you know is you still get professional looks and results, and utterly professional style and handling of the website in future with WordPress, even when you don’t know anything at present.

This benefit of giving the layman whatever they need without having to go through any diploma or degree of website development makes WordPress the number one chosen layman’s favorite CMS in the world.

You can be yourself, create new things, cultivate new styles and designs, play with the content and plugins, and make the CMS your playground to be creative, funny, stylish, serious, and whatever you want to. Become your best creative version with WordPress. In simple words WordPress gives you the freedom to express yourself in your website design.

No need to learn code to become the designer

You have to learn codes to work with any other CMS. But with WordPress, you can be a complete amateur in site designing, and yet make one highly professional stylish and great site. It can be your e-commerce site, your photo gallery, design studio, portfolio, organization site, educative site or anything else which you want to make. The site will be your showcase without you having to write even a line of code if you don’t want to.

However many coders are there who loves WordPress simply because of their chance to tweak their inputs into the site layout, framework, design, theme, etc., and personalizing things a few steps ahead.The no coding needed website handling, and yet the advantage of customizing stuff as is necessary with implementing some coding only if you want to, put this CMS in the list of favorites.

Get professional help from database management systems

Managing database is one of the biggest challenges when you are working with vast amounts of data. In case of a gallery or portfolio site, new pages keep on getting added thereby making the site loaded with data. In the case of e-commerce sites, the pressure of data is the highest. Hundreds and thousands of pages get added to a good e-commerce site every month, and this creates a massive burden on database management. To manage such loads of data is not an easy task without professional help.

Why you need professional help in database management?

You cannot be everywhere. You have to manage the website overall performance, look at the online marketing and SEO needs, and also look at the business point of view of the site. You need to arrange fresh content to keep the site updated. And in this way, you will have several job roles to look at. Hence looking after maintaining the database, and employing a good DBMS (database management system) for the site data will not be a feasible job for you.

You must seek professional help for this to keep things sorted about this from the very beginning. But how to plan this, and keep things on a budget even when you outsource the work is something to learn. Being a beginner, you cannot shell out unlimited money on hiring and outsourcing services and get bankrupt by paying them. You must sketch a budget-friendly effective way to manage the site database and take control of everything professionally.

Hire a remote database administrator

Remote database administrators handle your databases from the remote, and that is their job. Their job is to take control, sort, and manage your database in the WordPress site, without coming to your place or office. The entire service is provided from their location. And that is why this is called remote database management. Services like RemoteDBA are there to take care of such jobs.

When you hire a remote DBA (database administrator) you enjoy the following benefits:

  • The service charge you pay to a remote DBA is much less than what you pay to a dedicated DBA who is employed part or full time to you.
  • You avoid the hassle of keeping a DBA on payroll and giving all employment benefits.
  • You have no tension of attrition. Unlike an employee who may resign after months of training and working, the remote DBA service will not quit you unless you quit the service.
  • The service will be available for you round the clock. Hence you will never face in downtime with database management.
  • Regarding the management of the database, you can be free in mind and can focus your attention on other sides of the business or website maintenance or the project.
  • Even if you employ a dedicated full-time DBA, the employee cannot serve you 24/7 which only a remote DBA service which works round the clock with a team can do.
  • Such a service offers you the flexibility to move around and work from anywhere. Your office us where there is your computer.

Finally- Get things sorted wherever you are

Hiring a remote DBA service is an ideal solution for a developing business which is not in the state of hiring dedicated full-time DBA or has no reasons to increase the number of employees at present. Moreover, this service is perfectly suitable for e-commerce sites that cannot afford to have downtime with the database management and administration and need dedicated full-time services only.

Hence, with WordPress, on the one hand, to take website building easily, and a remote DBA service on another hand to take care of all database related matters, you can stay and feel wholly sorted with your website maintenance and e-commerce site.

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