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Finding a website theme is very easy over the internet, but getting it from a genuine source which can offer you free updates in future, 24×7 customer service, and money back guarantee in case if you are not satisfied with the product, is kind of tricky.

You need to be sure of the theme provider i.e. whether it is genuine or not. One of the most popular theme store, of which everyone has heard, is ThemeForest, but, that’s not the only one in the market. Mojo Themes is another name you came across, but you are not sure whether it is going to deliver an experience you are looking for or not.

So, in order to help you get out from the dilemma, here is a Mojo Themes review. I’m going to talk about different aspects of this theme provider so that you can get a better view of how it works, and how it treats the customers.

I came across this theme store through few hosting providers I have been using in past, as they showcase the Mojo Themes collection during the WordPress installation. You must have seen it too, remember?


Mojo Themes Review


Just to update your knowledge, Mojo Themes is owned JR Farr and Brady Nord, founder of the Mojoness Inc., which is registered in USA. This statement makes it clear that you are not dealing with any amateur; rather this theme store website is owned and maintained by a register company i.e. ‘professionals’.

Also, the website is pretty old now. The company was started in 2009. At this moment, Mojo Themes has over thousands of customers (95k+) and thousands of products in their catalogue.


Product quality and categories


In starting, there were very few categories they were working on, but at this moment, you can easily find themes for WordPress, Tumblr, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop, and few other.

Simple HTML/CSS templates are also available in the store. The pricing starts from $5 and extends to $50+, depending on the product you are interested in.

Also, the user interface of the whole website store is pretty simple and elegant enough to keep you addicted. In short, you are not going to find any bad experience while just looking for the themes for your next web project.

Proper filters are in there to allow you find the perfect product as per the requirements at your end. I didn’t have any bad feeling from any section and every time everywhere; there was a sense of genuineness.

Their way of showcasing the themes is also eye catching. Every template is offered with its ‘Demo’ webpage, and a quick look option. Customer ratings and number of downloads are clearly mentioned, and users are also allowed to set filters according to these two criteria.


Features offered


30 days ‘Money Back Guarantee’ is also there to ensure that if you get an unsatisfied product, then you don’t need to worry about the money you invested in. You just need to contact them either by email or through their social profiles for the refund, and they will be very quick in initiating the same.


The support a customer is looking for is always available through their website, email, and again the social profiles. You need to convey once the kind of trouble you are experiencing, and they have very experienced and professional support team at the background.

I checked the support person’s skills about theme installation and related subjects, and most of the times, I was getting a perfect reply.

The vulnerability can never be taken out from a web based solution, and this is the reason the theme you purchased needs to receive updates in future. Mojo Themes has taken care of the same requirement and thus offer free updates for every product you purchase.

Apart from all these customer support centric features, they are also working on bringing latest web features into their products. Most of the themes offered at the store are made responsive so that they work on almost any computing device. They are also offered cross-browser compatibility, and many other features, which are indicated right on the landing page of the individual theme.


Purchasing options


There are two options offered by the Mojo Themes for customers in order to buy a product. You can either pay directly for the theme you finalised or you can pay using their ‘Deposit Money’ feature. The first option is pretty straight, but the second one can help you get discount.

With every transaction done using the second option, customers get $2 OFF straight. But, it is recommended that you opt this option only if you wish to be a regular buyer at this theme store. That’s because, you can only deposit $10, $20, $30, $40, $50, $75, or $100 in there.

Now, if you are purchasing a theme priced $45, then you need to deposit $50, and thus an amount will remain unused. So, if you are not in the mood to buy another product any soon, then it is recommended to go with the direct payment option.


For Sellers and Affiliates


Till now, all we discussed was for the buyers. Now, if you are a seller, then working with Mojo Themes to sell your product is simple.

Creating an account is simple, and then within the Dashboard area, you will find an option to upload the product you wish to sell. Those will be listed in the store, after completing a bunch of formalities and you will start receiving a commission of 50% for each sale.

The good thing over here is that, once the number of sale increases, the commission amount also increases, and you can earn up to 80%, once your product is sold over 15k+ times.

There are also few unique features offered by the platform like you can create a team online and start working on a project. For example, if you are just a coder, then you can team up with a designer and together you can create a desirable product. The commission is automatically split between team members by the platform.

For affiliates, signing up for an account is a piece of cake, and that remains same for creating affiliate links. Once your campaign kickstarts, you will be earning 30% straight commission on every sale. The best thing here is that Mojo Themes has its own affiliate system, rather than relying on any third party one.




If you are finding a theme or template which is perfectly suiting the requirements at your end, then you shouldn’t hesitate in buying it. Mojo Themes is a genuine theme store and it offers all standard features as of any other store.

That’s it guys! Do let me know if you have any other doubts. Also, if you have been their customer, or going to be, then do share your experience in the discussion section below.

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