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With each iPhone, Apple is redefining colors and phone experience, the new iPhone comes with high definition, retina display with dual domain pixels. iPhones are no more just phones; they are almost like a cult. People wait for the release of the new iPhone and book in advance. They are almost a way of life for its followers. We bring you 30 beautiful iPhone wallpapers that are specially designed for the iPhone. We know how much you love your iPhone and want the best for it.

Wallpapers brighten up your phone, they could also be a message to you every time you look at your phone. There is no dearth of options of beautiful iPhone wallpapers, whether you want nature related wallpaper or an illustration or retro-style wallpapers, we’ve got everything covered for you. I have rounded up a collection of 30+ beautiful iPhone Wallpapers for your iPhone.

Only a few products or services have managed to generate the type of hype that the iPhone brand has. Its large multi-screen and beautiful designs are irresistible. While the interface is perfectly designed, users want to add something more in it to suit their style, profession, and personality and to further make this masterpiece more beautiful.

Here we have proudly presented the most beautiful iPhone wallpapers, perfectly designed by the most creative and finest creative artists around the globe. The beautiful iPhone wallpapers are about 320×480 pixels when it comes to the resolution and can also be used on iPod Touch. In this blog, we have covered space, abstract, apple wallpapers, artwork and illustrations, vintage and retro, nature and typography. All these images can be clicked and will redirect you to the source. The good news is that we can further explore additional artistic treasures and more apple wallpapers through these links.

Beautiful iPhone Wallpapers


Brain Illustration Typography HD Wallpaper

Brain Illustration Typography Wallpaper

This brain illustration typography wallpaper is fresh and quirky; it is perfect for those who love typographic wallpapers.

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Han Solo Typography Wallpaper

Han Solo Typography Wallpaper iphone

This typography wallpaper has the image of Han Solo made with the type using the dialogue “Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.”, if you’re a star wars fan, this is perfect for you.

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Ice-berg Typography Wallpaper


This is a beautiful typographic wallpaper with a brilliant use of type and colors to bring the message across.

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Smile Quotes Typography Wallpaper HD Background

Smile Quotes Typography Wallpaper

This is a minimalist and attractive wallpaper with a smile made with a beautiful quote.

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Nature iPhone Wallpapers

Beautiful Alpine Lake iPhone6 Wallpaper

Beautiful alpine lake iPhone 6 Wallpapers

This alpine lake wallpaper is breathtaking with the glint of sunlight on top of the mountain, if you like the calmness of nature, you’d love this wallpaper.

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Nature Sunlight Weed iPhone Wallpaper

beautiful iPhone wallpapers

This wallpaper has a very bright feel with sunlight falling on the plant and making it glow and appear golden.

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Snowy Mountains iPhone Wallpaper

landscrap for iphone

This wallpaper of the beautiful sky and mountain merging into one another is beautiful and will look brilliant on your phone.

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Macro Photography Plant Water Bubble iPhone 6 wallpaper


This is a stunning image of a plant in a water bubble with lovely bokeh effect, if you love nature, this is a perfect wallpaper for your iPhone.

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Fall iPhone Wallpaper


If you want a wallpaper to go with the fall season, this is the perfect one for you. The wallpaper is a close-up of maple leaves falling and the sunlight, adding to the charm.

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Malaysia Cameron Highlands Wallpaper

beautiful iPhone wallpapers

If you love green, you’d love this image of Cameron Highlands with lovely hues of green and golden yellow.

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Macro Dandelions iPhone 6 Plus Wallpaper


This is a brilliant macro image of beautiful dandelions; this wallpaper almost looks surreal.

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Gold Seawave Sunset iPhone Wallpaper

beautiful iPhone wallpapers

This beautiful wallpaper with sunset falling on the sea waves, making it sparkle like gold, it has a beautiful boken effect too.

Full Details & Download is not avaible

White Flowers iPhone wallpaper

flower background

This is a beautiful wallpaper with those stunning white flowers, perfect for nature lovers.

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Dark Dew Morning Leafy Grass Landscape iPhone 6 wallpaper


This is such a beautiful image of dew on a leafy grass with lovely bokeh effect; the wallpaper will look great on your home screen.

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Vintage Wallpapers

Volkswagen Beetle iPhone Wallpaper


If you like Beetle, there is no reason you wouldn’t want this vintage wallpaper on your iPhone.

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Books Vintage iPhone Wallpaper

beautiful iPhone wallpapers

iPhone 5 wallpaper

This is a beautiful vintage wallpaper of books, those old books with worn out corners make such a pretty sight, dream of book lovers.

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Feel The Nostalgia iPhone Wallpaper

tumblr_retro wallpaper

Feel the nostalgia is beautifully illustrated wallpaper with all the favorite things from the past.

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Vintage New York City Aerial View iPhone5 Wallpaper

Vintage New York City Aerial View iPhone 5 Wallpaper

This New York City wallpaper is features a view of city’s skyscrapers, perfect for those who love this city.

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London Red Buses iPhone Wallpaper

London street wallpaper

The charm of London is depicted beautifully in the vintage pic, perfect if you like London or those iconic red buses.

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Illustration & Artwork Wallpapers

Cupcake Cooking Illustration Wallpaper for iPhone 5


This cupcake cooking illustration wallpaper is cute, ideal for all those who love cupcakes or have a sweet tooth.

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Cool CtaiPhone Wallpaper

Cool Cat with glasses backgorund

This is a really cool wallpaper with the cat wearing those funky glasses, perfect wallpaper who likes cool stuff.

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Hipster Owl Wallpaper

Owl iphone background

This hipster owl wallpaper is quite stylish and quirky; this is the perfect wallpaper if you love owl illustrations.

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Mickey Mouse Illustration Wallpaper

Mouse with starbucks wallpaper

This Mickey Mouse illustration is fun and quirky with the artist creating Mickey Mouse in the busy city streets with coffee in one hand and phone in another.

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Iron Man iPhone 6 Plus Wallpaper

beautiful iPhone wallpapers

This is a quirky illustration of the iron man featuring Robert Downy.Jr, this wallpaper is perfect for fans of the iron man series.

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Keep Calm iPhone Wallpaper

Keep calm and iPhone-6-Plus-wallpaper

If you love your sleep a lot, you’d love this quirky wallpaper with those quotes and illustration.

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Cool Giraffe iPhone Wallpaper

Giraffe with glasses

This stylish wallpaper is designed by Le-piu-belle, the giraffes look uber cool with those sunglasses.

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Abstract Wallpaper

iPhone6s Abstract Wallpaper HD


This abstract wallpaper has bright colors and brilliant use of shapes to create this texture.

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Cloudy Ink Smoke Paint Art iPhone 6 wallpaper


The wallpaper is beautifully created artwork, it is so neat that it doesn’t appear like paint, the smoke, brilliant use of strokes to create the cloudy effect.

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Abstract Lion Beautiful iPhone Wallpaper HD


The abstract artwork on the lion is quite attractive and intense and with so many colors it is sure to make your screen brighter.

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Cute sugar iPhone 6 / 6s / 6s Plus wallpapers HD

sweet iphone-6s-wallpaper

The colored sugar looks exquisite, almost like a texture, if you like bright wallpapers, this is perfect for your phone.

Full Details & Download is not avaible

Rope Black &White iPhone wallpaper

rope wallpaper

The simple rope looks breathtaking in this image. The clear image of the rope in the foreground and out of focus in the background has created a beautiful image.

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Wrapping Up

I hope you like the collection of handpicked, high definition, good quality and beautiful iPhone wallpapers. Let us know in the comments below if you use from the collection. Feel free to leave your suggestions and feedback, we would love to hear from you.

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