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8 Writing Tools That Will Rock Your WordPress Content in 2021

WordPress owns CMS. In fact, it owns more of the market share than Drupal, Joomla, and all other WordPress competitors combined. If you’ve chosen WP, you are in good company. Disney, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Sony Music, The New Yorker, and Time Inc. are just a few companies that have adopted WordPress as a solution provider.

With WordPress, setup and hosting is a snap. Add in the wide variety of themes and plugins, and you can accomplish almost anything. This includes creating and sharing amazing content. Of course, if you have the right writing tools, you can rock your content even harder. Take a few minutes to check out our list of eight recommendations.

Monster Insights

You already know that Google Analytics can provide you with amazing insights into ways that people are finding and navigating your website. With Monster Insights, you can combine these insights with the ease of WordPress seamlessly.

Once you install this plugin, you’ll be able to access your analytics reports right from your WP dashboard. Not only that, the tool comes with customized reports that cut out the information you don’t need. This way, you can act on the useful insights provided to you without wasting time.

Other methods of combining Google Analytics with WordPress are complex. They usually require the assistance of a developer. With Monster Insights, any layperson can install the plugin and get started.

PrePost SEO

PrePost SEO allows you to analyze your post’s SEO before you publish it. This is a great ‘all in one’ SEO tool that checks:

  • Keyword Density
  • Spelling And Grammar
  • Duplicate Content
  • Broken Links
  • Alt Image Attributes
  • Post Title Optimization
  • Meta Tags Analysis

This tool will also verify the links in your post, including their follow/no-follow status, and provide you with an overall SEO score. If your goal is to get better search engine results, this plugin is an absolute must have.

RB Keyword Search Plugin

Optimizing for keywords isn’t enough. To rank for the phrases your audience is truly interested in, you have to focus on long tail keywords. This is where RB Keyword Search plugin is extraordinarily useful. The tool offers up long tail keyword suggestions for your posts, based on your niche. Even better, it pulls keyword suggestions from Google, Bing, and Yahoo, so you know you are getting the most optimized ones.


If you’ve used Canva outside of WordPress, you already know that it’s a powerful tool for adding images to your content. With the Canva plugin, you can bring that functionality directly into WordPress.

Once you have the tool in place, you can select from Canva’s vast library of fonts, images, and other graphic design elements. If you’d prefer, you also have the option of creating your own designs. Looking for more premium options? You can get access to high quality, premium images for only a dollar.

Finally, whatever images you choose, you can customize them to your specifications. The Canva plugin comes with amazing image editing capabilities.

Just Writing

just writing

This is a distraction free writing plugin for WordPress. It can be used to improved upon WordPress’ standard DFW functionality. Once installed, the tool can be configured for each WordPress user you have authorized on your website. As you choose your configuration options, you can select the absolute minimum of options for a true bare bones writing experience, or you can add even more features.

Of course, Just Writing is one of many tools that you can use to increase your writing productivity and accuracy. Here are some others:

  • Grammarly – This stand-alone tool functions outside of WP. Still, it’s easy to use, and provides automatic spelling and grammar checking.
  • Hemingway – Good writing isn’t just grammatically correct. It’s also clear and easy to read. Hemingway analyzes your writing, and provides you with useful tips for improvement.
  • Supreme Dissertations – Sometimes the best way to keep your blog or website up to date is outsourcing some or all of the content writing process. The professional copywriters on staff here will help you create the blog and web content you need.

If you don’t find the tool or service you want on this list, you have plenty of other options available to you. Check out these resources for supplemental writing tools.

Editorial Calendar

It’s pretty easy to create and edit posts from within WordPress.  Unfortunately, managing the workflow of your content is a bit more difficult. With the Editorial Calendar plugin, this becomes a bit easier. You can see what you’ve published along with the publication date. You can also move posts from one day to another, and open posts for editing directly from the calendar.

Revive Old Posts

If you’re writing evergreen content, you may as well get as much mileage from it as you can. Revive Old Posts automatically shares your previously written content to social media, so that it continues reaching people. The plugin allows you to share both new and old posts, to exclude certain posts from being shared, and select hashtags to focus on specific topics.

SEO Internal Links

According to content manager Ethan Dunwill, writers accomplish several things when they use internal links. “First, these links add credibility to your posts. They back up what you say with other content. Then, there are the multiple layers of SEO benefits. These include driving traffic to other pages on your website, increasing the amount of time spent on your site, and encouraging search engines to index your site thoroughly.”

The SEO Internal Links plugin automates this process for you. The tool allows you to establish a list of target keywords and links. Then, when you use a keyword from that list, it automatically inserts the link. Don’t worry about using a keyword phrase more than once. The tool only links the first usage, so you don’t get penalized.

seo internal links

Final Thoughts

If you’ve chosen WordPress as your online solution, you may already be using a variety of themes and plugins to make your site more attractive to visitors. Why not give a few of the writing tools mentioned here a try as well?


Bridget Hernandez has a Master’s degree in Anthropology and is a blogger for ISAccurate. Bridget is passionate about writing, and has her first book in the works right now. In spite of being a recent graduate, she has already established a strong reputation as a writer who can present text in a creative and understandable manner. She expertly combines research, expertise, and entertainment to keep her readers engaged.

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