97+ Best Free High Resolution Wood Textures

Are you looking for the Best Seamless High-Quality Wood Textures? Then you are in luck as we have compiled an attractive list of the wood textures. These wood textures can be used in any project of your liking. Some of the shared wood textures are available for certain background and at a different resolution. They are used for many purpose including graphic designing, website background and much more. With these high-quality textures, you are free to give the right element focus and improve the overall aesthetics of the website.

Today, we will go through the best high-res wood textures. Wood is one of the most beautiful parts of our nature. They are diversified in nature and brings the right tone to the eyes. So, why we choose high-quality wood textures? The first reason is the sole purpose of providing textures that can work for any project for the web designers. The other reason is its beauty and ability to make the visitor mesmerized over its beauty.

High-quality wood textures are also needed to improve the overall esthetics of the website. Users that visit the website look for useful content, but they are also hooked to the look and feel of the website. There are chances that users or visitors will not come back even if they find the content useful. Having a great environment for your website is a very important factor for the site growth and its popularity.

The wood textures can be of any color and pattern and here lies the magic of using the High-Quality Wood Textures. You can also rotate these textures in your project or as the website background and provide another immersive experience for the visitors.

Best Seamless High-Quality Wood Textures

1. Wood Texture Patterns

A complete package of 15 seamless high-quality Wood Textures. The resolution of the textures is 1024 x 1024, and it can fit the bill for any project. Different types of wood types are included in the collection.


2. 45 Wood Textures

These wood textures have light tone. The images are JPEG in nature and are compressed together so that you do not have to download each jpg one by one. The resolution of the textures is 1280 x 960, which can easily suffice for many people.


3. Wood Uncut

Another great collection of 10 seamless textures of uncut wood. All the textures are available at 1024 x 1024 resolution. This collection is made available by borysses.



4. Wood Grain

A simple seamless wood texture that you can use in your project.


5. Old Wood

Another great collection by borysess. All the seamless textures are available for 1024 x 1024 px. The images are packed in the RAR file.


6. Painted Wood

Borysess doesn’t really want to go away. He has excellent seamless high-quality wood textures. Painted wood is another collection of 10 seamless textures. All of the textures are high-quality and have a resolution of 1024 x 1024.

7. Wood Textures

These high-quality seamless wood textures are available in two separate file.


8. Wood Rays

A very high-resolution seamless wood texture that you can use to. The Wood Rays is made available by YC and is available at a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels.


9. Dark Wood

A unique seamless wooden pattern. The pattern is available in different resolution including 2560 x 1600, 1920 x 1080 and others. The pack also have backgrounds of iPhone 4, iPad variations.


10. Wood Floor

Looking for simple high texture seamless wood texture? Then Wood Floor is for you. A high resolution is available through DeviantArt.


11. Wood Planks Texture

The texture can be used for 3D mapping. Download it by right-click and save as.


12. Rear Wood Texture

The rear wood texture is available through Flickr. It is high quality and can be used in different graphic designing projects.

13. Stressed Wood

This amazing texture is from real photography and is uploaded by Trablex on DeviantArt. This amazing texture looks great and is one of my favorite.


14. Brusheezy Seamless Wood Texture

A pack of six free seamless Wood texture for your project. The textures are packed within a RAR folder which is easy to download.


Wrap Up

We discussed and listed the best seamless high-quality Wood Textures. They are hand-picked and can be used in any of your graphic designing projects. Web designers and webmasters can also use the high-quality wood textures for their personal projects and websites, special blog — creating a soothing environment for the visitors.

The seamless wood textures are perfect for any project you choose for. Some of the packs that are discussed here have variations in terms of resolution and usage. For example, few of the textures can be easily used in iPad or iPhone projects. The usages of the textures shared today are unlimited and depends on the scope of the project.

The list is composed of both original photography and creations using the graphic designing tools. The real photographs are more vibrant than the created ones.

Collecting all the amazing seamless wood textures was a lot of fun for me. But, It would be great if you share the article with your friends and share the love.

Also, comment on which texture is your favorite. You can also choose to link any texture pack in the comment if you think it is worthy of being on the list. We will update the list accordingly.

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