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Amazing Free Drag and Drop Page Builder WordPress Plugins 2021

Let’s assume that your budget doesn’t allow you to hire professional web developers. Don’t fall into despair! An effective solution exists! Keep in mind that WordPress platform makes it possible for you to create great-looking and fully functional sites without coding skills.

First and foremost, you need to pick a good WordPress theme for your site. Then, you have to setup a WordPress site. After that, you should customize your site for your business needs. The reality is customizing a WordPress theme can be a very challenging task.

Drag and Drop page builder WordPress plugins have been designed to make it easy for you to customize your WordPress theme for any of your needs. You’ll be able to make changes to your WordPress site without coding skills.
In this blog, you’ll be able to find the most amazing free drag and drop page builder WordPress plugins. We’ll review each of Drag & Drop page builder WP plugins and describe their key features in detail. And of course, this will help you make a smart choice!

Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Page Builder by SiteOrigin is that plugin that will impress you with its easy to use interface. So, it will not take you too long to figure out how this WP plugin works. With this WordPress plugin, you’ll be able to create responsive content on your website fast and easy. You need to know that the plugin comes with all the standard widgets. That means that you’ll be able to pick the necessary widget during the website creation process very quickly. Page Builder by SiteOrigin also comes with such a great feature as live editing. So, if you make any changes on your site you’ll be able to see them instantly. Above all, the plugin has row and widget styles that allow you to control content on your WordPress site easily. However, the most important thing is that Page Builder by SiteOrigin is a free Drag & Drop builder WordPress plugin.

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Elementor Page Builder

This WordPress plugin offers endless opportunities to those who would like to create beautiful page designs. You’ll definitely like the plugin’s advanced capabilities. Elementor Page Builder comes with many great features including an easy to use interface as well as instant live edit and instant page load. The plugin also comes with over 100 pre-designed templates and over 300 blocks (such as call to action, services, testimonials and many others). Among the other plugin’s features are: custom fonts, blog post layout widget, image & video sliders, animated headlines, role manager and many others.

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Page Builder Sandwich

Page Builder Sandwich is another great free Drag & Drop WP plugin. The plugin itself is very user friendly, so you’ll be able to figure out how it works quickly. With Page Builder Sandwich, you’ll find it easy to add like buttons as well as text boxes and images to your website. It’s a great idea to use the plugin for creating landing pages as well. The plugin comes with live editing feature. That means that you’ll get an exciting opportunity to see changes on a website in real time. Page Builder Sandwich will allow you to change colors and sizes of your page layout fast and easy. Among the plugin’s key features are: 10 templates, over 1700 vector icons, over 600 shortcodes, pixel-perfect vector icons and others.

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Aqua Page Builder

Aqua Page Builder is a feature-rich Drag & Drop page builder plugin for WordPress. The plugin is likely to impress you with its highly intuitive and user friendly interface. It’s pretty easy to integrate the plugin with WordPress admin interface. With the plugin you’ll be able to create as many reusable templates as you need. You’ll never find it hard to build pages with such a wonderful plugin as Aqua Page Builder.

MiniMax – Page Layout Builder

MiniMax is a WordPress plugin that has everything that’s needed to create beautiful pages as well as blocks on a website. It will take you a few minutes only to create a landing page with MiniMax plugin. Plus, you’ll be able to import your layout to another site quickly.

Page Builder by WooRockets

This amazing WP plugin can be used both for building posts and pages. If you take advantage of Page Builder by WooRockets, you’ll be able to create your own pages on a website. The plugin also comes with Drag & Drop management feature. This feature allows you to develop a menu on a WordPress site fast and easy. With Page Builder by WooRockets, you’ll find it easy to add content list, promotion box, pricing table, progress bar and other elements to your page or post. The plugin also has plenty room for customization. You’ll be able to customize images as well as text and colors with Page Builder by WooRockets. Among other plugin’s features are: live preview and spotlight filter.

Thank you so much for reading this article. We’ve just provided you with the list of amazing free Drag and Drop page builder plugins for WordPress. Use these WP plugins to customize your site’s layout in the best possible without coding skills! Best of luck!

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