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30+ Creative Resume Designs for Inspiration

If you’re a designer and yet to make a huge name which doesn’t require job hunting, it’s likely that you would require a creative resume to land your next job. And everyone wants employers to take an interest in them, resume is a good opportunity to make your mark. A good resume design should be interesting, unique and should give out all the details about you in a precise manner.

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An artist or a designer is expected to wow the interviewer with their resume itself. To help you design your resume, I have compiled some of the most creative resume designs that I have come across. Infographic resume have become quite popular, they help you condense your resume down to the most relevant information in an interesting way. A lot of infographic resumes have made to the list, but some of the designs mentioned in the list are quite unconventional. I have rounded up 30+ creative resume designs for inspiration.

Super Mario resume

This fun, interactive resume by Robby Leonardi is the best of all in this collection, as you scroll down the menu hero takes a walk you through Loenardi’s profile, swims through his skills, climb to his work experience and finally float past the awards in the clouds. This interactive resume was also nominated for webby awards in 2014 in the self-promotion/portfolio category.


Package Design Resume

This is one of the most out of the box design in this collection, this unconventional cardboard package resume is designed by Samuel Profeta. He designed this resume while doing Graduate Diploma in Design Management, this was the part of the final project of the discipline ‘Creativity and Innovation’.

Curriculum Vitae/Resume

This simple and impressive infographic resume is designed by Ashley Spencer. The cover design is beautiful and engaging and the layers have all the information that an interviewer would require.



This resume is designed by Xiru and he has named it ‘Full of Vitamin Creativity’. The design is eye-catchy and full of energy, will certainly appeal to the hiring managers.


‘Top Secret’ Resume

This ‘Top Secret’ creative resume and job application is designed by Vidar Olufsen. He designed this after a design studio told him that he was ‘filed’ for later. So, he made a resume folder that was similar to the old, dusty folder cabinets. It is an awesome concept for self-promotion.


Chessboard Style Resume

This chessboard style monochrome design resume by Mikha Makhoul is nothing short of stunning. It is visually appealing with space for each category, the resume is balanced with plenty of negative space.


Infographic Resume

This infographic resume is designed by Chen Zhi Liang, the graphic designer infographic resume is certainly striking with a minimal approach.


My Resume by Gabriel Ghnassia

This infographic resume by Gabriel Ghnassia, an art director based in France is eye-catching. The resume is minimal yet gives out all the necessary information.


Rei’s Resume

This resume has a nice floral background texture and the designer has used the spotlight effect to give a stunning effect to the backdrop.


CV – Take a look inside

This folded resume is designed by Amber Van Mieghem, the resume is creative and compact giving out all the necessary details. As you open the leaflet, there are categories for her skills, work experience and more. The photograph of Amber in this resume gives it a personal touch.


Curriculum Vitae

This resume set along with the business card and portfolio is designed by Noemi Bugli, it is a brilliant piece of craftsmanship. This resume set is nothing less than a work of art with all the parts connected by the sewn red line.


Personal Resume

This personal resume by John Mujica is creative, although the font is not legible at few places. It is always a good idea to do the unique as with this designer who came up with round resume.


Resume – CV and Portfolio

This resume and portfolio set by Egotype deserves a mention on this list for its creativity and uniqueness. It is a brilliant idea to integrate your picture on your resume, your image behind the colored screen will add a personal touch without hogging the limelight.


Newspaper Style Resume

This newspaper style resume is designed by Anton Yermolov. The resume is brilliantly presented with the use of colors and icons to define the skills, interests, work experience and more.


Google Map Resume

This creative Google Map resume is designed by London based copywriter Ed Hamilton, he mapped his resume when he ran out of work. The resume includes colorful pins that work as placemakers, accompanied by elucidative texts.


Infographic CV

This infographic CV by Ana Lourenco is brilliantly designed, creative resume with great use of colors. The back design, the business card and the envelopes showcase her designing abilities to her potential clients.


Illustrated Personal Portfolio



This illustrated personal portfolio is designed by Lucia Paul, the designer has intricately doodled all the pages in the book including the front cover. Packed full of adorable illustrations showcasing her work, any agency would be delighted to receive such a resume.


Envelope Resume

This creative resume by Zi Huan Shen folds up as an envelope, it is visually appealing with brilliant concept. The designer has used textures and colors to make the resume more interesting and worth a look.


Vintage Resume Package

Artist Brian Moose created this vintage resume package specially for Pixar. No wonder the guys at Pixar were delighted to receive this creative package, he could not land a job as his skill set did not match the job criteria but he made some good connections there. The film transport case, sketchbook with illustrations, clippings on favorite quotes on creativity made this resume extraordinary.


Infographic Curriculum Vitae

This infographic resume is designed by Leonardo Perez, this resume is quite quirky with the illustrations. The idea to visually describe personality skills and career history is genius, the designer has made brilliant use of colors.


Server Resume

The resume creative resume is designed by Andy. There is nothing better than using waiter’s notepad in a resume for getting a job as a waiter.


Infographic Resume

This infographic Resume is designed by Diana Ovezea, the resume is sparsely illustrative yet gives out all the necessary information to the employer. I’m not a big fan of the design personally, but maybe something here will inspire an idea.


Inspiring CV

This beautiful resume is designed by Mikaila Barber, the resume is simple yet has a creative approach.


Subway Map Resume

This subway map resume is designed by Jonathan Kaczynski, this resume is quite unique and the designer has used different lines for the various categories.


Old-Newspaper Style Resume

This old-newspaper style resume is designed by Chuck.D.Lay, this Louisiana based designer found an impressive way to demonstrate his skills to the employers.


Self Promotion and CV

This Self Promotion and CV is designed by Martin Zarian, the set includes a promotion letter, portfolio and resume. This minimalist resume is impressive with shapes and design and the use of colors gives it an artistic feel.


Splash Resume

This unique resume is designed by Nicholas Shifflett, the designer has cleverly used paint splash which makes it worthy of attention.


Cool Resume

This bright and creative resume and cover letter is visually unique and will easily help you land in interviews. The template is worth the mention in this list, it allows you to communicate all the necessary details in a precise manner.


Graphic Designer Resume


If you have lots of information to fit in one package, take some inspiration from Lenka Kubisova’s resume.


Wrapping Up

We hope that you like the collection as much as we did preparing it and we hope it helps you inspire to design your next resume. Feel free to share your feedback and suggestions in the comments below. Also, if you like our effort, help spread it so that others also get inspired from the collection.

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