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Does your website have broken links? If so, you obviously need to get rid of them as soon as possible. Without a doubt, visitors are unlikely to be happy to see broken links on your website. It’s also important to note that today’s search engine optimization is all about user experience. That means that broken links will certainly have a huge negative impact on your site’s SEO.

The big question is – how to find broken links on a website? In fact, you’ll be able to check for broken links on a website fast and easy if it’s built on WordPress platform. All that you need to do is to install a broken link checker WP plugin on a site. You should know that a lot of broken link checker WordPress plugins are available for FREE. Today, we’ll review some of the best free broken link checker plugins for WordPress.

Broken Link Checker


With broken link checker WP plugin, you’ll find it easy to monitor your site for broken links on a regular basis. If any broken links are found on your website, this great WordPress plugin will inform you about this immediately. You’ll see a notification either in the dashboard or in email.

Broken Link Checker is likely to impress you with its amazing features. This plugin will check all of posts, pages as well as comments for broken links on a WordPress site. So, it will not take you too long to detect broken links on your site.

Let’s assume that Broken Link Checker has detected some broken links on your WordPress website. If this is the case, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to fix broken links found on your site quickly. The plugin makes it possible for you either to edit broken link’s URL or unlink a broken link. One way or another, you’ll be able to get rid of broken links on your website.

Another important thing that you need to be aware of is that Broken Link Checker is a highly customizable WordPress plugin. So, you’ll find it easy to customize your WordPress plugin for any of your site’s needs.

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WP Broken Link Status Checker

WP Broken Link Status Checker is another great plugin for WordPress. The plugin itself is very easy to use. You’ll definitely like the plugin’s interface. This wonderful WP plugin will test both internal and external links on your website and provide you with results. As a result, you’ll see all broken links as well as links that redirect to other sites.

It’s important to point out that there are free and paid versions of WP Broken Link Status Checker. You need to know that the free version of WP Broken Link Status Checker plugin has everything that’s needed to detect and fix all of broken links on a WordPress site. However, you can upgrade the plugin to the “Pro” version anytime and get the advanced features if such a need arises in the future.

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Broken Link Manager

Broken Link Manager does a great job on a WordPress site. Actually, this WP plugin is open source software. If any broken links are found, the plugin will archive them on a WordPress site. As a result, you’ll receive a notification on your email.

Broken Link Manager will provide you with the report. The report contains the information on different types of broken links that have been found on your WordPress site. The report provided by Broken Link Manager will allow you to see how many redirect (301) URLs, broken (404) URLs, total broken URLs hits as well as total broken URLs.

Also, the plugin shows the data broken link data graphically on a WordPress site’s dashboard. After that, your job is to analyze the report carefully and fix all of broken links found on a website. That’s it.

However, the most important thing is that Broken Link Manager is the plugin that has gained a huge popularity among WordPress site owners. You’ll be able to see that a lot of people have left positive reviews on Broken Link Manager. Obviously, the vast majority of WordPress site owners are happy with the plugin. That’s the reason why they recommend the plugin to others.

Thank you so much for reading this article. We’ve just provided you with a list of great broken link checker WordPress plugins. Also, we’ve described the features of these WP plugins in detail. Each of these broken link checker WP plugins can help you detect and fix all of broken links on your WordPress website quickly. Take advantage of the best WordPress plugins and make your life easier! Best of luck!

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