Top 10 Free Responsive HTML5 Admin & Dashboard Templates

Being a developer building a project from scratch can be quite overwhelming and challenging since this means that one should be in charge of countless aspects of web development all at once. Hence, if you have the chance to avoid the bother of building your own admin dashboard, you should definitely take it. Just go through and choose one of the following top 10 free admin dashboard templates and save yourself from overworking.

Top 10 Free Responsive HTML5 Admin & Dashboard Templates:


  • Adminator – Recommended (Top Pick) 

Adminator dashboard

This is a top pick and probably the ultimate admin template that’s available on the market. And, it is not like using any other template but it is a whole new thing on its own. Why? – Adminator is based on Bootstrap 4 and features the latest and best tools which makes web application development an easy task to do. What’s even better – it is free of charge for both commercial and private use.

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  • ElaAdmin – Bootstrap 4 based dashboard template

If you’re looking for an admin dashboard with a simple, yet captivating design, ElaAdmin is what you should go for. Based on Bootstrap 4, this template will amaze your users. The designers licensed it under MIT and you can also use it for free. But, that’s not all! The ElaAdmin template is packed with various usable libraries which is really rare nowadays.

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  • Metis – Free Bootstrap Admin Template

Metis is a clean, wisely crafted, packed with advanced features free HTML5 dashboard template based on Bootstrap. You can use it with a great range of applications and services without the need of doing anything from scratch. Furthermore, it allows you to make customizations if needed. Metis includes numerous features like tables, forms, charts, calendar, Google Maps, and many more.

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  • Ace – Highly Dynamic Admin Dashboard 

Ace Admin Dashboard

With Ace, you can actually do wonders. It is a highly dynamic admin dashboard built on Bootstrap 3 which comes with built-in management options for the UI and UX elements and dynamic tables support thanks to the jqGrid jQuery library. This means that you’ll be in charge of your own form elements. Plus, you can also manage various widgets including notification bars, text boxes, and custom HTML widgets.

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  • Startmin – Admin Dashboard Template

Here’s an amazing Bootstrap admin dashboard template featuring light colors and smooth transitions between menus. One of the greatest things about Startmin is that you can manage your website from whenever since it natively works on mobile devices. Also, there are two charting platforms available: Flot Charts and Morris.js Charts, and you can control any forms or tables from the dashboard.

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  • BCORE – Admin Dashboard Template 

BCORE is not only a dashboard but also a completely functional management platform for both front-end and back-end activities. Typography, modules, notification tools, sliders, tabs, and panels are only some of the UI elements. Also, there are basic forms, advanced forms for file upload, and WYSIWYG editor forms if you want to extend your site and make it more content oriented. Plus, there’s a management tool for error pages, image galleries, and data tables.

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  • Siminta – Admin Dashboard Template

The developers built this template with Bootstrap with both front-end and back-end activities in mind. Siminta is extremely easy to use and provides the user with a great pack of elements, features, and plugins. What’s more, the codebase is totally complemented with comments so editing some parts of the code is easily achievable. Alternatively, you can add your own scripts and functions and upgrade the codebase.

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  • Dream – Admin Dashboard Template 

Last but certainly not least, Dream is a great looking, dark colored and fully responsive admin dashboard template which you can use for free. It is a Bootstrap-built template that you can download instantly. The use of CSS3 and HTML5 helps it stands out, whereas the jQuery’s functionality adds limitless advanced features. The Dream template also supports Google Fonts and Font Awesome and includes special plugins for Data Tables and Charts.

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  • DashGum – Bootstrap Admin Template


Searching for an elegant but creative admin template? – DashGum, apart from its warm design, is packed with numerous stunning style choices and a wide range of plugins. Furthermore, it’s ideal for those looking for a more fluid experience when it comes to using dynamic content and data management tools. However, the free version is a bit limited, so you’d better go for the premium.


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