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Have you just started your journey to graphic design? If so, you should definitely learn online courses and develop your skills on a regular basis. However, it can be expensive for you to pay for an online course. Luckily, a lot of graphic design online courses are available for FREE these days. In this blog, we’ll provide you with a list of free graphic design course providers. Also, we’ll describe their online courses briefly. So, you’ll be able to pick the right type of course and master graphic design skills fast and easy.

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Alison is known for being one of the most popular FREE online course providers. The platform offers the best FREE online courses developed by the world’s leading experts. According to the statistics, over 12 million learners have already taken advantage of Alison’s online courses and this number is constantly growing.

It’s worth noting that all courses available at Alison are sorted by a category, course type, learning area, course level and course features. There are both audio and video online courses. Alison also comes with a search engine string. So, you’ll be able to search for the necessary graphic design courses at Alison fast and easy. All that you have to do is to put the necessary keyword into the search string and get results. You can also sort results by popularity and date.

Among the best free graphic design online courses by Alison are: Graphic Design – Visual and Graphic Design, Design – Applying Design Principles, Design Thinking – Design Research and Analytics, Adobe Photoshop CS6 Essential Tools and many others.

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There is no doubt that you’ll find it easy to master the art of graphic design with teaching materials by Canva. You need to know that Canva is an online platform that offers different types of online classes for designers of all skill levels. It’s fair to say that Canva has everything that a professional graphic designer needs. If you join Canva platform, you’ll be able to get the access to all of these teaching materials and educate yourself for FREE.

You will find it easy to get creative about visual design with online lessons by John Spencer such as Visual Poetry, Graphic Instructional Text, Extreme Graph Makeover and Career Infographics.

Vicki Davis also offers several good courses for designers: Writing Letters That Matter as well as Scientific Element Fan Page Designer.

It makes a lot of sense for you to consider a great graphic design course by William Ferriter – Using Images in School Projects.

And of course, you can benefit from a graphic design course by Terri Eichholz – Illustrative Infographics.

Canva also offers four online workshops for graphic designers: Workshop 1, Workshop 2, Workshop 3 as well as Workshop 4. Would you like to figure out how to design in a new way? If so, you should obviously take advantage of Workshop 1. If you would like to get the access to colors, fonts and images then you need to make use of Workshop 2. Do you need the elements that provide structure and hierarchy? In this case, we recommend you to consider Workshop 3. Workshop 3 offers backgrounds, layouts as well as shapes. Workshop 4 is designed to make it possible for you to increase the awareness of your brand.

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And of course, you also need to take a closer look at FREE online courses for graphic design by Coursera. The company offers the following courses: Ideas from the History of Graphic Design, Presentation Design, Fundamentals of Graphic Design, Introduction to Typography, Graphic Design History: An Introduction, Introduction to Graphic Illustration, Introduction to Graphic Design, Learn Adobe Photoshop from Scratch, Logo Design from Concept to Finish, Professional Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator and many others. It’s clear that Coursera has a lot to offer to graphic design beginners.

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Skillshare is the right place to learn graphic design online. This provider offers different types of online classes in graphic design and photography. Skillshare has already brought together more than 5 million teachers and students from all different parts of the world. This number is likely to grow dramatically in the nearest future.

Actually, you can start online courses by Skillshare anytime. Skillshare provides every student with the perfect opportunity to get the FREE access to the unlimited graphic design online courses for 2 months. You can cancel the course anytime! Online courses by Skillshare have been designed to make it easy for students to learn the latest tools as well as techniques in graphic design.

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Thank you so much for reading this article. As you can see, a lot of great graphic design online courses are available for FREE today. Use these FREE online courses to educate yourself and take your graphic design skills to the next level. Best of luck!

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