21+ Creative Autumn Wallpapers 2021

Autumn is the season that marks the transition from summer into winter, also known as the Fall. Autumn is that time of the year when nature gives a shower of its beauty, everything it had saved the entire year. It is astonishing to see that the dead leaves look so beautiful and the way they dance in the wind. Autumn is the season of bright colors, cold evenings by the fireside and everything beautiful. And, what better way to welcome autumn than to change your autumn wallpapers for the season.

Free Autumn Wallpapers

Autumn wallpapers can be used when decorating your machine especially when you want it to match with the color of your room. This comes with colored rivers, pumpkins, mountains and fall leaves which makes your screen appear so beautiful. You can use your gadgets to download autumn wallpapers and carry amazing images anywhere you wish to go.
Currently, there are many available autumn wallpapers, this includes, free Halloween and free thanksgiving wallpapers. You can get free festive autumn wallpapers only by searching them from websites with the best free autumn wallpapers. If you are bored, you can engage yourself with their fall computer fonts.

Wallpapers are a great source of positivity and happiness for so many of us, nobody likes looking at a blank screen when we open our desktop or when we unlock our phones. These autumn wallpapers will remind you of everything you love about autumn and set your mood for the season. I have compiled a collection of 21+ Creative Autumn Wallpapers for your devices.

The Colors of Autumn

Colors of Autumn

This is such an amazing photograph with the leaves captured beautifully, these unique leaves and the vibrant background makes it a great choice for your desktop or phone wallpaper.

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Beautiful Autumn Road Scenery

Beautiful autumn road scenery wallpapers

This is a beautiful autumn wallpaper, the road looks amazing with all the colors of autumn and fallen leaves on the sides. If you like warm colors and love autumn, this is the perfect wallpaper for your device.

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Autumn Waterfall

autumn waterfall wallpapers

A beautiful scenery, captured in Switzerland, this waterfall with the orange backdrop of autumn lends calmness to the eye. If you want wallpaper that exudes serenity, harmony and balance, this autumn wallpaper is the one for you.

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Creative broken autumn leaf


This is a creative autumn wallpaper with broken leaves flying off from a maple leaf, this high-definition wallpaper will look great for all devices including desktops.

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Autumn Wallpaper


Coffee, books and those bright flowers are all that will take to brighten up your mood every time you look at your screen.

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Nature Tress Autumn Leaves


This is a wonderfully captured image of big leaves and the sunshine falling on it, it looks picturesque. Who doesn’t want autumn like these?

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iPhone Autumn Leaves Wallpaper

Autumn Leaves iPhone 5s wallpaper

This iPhone wallpaper with autumn leaves looks stunning with the bokeh effect, you can use this wallpaper on your latest iPhone or iPad.

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Peanuts Autumn Wallpaper

autumn snoppy

If you love the comic illustration ‘Peanuts’ by Schulz, you’d love this wallpaper of snoopy sleeping on the dog house and the leaves falling on him.

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Hello Autumn

Hello Autumn wallpaper

What better way than welcoming autumn with this ‘Hello Autumn’ wallpaper on your screen if you’re a pumpkin lover. This is an awesome wallpaper with all the variety of pumpkin, perfect to cherish the autumn madness with this wallpaper.

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Enchanting Autumn

autumn leaf wallpaper

There is nothing more enchanting about autumn than the dried leaves about to dance in the wind. This is a beautiful photograph taken by Jon Cooper is the perfect wallpaper for your desktop, tablet or phone.

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Cozy Autumn Evenings

bonfire wallpaper

Nothing spells coziness as bonfire on autumn evenings, its lovely sitting by the fireside. If you love outdoors, bonfire, this is the wallpaper you need on your screen.

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Field Tree Leaves Autumn

autumn night wallpaper

This is a creative illustration of autumn, the tree without the leaves and the leaves falling and flying in the wind.

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Autumn Wallpaper


This is an autumn wallpaper with the dazzling bokeh effect, it is a brilliant photograph with bokeh effect of fields in the foreground and the tree looks splendid in the background amid the golden sky. If you like dusk, this is the ideal wallpaper for your desktop or phone.

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Fly Away Leaves Autumn


If you like creative pictures and want to welcome autumn in a beautiful way, this wallpaper with leaves flying away from a single leaf is the one that should be on your screen.

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Autumn Mist

autumn landscape wallpaper

Autumn mornings are also stunning, this particular photograph captures the beauty of mist in the autumn morning by the lake side. What a beautiful way to feel morning right when you open your laptop, tablet or phone. This is the perfect wallpaper for you if you like dawn images or if you love water.

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Autumn In a Cup

autumn in a cup

Autumn mornings, hot coffee and tree reflection in the cup. This is a brilliantly captured photograph of an autumn morning.

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Maple Orange Leaves

Dreamy Orange Maple Leaves In Autumn

This photograph of maple leaves is simply fascinating, if you like bright and beautiful things, this is the wallpaper for you.

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Autumn Wallpaper Desktop

autumn wallpapers Desktop

It is always tricky to capture rain and show the beauty in a photograph, these water droplets on dead leaves are creating magic. This is the perfect wallpaper if you like rain and colors of autumn.

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Autumn Forest Water Color Painting Wallpaper

Autumn Forest Water Color Painting Wallpaper

This autumn forest water color painting is undoubtedly the most beautiful autumn wallpaper, the painting describes everything that is autumn. It is a high-quality painting, you can use this wallpaper on your desktop or your phone as well.

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Art Illustration Wallpaper


This is yet another beautiful illustration of autumn, it signifies everything that autumn is; bright and beautiful. This is the perfect wallpaper for you if you love colorful and artsy stuff.

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Creative Autumn Wallpaper

Creative Autumn Wallpapers HD

This wallpaper is simple and yet so creative, a combination of leaves to form the word ‘Autumn’ and some of them flying to signify autumn. What a beautiful concept and amazing illustration, the wallpaper has a nice, warm appeal.

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iPhone Wallpaper Fall


Capturing falling leaves is one of the most beautiful and creative shots of autumn, the photographer has managed to take a stunning photograph. If this doesn’t excite you for autumn, then what?

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Wrapping Up

I hope you enjoyed this collection as much as I did creating it, these are some of the most creative and beautiful autumn wallpapers. Let us know if you loved the collection, leave your suggestions and feedback in the comments section below.

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