16+ Best Tumblr Blogs To Download Tumblr Wallpapers

Tumblr is the right mix of social media and blogs, it has best of both the mediums and you can find some of the coolest stuff there. You can find a lot of unique and interesting things in a single place that are not so common all over the web. I came across a lot of interesting Tumblr blogs that have stunning wallpapers that you can use on your devices. Click here to find places where you can find the best Tumblr wallpapers.

People change wallpapers based on their mood and they search for stuff that is different from the commonly available ones. Wallpapers are quite personal things; they almost reflect your personality and your state of mind at a particular time. Wallpapers have the ability to brighten up your day; it’s the first thing that you see when you access your laptop or phone.

If you haven’t checked out Tumblr, you should, and we will help you look at the right places. There is so much of good stuff you can find on Tumblr, but it can also get repetitive. We make it easy for you to search stuff on Tumblr so that you don’t see the same stuff in your search. I have rounded up 16+ best Tumblr blogs to download stunning wallpapers.

Tumblr Blogs To Download Amazing Tumblr Wallpapers

It has come up with a method where different social networking platforms can work together. Currently, Tumblr is hosting some of the most popular blogs, and entertaining posts you will never find somewhere else. It’s also easy to use, where you can create content or share your favorite posts. This has become home for the most popular blogs and posts on the internet.

Tumblr comes with a lot of content, this means, you will never get bored when browsing on their site. With this, you get a chance to read much different content, therefore, you will have many options to choose from. Because of this, we have provided for you a huge list of the best Tumblr blogs. Below, we will discuss Tumblr’s which have amazing wallpaper images.

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Parallax Wallpapers

Parallax Wallpapers

Parallax wallpapers have a collection of beautiful wallpapers posted in no particular order or genre. You can find high-quality wallpapers for your devices, the blog has a varied collection of wallpapers including nature, abstract, space, architecture, animals, video games and more.

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iPhone 5 Wallpapers

iPhone 5 Wallpapers

As the name suggests, they have a collection of all kinds of wallpapers that are designed to fit the iPhone 5. These wallpapers can also be customized for other phones and smartphones, you’ll find all kinds of wallpapers on the blog.

In case you are searching for iPhone 5 wallpapers only, just click on the iPhone 5 wallpapers, and you will get everything you are looking for.

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Tumblr backgrounds

Ssomebackgrounds is a nice blog for wallpapers; it has got an enormous collection of beautiful wallpapers broadly classified into categories such as people, black & white pictures, cities, music bands, nature and more.

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Iosbackgrounds features a wide collection of wallpapers and backgrounds for all your devices. The blog has a variety of wallpapers in different styles and colors; all the wallpapers are hand picked and completely free.

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The Amazing Wallpaper

The Amazing Wallpaper

The amazing wallpaper has a stock of beautiful and amazing wallpapers, the blog mostly has landscape images, nature wallpapers, cats, girls among others.

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Boot Camp Exercises

Boot Camp Exercises Tumblr Blog

Boot Camp Exercises doesn’t advertise itself as a wallpaper blog, but you can find wallpapers, inspirational quotes, and news related stuff posted regularly. It has a stock of a lot of wallpapers; you’re sure to find one for your device.

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Space Wallpapers

Space Wallpapers

Space Wallpapers has some of the coolest space images to be used as backgrounds or wallpapers. If you’re a space geek, you’d love to dive into their collection. You can also browse through different categories such as phone wallpapers, tablet wallpapers, and desktop/laptop wallpapers to select one for your device.

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Best Lockscreens

Best Lockscreens

Best Lockscreens mostly has wallpapers with quotes; the blog has vibrant pictures with quotes. Mostly these are motivational/inspirational lines on a picture background, edited by the blog owner.

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Dress Up Your Tech

tumblr wallpapers

Dress up your tech is a quirky blog with cool illustration wallpapers, if you love things a bit artsy, you’ll like the page. The good thing is, now everything is organized into categories that will help you in finding the right wallpaper for your device.

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Vintage Italia shirts wallpapers

If you’re in the retro mood, or you love all things retro, here is the place to be on Tumblr. The blog has vintage wallpapers of all kinds. The blog will take you down the memory lane or give you a glimpse of the bygone era. But, sadly this blog doesn’t seem to be updated for a year, but there is a lot that you can find here.

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Aerial Wallpapers

Aerial Wallpapers

If you’re fascinated by the satellite imagery or topographic maps, then this is the Tumblr blog you should follow. As the name suggests, all images are aerial, and they are high-resolution images specifically optimized for iPhone 6 Plus but you can resize it for any device that you have. The blog has quite a good number of unique aerial wallpapers.

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Lyrics Wallpapers

lyrics wallpapers tumblr

Lyrics wallpapers comprise of wallpapers with scenic background and lyrics of the famous songs in all caps on it. Many of the wallpapers are requested, so if you want wallpapers for your favorite line, you can get it here.

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enchantedbgs tumblr

This is one space to watch out for some of the stunning Tumblr wallpapers, the blog also has icons for your Twitter. The blog has a mix of nature wallpapers, quotes wallpapers and celebrity images.

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Unsplash High Resolution Photos

Unsplash is unlike other wallpaper blogs, this isn’t primarily aimed at being a wallpaper blog, but it has some of the most stunning images that you can use as your wallpaper. The blog has beautiful, high- resolution images that are perfect for your desktops. The best part is; the blog is regularly updated with ten new photos each day.

This comes with free, high resolution, copyright photos, this means, they can be used in many places and not just as your computer’s wallpaper. This is the best Tumblr wallpapers that you can use on your computer because it has all the premium Tumblr wallpapers. This website is also updated daily.

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Style Your Phone

Style Your Phone blog

Style, your phone, is aimed at teenagers with a lot of cool and quirky wallpapers, you’ll find Tumblr wallpapers for your phones on the blog. Most of the Tumblr wallpapers have quotes, graphics, funny texts wallpapers and similar stuff on the blog.

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A solid Base

A Solid Base The best wallpaper

A solid base offers a different experience than the other wallpaper blogs; it shows you how each wallpaper will look on different devices. You can use the same wallpaper on all your devices, they link back to wallpapers of different sizes that you can use on different devices. The blog has a diverse collection of Tumblr wallpapers divided into categories such as nature, abstract, bokeh, landscape, wood, rain and more.

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Wallpaper Philosophy


This comes with a shortlist of Tumblr wallpapers. The most boring part is that the site is not updated regularly. However, you can still check out some of these Tumblr wallpapers which you can use on your computers.

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Wrapping Up

I hope you like the collection, these are some of the best Tumblr blogs for downloading the best wallpaper images. If you know of any other blogs that you feel should have made to the list, let us know in the comments below. If you like our effort and think other people might find the list useful, share it as much as possible. Feel free to leave your suggestions and feedback in the comment section below!

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