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Looking for a coupon code for RocketTheme?

You have come to the right place as we will offer the best possible coupon code/promo code for RocketThemes.

You can also go forward and check a mini review at the bottom of the article to know what RocketTheme has to offer.


You may be guessing, are their themes good? We will try to find it today. If you don’t know anything about RockeTheme, they are a US based company offering Joomla, WordPress, and other platform themes.

They are mainly focused on Joomla themes and a frontrunner in that aspect. But, they are also somewhat focused on WordPress themes. The WordPress themes are released monthly and have less frequency than that of the Joomla themes.

They offer great club membership option that I must say is great for having the maximum benefit from the services they have to offer.

New RocketTheme Coupon Codes for 2016

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How to use your RocketTheme Coupon codes?

RocketTheme currently offers four basic club membership packages. I will go through them briefly so that you know which one to buy.

  • WordPress Basic for $44 — Contains 3 months membership and 1 site licenses
  • WordPress Standard for $59 — Contains 6 months membership and 2 site licenses
  • WordPress Plus for $74 — Contains 12 months membership and 3 site licenses
  • WordPress Developer for $262 — Contains 12 months membership for unlimited site licenses.

If you ask me, I will prefer WordPress basic if the requirement is one site creation. The most useful license for a little more demand is WordPress Plus for $74. It offers 12 months membership and 3 site licenses.

And, if you are a company or a developer and is looking to serve your clients with great themes, WordPress Developer is for you. It has 12 months membership and unlimited site licenses.

All the above packages contain amazing WordPress plugins for free. Regular updates, access to image source files and support forum access are also part of any package you pick.

If you are already familiar with the website layout, you can skip to the next step.

For those who are new, go to the WordPress join page. You will see the package listed there in the table.1-package

Click on any of the above packages that you want to purchase. After clicking on the “add to cart” package, you will be directed to the below page.


Click on the “I have a promotional code”. Copy and paste any of the above coupon code and press the arrow sign provided as shown below.


Once done, your discount will be applied. Now, all you need to do is accept the terms of service, create an account and proceed to the payment to complete the purchase.

Congratulation, you are a proud owner of the RocketThemes service!

Now, it is time to know RocketThemes more closely.

RocketThemes Review

RocketThemes is a well know WordPress/Joomla theme providers. They have kept a good name for themselves in the industry, and their packages do look great.

They are also active in Magneto and Drupal theme development. Moreover, they also do some phpBB3 development. Other than theme development, they also provide plugin development and offer premium support for their themes and plugins.

RocketThemes uses Gantry framework to do all their theme work for WordPress. Gantry is known for its dashboard features and hence all the themes will have a great dashboard for easy customization.


All the theme developed by RocketThemes are appealing. They are quite good, but not as good as you may want it to. There are other WordPress theme developers, who are better at making WordPress themes.

But, don’t get me wrong. They are worth the price you pay. Most of the themes are minimalistic in nature and carries an impact.

All the themes are responsive and adhere with the current web development standards.

Currently, they offer more than 40+ themes. Few of the themes are free, and new themes are added every month.

Dashboard and Customization

The use of Gantry framework has provided all the customization that you may desire in the first place. The first place you that will catch your attention is the dashboard. Gantry framework is well-known for the dashboard features and you will surely love the ease with which the theme options can be accessed and changed on the fly.

Options such as color customization, responsive design switch option, and other important options are available within the theme options.

Widget and shortcode support are also integrated and this will also ease the customization of the theme.


You get access to 9 free WordPress plugins. The plugins are more focused on creating value for the RocketTheme owners. All of the plugins are free and you can grab all of them without purchasing any club membership.

Check out the plugins here.

Pros of RocketTheme

  • The club membership packages are great. They are fairly price and offer a lot of values.
  • The themes use Gantry Framework, which is praised for the dashboard options and ease of customization.
  • All the themes are responsive and adhere to the latest web development standards.

Cons of RocketTheme

  • Many users had problems working with Gantry Framework.
  • Server requirement are high.
  • The name of themes are confusing and are not well structured.


I am really in love with what RocketThemes has to offer. The use of Gantry framework brings both the positives and negatives, but I will not complain because of their package costs.

So, which club membership you choose? Comment below and let us know. We are eager to know how you will use RocketThemes service in your business.

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