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The blogging world has just bigger than the sky as millions of people are choosing this as their line of career and why they shouldn’t, this line has huge potential in money-making and getting yourself on the web as well. Now, it’s true that millions of domains get registered in a month, but only a few among that pool survives to stay afloat in today’s cut-throat competition. Well, I believe it’s very hard to survive, but to maximize your chances, you’ve got to be very effective with your presentation and that can be done by selecting a right theme for your blog according to the niche you’re working under.

Although, there are n number of options available in the market, but not all of them fits to your requirements. So what options you’re left with? Well, I’d say a lot! And, one of the most effective among all is Tesla Themes. Let’s just discuss it in detail.

Tesla Themes: An Overview

Tesla Themes are very popular in the market with their every niche theme, Tesla foundation framework and a lot features. These themes are very easy to work as the admin panel has been designed to offer the utmost ease to users. Here below are some more details that why should one go with the Tesla Themes.

Themes and Affordability

The very first thing which we talk about while thinking to purchase a theme is its price and usability. Now, the options you’ve got with Tesla themes are very effective as they could be the companion of bloggers, corporate agencies, freelances, business firms and others. The themes are multi-purpose as well, so in case you change your niche, you don’t have to buy another one.

Coming to the price, you can buy a Tesla theme for as low as US $ 29 instead of spending hundreds of dollars on them. They come with many effective features as well and let you customize your website’s look the way you want it.

Best-in-World Support

One more thing that rookies importantly look for while purchasing a theme is the support team’s response and time taken to solve the issues. Well folks, you’re at the right place if you’re too looking for a theme provider who offers 24×7 support to their customers.

Tesla has a great team of individuals who are highly skilled in their field of interest and rescue you from every bogged down situation. The company also monitors the time taken in solving each issue raised by the customer and has a comprehensive FAQ section to solve most of the issues in quick time.

You Get the Free Updates

Once a theme gets released, it gets time to time updates to further improve the working experience of the user. Now, if you’ve subscribed to the Tesla Themes, then you’ll get all the offers and update notification in your mail-box directly without going anywhere. Also, if you think that mails are starting to annoy you, then you can any time unsubscribe it as well.

And, I guess you know all the perks of using a new version theme as it has many new features to make your website look god and helping you to get achieve better results than your competitors.

A Complete guide to Set Up

While trying to install a theme on your blog, many people get confused even the professionals get it wrong sometimes. Now, it is very important to have a manual which can tell us the step-by-step installation procedure of the theme and Tesla just does that with its rich documentation.

There is always a step-by-step guide available for you to set up your theme and you can always contact customer care, if any issues stay there though.

Customization Everywhere

As I mentioned above that the Tesla themes are very famous for its Tesla Framework and thus offers a lot of customization to make the website look the way you want it. There is this easy to use administration panel, which has every option to tweak the website as per your requirements.

With the customization options available, you’re able to customize background colors, social media icons, post looks, home page, contact form, about us and everything else you can imagine. Now, that’s a lot of options to work around! Isn’t it?

And, a lot more!

Well, the talk just doesn’t end here as there are many more features you get with the Tesla Themes and here goes the list.

  • Many themes have the Child Themes option available with them.
  • The SEO tools are also included in many of the themes.
  • There is always some offer available while buying to get you the best deal in the market.
  • You get many features for free like revolution slider and others as the freebie.
  • The price of the themes is very cost-effective to the pocket if compared to the other options available.
  • You can also buy more than one theme in a package, which will cost you less overall.
  • Also, as they are multi-purpose, one theme could do many tasks or cover many niches for you.

I think these points are enough to make anyone run for the Tesla Themes. What’d you say?

Final Overview

Well, I do agree with the point that there are many theme providers available in the market, but I bet that only a few of them have the features to comply with the needs of one. Now, as discussed above, the Tesla Themes look like very decent option with the features it has, fit-to-pocket pricing, customization, support team and many more features as well. I guess everybody who is out there looking for a theme, should try this option out at least once before deciding over it.

Also, if you’re already using Tesla Themes or have used it in the past or after using it once, we would like to hear from you and you can always drop by to say a hello too. And, if you have any question for us, we’re more than happy to help you with the answers.

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