12 Free Fonts used by Famous Brands

Have you ever found yourself stuck in choosing a font?

Whenever you start your designing project, the first thought that jump into your mind is how will you manage the fonts?

Fonts might seem insignificant, but they do add value to the project. And, the value seems to be of biggest proportion than you might ever think.

According to the article published in vital, The importance of Typography, they seem to make quite bold statements about font and typography selection.

They also quoted, “The world is full of beautiful fonts—choosing the right one for your next project can be a daunting task“.

Finding the right font not even is a daunting task, it can be confusing as well. But there is a good way to find inspiration by looking at the fonts used by the famous brands.

The famous brands are very choosy when it comes to font selection. They keep their identity hidden in the font and only the best in the business can understand what they are trying to hide.

Well, that’s another story altogether. Today, we will go through some of the famous free fonts used by famous brands. This will surely give you inspiration on how you can also use free fonts for your project.

Free fonts used by famous brands

Facebook logoFacebook Logo — Klavika Bold

Facebook is the number one social media platform in the world. They have also made their identity unique with a simple Facebook logo. To all our surprise, they use the free Klavika Bold font.

The font is simple and focuses on spaces and great geometry. Connectivity aspect is really seen in the font choice of Facebook.


Google latest logoGoogle — Catull BQ

Who doesn’t know Google? They rule the internet with their search engine — have already invested in other sector researchers and is growing every single day.

Google has changed their font too many times. To keep it simple, I will only list their free font use of Catull BQ.

The font is quite impressive and provides the necessary edge to the Google logo.


Adidas logoAdidas — ITC Avant Garde Gothic Medium

Adidas has shown the world how to build a sporting brand. They are well known among the sports lovers and users. They also sponsor tons of football, cricket, and other sporting teams or events.

Adidas uses the ITC Avant Garde Gothic Medium. I love the font in the logo as it makes everything look simple and intuitive. The attention to detail is impressive in the font.


IBM LogoIBM — IBM font

IBM started almost six decades ago. Until now, they have contributed in hundreds of ways to computing and the growth of technology in both industrial and normal life.

IBM uses the famous custom-made IBM font. And, now you can use it for your project as well. Just download it from the link below.


The New York Times — English Towne

The New York Times logo font

New York Times uses the free English Towne font for their logo presentation. The font is quite an impressive one and makes use of curved characters to give the full font appearance.

I think, the font really matches the New York Times work and their way of approaching the different news and views happening around the world.


Digg FontDigg

Digg is a popular news aggregator that aggregate all the best news, articles, views on their portal. Digg is very popular and has millions of users on their website on a monthly basis.

They use the free font, Pico Y. The font characters have no curves of any type. It utilizes all 90 degree sharp edges to give life to each character. The final logo of Digg looks good and appealing.



Engadget font

If you a technology follower, you should already know Engadget. Engadget keeps track of everything remotely related to technology. I love how they represent information and brings the best information possible.

Engadget uses The Engadget Font(it is a close match and not the original one). You can take a look at the font by checking the download button below.

If you are not satisfied with the font, you can try out the free font generator online to change it according to your requirement.



Grooveshark font

Grooveshark uses the custom font FF Nuvo. The font is stylish and matches the flow of the music sharing. I love Grooveshark and their logo design. The logo design and the font match quite well.


Linkedin Font


Linkedin is the largest professional network platform. This is the place where you can grow your network, meet people and help them solve problems. Even though their website design and user experience is lousy, they have done an excellent job in creating the logo.

The logo uses the Myriad Pro Bold. The font is a mix of stylish and professional look.


The Onion Font


Onion is a well-known satire site. They target social norms and try to challenge them with their satire.

The Onion uses the Eagle Bold font. The font is sharp and modern in looks and provides the agility and sharpness that their logo needs.



Paypal logo font

PayPal is an international payment system that helps hundreds and thousands of freelancers, businesses and individuals to transfer money across the world.

PayPal uses the Verdana Bold Italic font. And, the font does justice to what PayPal does. The font italics style hints at the forwardness of the company in solving the problems of the audience.



Sega Logo Font

Sega invented the gaming. They are popular game developer residing in the heart of Japan. Sega controlled most of the gaming scene in the few decades. They are still going strong.

Sega uses their custom font logo, which you can also use without their permission.



Make the Most out of the fonts

There are hundreds of other free fonts that can be listed in this category. I kept it small as it will make more sense and never ending list. All the fonts listed above are free and can be used in your project without any prior permission.

If you liked the collection, don’t forget it to comment and share the article. If you think that I should have included more fonts, then don’t forget to tell us using the comment section below.

Until next time.

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