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There has been a lot of talk about the importance of creating a landing page that converts well. Once you attract targeted users to your website, you need to do everything possible to convert them into customers. You’ll definitely find it easy to design landing pages if your website is built on WordPress.

It’s enough to integrate your site with WP landing page plugins. Luckily, a lot of landing page plugins for WordPress are available today. Another good piece of news is that most of these WP plugins are FREE. In this blog, we’ll review some of the best free WordPress landing page plugins. We’ll outline their most significant benefits and describe their key features in detail As a result, you’ll be able to get the best free landing page plugin for WordPress.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode offers you more than 170 highly customizable themes and more than 2 million unique images you can add to your page. With such a selection of different themes, you can sure that you will find one that will fit your style perfectly.

What is more, to customize and adjust your page, you don’t need to have any coding knowledge. You can also make the plugin your own by simply changing the plugin’s name, color, text, and logo. Furthermore, if you want to play with the design of your page, you can adjust other aspects such as the layouts, background, header, or use a custom page.

Another great feature of this plugin is that you can collect emails right from your coming soon page. That way, you will have a ready email list when you publish your website. Finally, Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode provides you with SEO and traffic analysis that will give you insight into how your website is performing.


UnderConstructionPageUnderConstructionPage is a great plugin that will allow you to create an under-construction page for your website to inform your current and future visitors your website is being worked on. The plugin offers you a great number of images and templates that you can customize to fit your style and brand.

Furthermore, UnderConstructionPage includes a beginner-friendly drag and drop builder that is incredibly straightforward and user-friendly. In addition, you can add handy elements to your page and further customize their settings.

Finally, this plugin gives you an insight into your website’s performance and traffic to see what you are doing right and what should improve. In addition, you can generate tracked inbound links and share them on your social media profiles or with your affiliates.

Parallax Gravity

With such a wonderful WordPress plugin as Parallax Gravity, you’ll be able to create unlimited landing pages. The plugin has been designed to make it easy for you to create a landing page that converts well. Parallax Gravity makes it possible for you to set background and publish any type of content on a landing page.

It’s important to know that there are free and premium versions of the plugin. Keep in mind that that free version of a plugin has everything that’s needed to create a landing page. The free plugin comes with Parallax sections effects, WordPress visual editor, font control, shortcodes and many others. But most importantly, the plugin gives you an opportunity to create responsive landing pages that look well on all types of mobile and desktop devices. However, if you find that you need more features you’ll be able to upgrade the plugin to a premium version anytime.

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WP Lead Plus Free

WP Lead Plus Free offers a great way of developing landing pages for a website. The plugin itself is easy to use. That means that you’ll be able to figure out how it works quickly. So, it will not take you too much time to build a landing page with the plugin. The plugin’s features include auto responder integration, logo integration, background control, color control, templates, video options as well as a lot of editable areas. You need to know that the plugin has everything that’s needed to build a responsive landing page.

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Impact Template Editor

Impact Template Editor is known for being a powerful template creator and landing page builder. The plugin makes the landing page creation process simple. Impact Template Editor gives you an opportunity to create your own templates. If you take advantage of the plugin you’ll be able to develop sales pages, landing pages as well as affiliate pages fast and easy. Another big advantage is that the plugin comes with a real time interface. So, you’ll be able to see changes instantly after editing a landing page. Among the key plugin’s features are: logo integration, column feature, visual editor, header control, footer control as well as widget areas.

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Ultimate Landing Page

Ultimate Landing Page is a feature rich and highly customizable WordPress landing page plugin. In other words, the plugin comes with many great features. Also, you’ll not find it hard to customize the plugin for your needs. Below, we’ll explain to you briefly how you can benefit from the plugin.

It’s pretty easy to build landing pages with a WP plugin like this one. Plus, the plugin allows you to create a landing page fast.

We all know that sometimes it’s necessary to turn a landing page into a coming soon page. With Ultimate Landing Page, it will take you no more than 5 minutes to cope with this important task.

The plugin makes it possible for you to add a logo to a landing page. So, you’ll get an opportunity to increase the awareness of your brand dramatically.

If you take advantage of the plugin, you’ll be able to pick a background image, fonts as well as colors for your landing page.

Ultimate Landing Page allows you to create headlines as well as custom descriptions for landing pages.

Also, you’ll be able to integrate your landing pages with social media buttons. So, visitors will have the perfect opportunity to share your landing page on all popular social media platforms. And of course, this will contribute greatly to your social media efforts.

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Thank you so much for reading this article. We’ve just provided you with a list of free landing page plugins for WordPress. Take advantage of these plugins to turn your site’s visitors into customers and increase your website’s conversion significantly. Best of luck!

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