Best Email Hosting Solutions-2022

Best Email Hosting Solutions-2022

What Is Email Hosting

GmailEmail hosting is a service where a hosting provider rents out the email servers to its customers. While there are brands out there offering email hosting services absolutely free of cost, some brands are smart to take advantage of the power and flexibility of a professional email service.

Professional email hosting is what we say when both, the incoming and outgoing emails are being managed by a separate dedicated or shared mail server.

Free vs. Paid Email Hosting

Free Hosting Services

The email hosting services that allow you to receive and send emails or manage email accounts via email clients(IMAP) and webmail(POP) by paying absolutely no money is known as a free email hosting service.

To name a few famous free emails, at some point in time you must have used Gmail and yahoo. There are a lot of free email hosting services we all use on a daily basis like Microsoft’s Hotmail, Google’s Gmail, AOL, and yahoo.

Advantages of Free Email Hosting

  • Sufficient storage to meet the needs of small individuals and businesses.
  • Free with absolutely no contract and commitment

Disadvantages of Free Hosting

  • Weak/ less security
  • Authenticity is always at stake
  • No custom and personalized domain name
  • cloud storage space is insufficient
  • redundant customer support and help options
  • disturbing on/off page advertisements

Professional/ Paid Hosting

It is usually not advisable to use free email hosting for the businesses that depend upon email as their revenue driver.  When compared to paid email hosting, free email hosting lacks quality and professionalism.

Professional/paid email hosting is the one you need for a growing business.

Advantages of Paid/Premium Email Hosting

  • Personal custom domain name
  • Robust antivirus and spam filters
  • No advertisements
  • Synchronization of emails amongst multiple devices
  • regular filtering, rerouting, and replication
  • Large attachments
  • archiving/backups option available
  • Mail rules followed
  • POP3/IMAP services
  • Usage of forwarders, autoresponders, and aliases
  • White and blacklists
  • Contacts and folder management
  • Reduced management cost
  • Collaboration tools
  • Powerful security measures
  • More storage space

Disadvantages of a Paid Hosting

  • Costs you more since its premium

Types of Email Hosting

Five Reasons Your Company Needs a Digital Asset Management Software SolutionISP Hosting

Internet Service Providers(ISPs) provide the mail servers that function for fundamental personal email communication. This service isn’t made for the transportation of mass emails. ISP servers tend to limit the number of emails you are allowed to send.

For any business that wishes to maximize its email marketing campaign, then ISP hosting is not your cup of tea. If you want to send a generous amount of emails, then you should consider getting the hosting services from other hosting companies of web hosting providers.

POP3 Hosting

POP3 downloads the email from the mail server to store it on your device. It allows you to read the email even when you are not online. But some or all of your emails might not be available on the server. This situation creates a room for confusion for people who check their emails on different devices. For example, if you send a mail from your laptop, you might not be able to see it on your phone.

IMAP Hosting

Internet Message Access Protocol works in a completely different manner than other service providers. The email client is regularly in sync with the mail server and one can access the emails without an internet connection (if the email was downloaded earlier).

If you need to be free in order to check emails from various locations or your business functions with a central mailbox that has to be accessed by numerous colleagues, then IMAP is the one for you.

Cloud Hosting

If you are genuinely concerned about the disaster recovery of your email then private email cloud providers should be your choice. Cloud-based email shows operational efficiency and reduced costs. Cloud hosting is known to be the most scalable option.

They are always maintained and updated with recent technological advancements and security patches. It gives you increased bandwidth and firewalls. If by any chance your system goes down, your data will be safe as it would have been automatically backed up.

Merits of Email Hosting

Custom Domain Name

A custom domain name incorporated in your email adds more professionalism and improves brand consistency. Recognization is one of the key aspects of any power company. It acts as a testament to your consumers as it instantly connects your services and products to your name.

Having inconsistency in your branding can lead to adverse effects on the company’s attempts to gain recognition and exposure. Having a solid brand identity makes you more accessible to potential customers and clients. It also allows easy management of multiple addresses.

Increased Security

With data breaches increasing significantly in recent years, security has become the top-most priority for many. Email hosting lets you encrypt your emails. Encryption can save your emails from being read by any unauthorized party.

You will have to send sensitive information to your customers or team at some point. Encryption there can act as a key security feature. You also get access to the spam and malware filters that protect your messages and make them safe to open.

Integration with other tools

PHP List is a newsletter solution that supports marketing campaigns, Mailman facilitates the management of subscriber lists and newsletters.

These tools can work wonders with email marketing being a key player in many brands’ lead conversion processes. It is therefore important to consider the additional functionality you are being provided.


Scalability is an important aspect of any prospering business. You can get dedicated customer support, the addition of more addresses to your domain, or increased storage capacity.

Email hosting plans are usually scalable to your needs, deliver layers of additional security, and are high-performance. You may even be able to create unlimited email accounts. This can help in your business’s growing necessities.


Uptime is pivotal for a thriving business. You are guaranteed solid uptime. This is a crucial difference between a free-email client and an email hosting solution. Downtime equals delay in receiving important information or lost emails.

Business is called flourishing if it is reliable. Reliability equals being available to the employees and consumers at the time of need.

Demerits of Email Hosting

SPAM focal

No conveyance ensured

Poor customer support

Chronicling capacity

Some email hosting recommendations- 2022

Bluehost hosting

Bluehost email hosting

Rackspace Hosting

Rackspace email hosting

Amazon Hosting

Amazon email hosting

Wix Email Hosting

Wix email hosting

Zoho Hosting

Zoho email hosting

Shopify Email Hosting

Shopify email hosting

Hostgator Email Hosting

Hostgator email hosting

Namecheap Hosting

Namecheap email hosting

Dreamhost Email Hosting

Dreamhost email hosting

Go Daddy Email Hosting

Godaddy email hosting

Siteground Email Hosting

Siteground email hosting

Windstream Email Hosting

Windstream email hosting


So, this was nearly everything you needed to know about email hosting. As you would have realized, email hosting is a great hosting plan for the safe and secure transportation of messages and sensitive information. SO, you should go and get attached to a good email hosting service provider if you are running an email-centered business. If you want to view some of the best email hosting providers click here.

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