33% Off Headway Themes Coupon Code and Review 2015

In the current world of WordPress themes, the idea of creating WordPress themes is not a new one. There are many Drag and Drop builder, which can help you create WordPress themes from scratch.

But, the idea of having a complete ecosystem that enables you to create themes from ground up with unlimited outputs can be really an interesting prospect, and that’s why today we are going to review the HeadWay Themes.

In the headway themes review, we will go through all the different features and functionalities, the headway drag and drop builder provides. We will also discuss some of its drawbacks and how it fairs in the current WordPress Theme market.

But, before we move ahead. I want to discuss how theme design has been changed in the last few years.

10-15 years, website content management is a cumbersome task. It was mandatory to know coding and creating static pages was the norm of the day. Business at that moment has to rely on tons of skills to be successful. But, now the whole game has changed.

Concepts such as drag and drop building revolutionized how business or bloggers work, and today we will go in-depth review of Headway Themes.

What is HeadWay?

HeadWay is a drag and drops theme builder that gives the power to the hands of the user. The user can create interesting and visually appealing themes from the elements available within the visual editor.

The free-flow layout creation improves the way themes are created and also makes the creation journey less hectic and more productive. Other than the editor, it also offers live CSS editor to give meaning to the theme —  a really interesting way to build themes.

No Coding Required

Coding is tough, and it requires lots of practices to master it. For seasonal bloggers and marketers, it can be a tough path to walk. All they need is a Headway builder, which can give them the right set of tools.

Anyone can create a theme without writing a single line of code using the Headway theme builder.


Installation of Headway themes is similar to any other theme. You need to grab the package and upload it to the theme selection part.

After the upload is complete, you can proceed further to activate the Headway.

After activation, you can now start building your brand new theme from scratch. The editor will help you achieve all the magic.

The only drawback is that it doesn’t allow to edit the existing themes to be edited.

HeadWay Features

There are tons of things; you can do with Headway. Let’s start with the main features of Headway and get a glimpse of what it has to offer.

Visual and Design Editors

Visual and Design Editors are the most important part of Headway. For the complete new users of the builder, you need to go through a two-step process.

Step 1: Build the layout of the theme you have in mind with the help of the visual editor.

Step 2: Once done, you now need to shift gears to the design editor, where you can change the design of the layout such as colors, font size, font colors and much more.

Both the editors are user-friendly, and you will find it quite helpful for most of the part.


Layout Selector and Blocks

Any website doesn’t really include a single layout and that’s where the layout selector comes into the picture. With the help of the layout selector, you can easily select different layouts for different pages, posts or landing page, etc.

Blocks, on the other hand, provides the building block of the theme. The blocks can be created according to your needs, and any element can be added to a block to be used later.

Supports Child Themes

Child Themes is an important part of a website. The Headway platform comes loaded with child theme support so that you don’t have to re-fix everything if updates occur —  a really necessary feature for any WordPress blogger or webmaster.

Supports Custom CSS

To save time in a high competitive world, many developers can easily use the builder to build the layout and then use custom CSS to design the web. If you are one of them, then you should be happy about the fact that Headway supports Custom LIVE CSS so that you can do design changes in a flash.


For an optimal experience, any theme provides should have excellent support. Headway Themes provides an excellent documentation to get started with. For those who are stuck and cannot resolve their problems from the documentation can choose to go to their online support forums.

Overall, their support is above par and you will get answers quicker in the support forums which is lively with other users and consumers.


To get started with Headway, you need to get one of the three packages available.

The first one is personal package and offers support and updates for a year and a single site. It includes the WhiteBoard starter theme for best user experience.

The second package is targeted at Business and offers support and updates for a year and 3 websites. It also includes 1 year of support. Moreover, it comes with 1 official template according to your choice.

The last package is targeted at Developers, which comes with all the necessary features to take full advantage of the Headway Themes. It can be used with unlimited websites and includes all official templates. Moreover, it comes with Community builder block.


The Final Word

With Headway, the life of many non-coders or developers become easy. After all, getting a site running and working is the first criteria for any business man, and with the help of Headway, anyone can easily focus on things that matter.

HeadWay Themes do have some granular control issues, but the themes are not targeted to that audience.

HeadWay Themes can be the future of the development if more granular controls come along, but still it manages to deal with the current requirement of the web industry. A great tool for bloggers and businessmen/web entrepreneur who just want to get started with their work and not worry about anything else.

HeadWay Themes: How to Redeem Coupon

To redeem coupon, you first need to head to the pricing page. Once you are there, select any one of the package you are interested in.

You will land on the Checkout page. Below the pricing table, you will see the “Discount”. 


Enter the discount coupon in the box and click apply. And, boom the discount is applied and you are good to go!

Choose the payment system and you are now a proud owner of Headway.

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