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31+ Best Desktop Wallpapers with Inspiring Quotes

Looking for the best Desktop wallpapers with inspiring quotes? We know how much you use your desktop and laptops, there is nothing like a great wallpaper to motivate you. We all set goals for ourselves, but we tend to get discouraged due to the hardships we face in our day to day life. One of the best ways is to see something inspirational which can rekindle your faith and boost you to continue your efforts. In my opinion, wallpapers with inspiring quotes are the best way to get your daily dose of inspiration.

Installing Wallpapers with Inspiring Quotes on your desktop is a top necessity, especially for those using the Best Free Smoke Fonts For Designers. This is because of the times when you are in dire need of something inspirational and a cool wallpaper will do exactly that. It will offer you some form of encouragement when you are feeling overwhelmed by circumstances. You will also like the Best Desktop Wallpapers with Inspiring Quotes.

Why Choose Wallpapers With Inspiring Quotes

Today, many people use laptops and computers. Essentially, there are millions of people who spend their time in front of their computer screens.

Everyone needs some form of relaxation and if the wallpapers with inspiring quotes on your desktop are quite appealing to display beautiful photos, stunning images of nature and pictures of different things.

Feeling the amazing pleasure of looking into attractive pictures of the wallpapers with inspiring quotes and also feel the inspiration and motivation brought by the quotes that are present in such wallpapers.

I have sifted through hundreds of wallpapers with inspiring quotes to round up some of the most inspirational and moving wallpapers. We always bring stuff that you would love, we have already shared 24+ Best High Definition Windows 10 Wallpapers for Your Desktop, 30+ beautiful iPhone wallpapers, 16+ Best Tumblr Blogs to download awesome wallpaper images, now we’re sharing with you 31+ best desktop wallpapers with Inspiring quotes. Do not forget to check out the Best Free Ambigram Generators and Amazing Examples.

Motivational Quote Wallpaper

wallpapers with inspiring quotes

wallpapers with inspiring quotes

This is a quote from the movie “The Weather Man”, wise words to stay motivated in life.

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wallpapers with inspiring quotes

A beautiful quote that reminds us of the reality of life and prepares us to look forward.

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Adventure and Routine

wallpapers with inspiring quotes

A thought-provoking quote from the famous author ‘Paulo Coelho’, he inspires to do beyond the routine.

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I Can & I Will

wallpapers with quotes

A minimalistic wallpaper that will inspire you to do your best.

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Motivational Quotes Wallpaper for Desktop and Smartphone

wallpapers with quotes

An inspirational quote by ‘Les Brown’ to aim higher and you’d end up with something.

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inspirational quotes Desktop Wallpaper

Beautiful lines by “Jimi Hendrix’ that sums up the complexities of love and its power.

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Do It Immediately

inspirational quotes Desktop Wallpaper

This is more of a typography design by Matisse Lin, but it is a powerful quote that will inspire you do get up and finish your tasks.

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Make It Happen

inspirational quotes Desktop Wallpaper

This wallpaper has a bold and clean design with a powerful message; it is among the most popular wallpapers.

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A Smile Is The Best Make-Up

quotes Desktop Wallpaper

A beautiful quote from ‘Marlyn Monroe’ for all the girls out there, now you know what to wear always.


inspirational quotes Desktop Wallpaper

This is one of the powerful quotes with a profound meaning; it is one of the most downloaded wallpapers of the list.

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Power Lies In Imagination

An inspirational quote by ‘J.K Rowling’ is all you need today to feel the magic lies within you, the magic to change the world.

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Just Breathe


Sometimes all you need to do is just that ‘just breathe’ and relax, do your bit and not worry about the outcome.

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Walt Disney wallpaper quote

We love the pattern created with type, and it comes together to focus on the word ‘dream’ and the power of ideas.

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This wallpaper has beautiful design with a focus on the word ‘choice’ and ‘change’ to bring across the point.

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A beautiful image with an inspirational message, we open many doors by keeping our mind open.

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Make Time to Create

Make Time To Create

I like the fact that handwritten typography is used on the chalkboard to bring across the message that create something with your hands is not only fun but enriching too.

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Motivational Futuristic Quote


The wallpaper has a brilliant design with black background, and the message is loud and clear, it shows the importance of the present for a better future.

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Stand for Something

martin luther king quote

This is one gem of a line from Martin Luther King Jr, words to live by in life.

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Change your Thinking

Albert Einstein Quote wallpaper

Einstein gives the wisest advice about life with this quote, and the wallpaper is designed to nicely with the image of Einstein in a thoughtful pose.

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explore poster

This is a brilliant wallpaper that will make you pack your bags and take that trip that you have been postponing for months. Sometimes a single word is enough to make that impact.

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Finish What your Start

finish poster

It is critical to finish what you start before you leap onto another task; the wallpaper has a great design that compliments the quote.

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You Must Be The Change


What a wonderful piece of inspiration from Gandhi, until we change ourselves, we can’t expect it from others.

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Yeah right, totally! This could be one of the most impactful motivational quotes that will help you do better and aim higher.

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Dream Job


It is so important to stick to your dream and your job as well until your dream job becomes your reality.

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Just Do It

Nike wallpaper

Haven’t we all experienced this at some point in life? It’s time to stop procrastinating and work towards our goal.

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Motivational Quote of Bruce Lee

Motivational Quote Of Bruce Lee

The fear of failure has destroyed many dreams; it is important to take that leap of faith and follow our dreams.

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Everybody is a Genius


Wise words from the genius himself, we all can be good at something. We should focus on our strengths and not compare ourselves with others.

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Believe in Yourself


Nobody knows your dreams, abilities and convictions as you do, believe in yourself even when nobody does. The world will stand with you when you hold onto your goals.

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Creative Motivational Wallpaper

Remain in the game

One of the best strategies of winning is never to give up and stay in the game. You always have a chance to win.


opportunity poster

If you ask me, they are words to live by. Not always life will favor you with opportunities, sometimes you have to build one.

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Short Inspirational Quotes

Short Inspirational Quotes

This is an inspirational quote wallpaper to keep you focused towards your goal and inspires you to strive for it.

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A Journey of Thousand Miles


A quote from ‘Lao Tzu’ that we have heard numerous times, but it is enough to motivate us to take the first step towards our goal.

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Oscar Wilde Quote

oscar wilde

Are you searching for smart inspiration backgrounds, look no further! Oscar Wilde is what you have been looking for. This is one of the most fascinating quotes for wallpapers that you will find.



Besides encouraging you on what you must do to get through the life journey, this is a great quote for any business owner who might be feeling discouraged by the tough economic times. Also, this quote encourages you to work much harder.

Prove Them Wrong

prove them wrong

Regardless of the times, people will try to citizen you, the best form of revenge you can have is to prove them wrong. This quote is encouraging, especially to people being castigated by others because of reasons that they cannot justify at the moment. This is a great wallpaper for any person who is currently working with the resistance.

Past, Future & Present

future past

Are you feeling depressed? Then it is highly likely that you are still living in the past. On the other hand, in case you are feeling anxious, it is highly likely you are living in the future. This is one of the most underrated inspiration wallpapers to encourage people to live in the present including those that are looking for Free Asphalt Textures for Designers.

Malcolm X Quote

malcolm X

It is an undisputed fact that Malcolm X has motivated millions of people around the world including developers and designs. As a result, this great wallpapers with inspiring quotes was designed. There is nobody who can warrant you free. Also, nobody can give you justice or equality. However, you can take it if you are a man. This is a great wallpaper for people working for a better future.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it, most wallpapers with inspiring quotes for your desktop to keep you motivated and act like there’s no tomorrow. We hope you liked the collection and will get prepped about your goals, let us know any other quote that you live by, and you think it would inspire other people. Also remember to check out Beautiful Winter and Christmas Wallpaper For Your Desktop.

If you found this list interesting, share it and help others get motivated too!

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