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Having a great online website for your business adds to the profit of your business. But what if you are not interested in building a website? Well, for the starters, you can buy and resell one. Reseller Hosting is the ideal business for you.

You can buy and resell websites at a profitable amount or rent resources to some websites. This will open a wider door for opportunities for you. You can buy a package and accommodate other sites along with yours and get paid.

Well, there are a lot of options in the reselling business, and lets read about it in a detailed form.

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What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting where the owner of the account has the power to use his or her permitted bandwidth and hard drive space to host the websites on behalf of third parties. The reseller buys the host services in wholesale and sells them to its customer as a means of profit. A considerable amount of bandwidth and hard drive space is also allocated to the reseller account. A reseller has two choices. He may either resell shared hosting services or rent a dedicated server from any hosting company. In the former case, the reseller is permitted to sell a specific amount of bandwidth and disk space to their customers without having to rent a server from the hosting company they have their reseller account with.

Features of reseller hosting:

Disk Space

In terms of reseller hosting, disk space is the amount of space provided to you to share in between all your accounts, primary and resold. You can use the control panel to distribute this disk space in a manner to best suit your reseller hosting needs.

Resold Accounts

The amount of reseller accounts you form for reselling is dependent upon the package that you pay for. This amount is fixed so that every account has sufficient disk space and bandwidth to give your users and yourself the best experience.

Domain reseller account

You are provided with a domain reseller account with a range of domain names to register, including ccTLD and TLD, to increase your business value as well as your customers.


Bandwidth is known to be the amount of data transferrable to both to and from your reseller hosting plan. Here, it is shared amongst all your primary and created accounts. You can easily define the amount of bandwidth to be provided to all your resold accounts.

Inclusion of IP address

You can purchase a limitless IP address along with your purchased reseller hosting packages. You can even buy additional addresses to increase the number of websites to host on each address.

Custom DNS name servers

By using the custom DNS name server, you can present yourself as an individual hosting provider by increasing your privacy and hiding the host’s name as your source.

Advantages of reseller hosting:


Reseller Hosting Plans are relatively cheap. Henceforth, it serves as a good option for people looking to head into the web hosting business. In addition to it being cheap, it simplifies things as you do not have to buy infrastructure, technology, and pieces of equipment that are required to become an official web hosting provider.

Room to expand

If you own a website that has a lot of pages, gets a lot of traffic, or your business has a lot of sites. Then, reseller hosting will provide you space and features accordingly. You can run parts of your website separately from different servers and URLs without even buying any extra hosting plan.

Build your Brand

Reseller hosting lets you build your brand and identity even if you are trading resources of some other web hosting service provider.

Focus on the business

You can focus on the business aspects rather than the technical ones used to run a web hosting business if you choose reseller hosting. The reason is that the tasks related to connectivity, updates, server maintenance, and security are the responsibility of the web hosting service provider you have purchased or rented from.

Additional Features

Reseller hosting plans have a comparatively more significant number of features than any other traditional hosting plans. The control panel for the website also comes with more power to help you manage your site more effectively. A lot of companies also offer free SSL certificates along with a reliable cPanel.

Opportunities for income

You can make additional profit by selling add-ons like VPS hosting, dedicated HostingHosting, domain name registrations, IP addresses, SSL certificates, etc.

Disadvantages of reseller hosting:


You are indirectly dependent on the original web hosting service provider. The quality of the original web hosting service provider will be the determinant of the success of your business. This means if there are a lot of technical issues or their server goes down from time to time, your business will be equally affected.

Extent of difficulty

The control panel and features of reseller hosting are considerably challenging to tackle unless you are an expert at running a website.

Limited access

You will have to contact your web hosting service provider time and again as reseller hosting only offers limited access to the servers.


when you provide a web hosting service, though reseller hosting, you are liable to all the questions of your customers. If you do not invest your time in answering their questions rightly, you can ruin your business.

Changing providers is a big no.

If you plan to change your hosting providers, you will have to shift all the data from the clients. This is a tedious and somewhat difficult task. It would be recommended to have a virtual private server or dedicated server in this case. Though having a VPS or a dedicated server will make things easy, but it will also add up to the total cost making it an expensive deal.

2021 recommendations for some of the best reseller hosting service providers

Siteground Reseller hosting

siteground- best reseller hosting

Siteground is ranked amongst the best reseller hosting providers in the market and is called as the most appropriate option for beginners. It offers many facilities like SSD storage, daily backups, robust security, Cloudflare CDN, SSL certificates, and top-notch servers.

Some of its features are:

◦ Fast loading speed
◦ excellent support
◦ guaranteed uptime
◦ Strong security
◦ scalable
◦ powerful tools
◦ expert help at your door

A2 Hosting

a2 hosting - best reseller hosting

A2 Hosting providers are one of the few who grants you complete freedom. You can assign your server resources in whichever way you want to. A2 Hosting is one of the wholesome reseller hosting providers due to its fair pricing, amazing features, and excellent servers.

Some of the exciting features are:

◦ faster loading times
◦ guaranteed uptime
◦ excellent support
◦ any time money-back guarantee
◦ free SSL certificates
◦ Turbo fast servers
◦ Reliable

Bluehost reseller hosting

bluehost - best reseller hosting

Bluehost/reseller combo is the safest option in the market if you are not willing to take any risk. It offers the best windows reseller hosting. Irrespective of the technology being used, your clients will be provided with backups, SSL certificates, easy scaling, good security, integrated email solution, and Cloudflare CDN.

Some of its exciting features are:

◦ Guaranteed uptime
◦ technical support
◦ assured performance and speed
◦ Free domain name
◦ Free SSL certificates
◦ one-click installation
◦ money-back guarantee


inmotion -best reseller hosting for small business

Inmotion is known to be an excellent form of reseller hosting. Still developing, it provides the right amount of features and abilities. If you are not out of the box person and prefer the mainstream and safe idea, you can enjoy the experience of this independent hosting company.

Some of the exciting features are:

◦ excellent support
◦ Great loading speed
◦ Guaranteed uptime
◦ Risk-free
◦ Free SSL
◦ Free IP address
◦ cPanel included
◦ e-commerce optimized
◦ server management

Hostgator reseller hosting

hostgator - reseller hosting service

You get your desired features at an exceptional and pocket-friendly price in HostGator reseller hosting. If you are looking out for a reliable host with excellent servers in a low budget, then HostGator is the perfect fit for the bill. It allows you great control over your business as well as provide you with great flexibility.

Some of the exciting features are:

◦ Great uptime
◦ Faster loading speed
◦ reliable
◦ fair pricing
◦ 24/7 support
◦ scalability
◦ powerful tools
◦ 45 days money-back guarantee
◦ Free domains, sub-domains, FTP accounts, email accounts, etc.
◦ easy to use cPanel


Namecheap- reseller hosting service

It is perfect for clients looking out for basic, transparent, and fairly price reseller hosting. Namecheap is an affordable option you can go for.

Some of the exciting features are:

◦ decent loading speed
◦ great uptime
◦ commendable support
◦ WHM control Flexible cPanel
◦ 30-day money-back guarantee
◦ Disk space
◦ Bandwidth

Interserver reseller hosting

interserver - reseller hosting service

It is an excellent platform in terms of reselling hosting services. It is reasonably priced and robust. It is one of the best but a bit on the expensive side due to its extra fee private DNS and unique IP. It becomes almost 50 percent more expensive when compared with the cheapest plans.

Some of its features are:

◦ Excellent support
◦ Great loading speed
◦ guaranteed uptime
◦ Proactive backups
◦ Easy account setups
◦ quality management
◦ premium hardware
◦ ample disk space


Hosting24 - reseller hosting service

Hosting 24 serves reseller hosting plans that are perfect for experience reseller that is looking forward to expanding their business. Feature-rich and affordable, they fulfill all your requirements in running a successful reselling website.

Some of the features are:

◦ Custom DNS
◦ While label
◦ Great performance
◦ excellent uptime
◦ many data centers
◦ Unlimited disk space
◦ Unlimited bandwidth
◦ one-click installation
◦ Free domain registration
◦ Free website transfer
◦ powerful server

Green Geeks reseller hosting

GreenGeeks - best reseller hosting service

Green Geeks offers unique plans, provides support by great Linux hosting reseller providers, and is a perfect choice for learning. Green Geeks gives you with SSD storage, nightly backups, security, free CDN, Free SSL certificate, RAID-10 redundancy, and development-friendly features. If you have clients with a big budget, then green geeks should be your go-to reseller hosting provider.

Some of its exciting features are:(4)

◦ Guaranteed uptime
◦ Faster loading speed
◦ commendable support
◦ unlimited domain
◦ Free drag and drop builder
◦ unlimited MYSQL databases
◦ free email accounts
◦ cPanel
◦ 30 Days money-back guarantee
◦ renewable source of energy


kamatera - best reseller hosting

Perfect for reselling midrange to high-end plans and setting up your own hosting business. There are some of the robust features like 30 days of the free trial, a zero-risk pricing model that makes it an encouraging option for the reseller hosting business. There is a wide, and vast range of products camera allows you to mix and match to form some undeniable packages.

Some of its exciting features are:

◦ Scalability
◦ across the global data centers
◦ excellent support
◦ cPanel
◦ High flexibility
◦ 30 days free trial period

Scala Hosting reseller hosting

scala hosting - reseller hosting service

Scala hosting proves to be an excellent choice for newbies in the reseller hosting business. Reasonable pricing, decent plans, robust proprietary technologies make scala a perfect starter pack. You can choose between WHM/ standard cPanel reseller hosting. It is an all-rounder in providing you a delightful reseller hosting experience.

Some of the exciting features are:

◦ Excellent uptime
◦ Blazing fast loading speed
◦ Good support
◦ Free migration
◦ Free SSL certificate
◦ 30 days money-back guarantee
◦ daily backup
◦ One-click installation
◦ cybersecurity

Krystal Hosting

krystal - reseller hosting service

Krystal is an independent, reputed reseller hosting service provider known for its transparency and honesty. It provides hefty discounts, fair pricing, and generous amounts of discount. You also get free migration for all your websites. It is one of the top UK hosting service providers.

Some of the exciting features are:

◦ Scalability
◦ cPanel
◦ Excellent magneto specialists support
◦ fixed price
◦ solidity
◦ 60 days money-back guarantee
◦ 99.99% uptime
◦ Free migration

Bigrock Reseller hosting

big rock - reseller hosting service

Bigrock is the best reseller hosting provider in India. It allows you to resell both windows and Linux hosting. It has a reliable range of plans and decent features. All of the plans, big or small, constitute of WHMCS license.

Some of the features are:

◦ Faster loading time
◦ 99.78% uptime guaranteed
◦ Dedicated 24/7 support
◦ allows overselling
◦ unbelievably affordable

Accuweb hosting

Accuweb - reseller hosting service

Accuweb hosts both of its windows and Linux reseller hosting amazingly. Excellent scalability, lots of features, and an optimized server stack are all part of its offer. It is a bit pricy but one of the more premium providers.

Some of its features are:

◦ 6 data centers
◦ cPanel
◦ excellent 24/7 support
◦ highly scalable
◦ affordable
◦ ultra-fast SSD storage
◦ node.js
◦ free domain
◦ free email accounts

Brixly reseller hosting

Brixly- reseller hosting services

Brixly treats its clients far better than some big banner companies and has features beyond expectations. It is suitable for both newbies and experienced people.

Some of the exciting features are:

◦ 99.97% guaranteed uptime
◦ average loading speed
◦ decent 24*7 support
◦ free SSD storage
◦ Free SSL certificates
◦ DDoS protection


Hostpapa- reseller hosting service

It offers one of the best load times in the industry. It has a multilingual support team and elegant features. It is a bit on the costlier side.

Some of the key features are:

◦ 99.9% uptime guaranteed
◦ Fast loading speed
◦ 24/7 support
◦ decent features
◦ multilingual technical team
◦ fast servers
◦ scalable
◦ SSD drives
◦ multiple geo centric server locations

Go Daddy reseller hosting 

GoDaddy- best reseller hosting service

Go Daddy is a big banner company to offer excellent uptime and speed along with decent features. It gives go daddy brownie points over other reseller hosting providers.

Some of its features are:

◦ 100% uptime
◦ Blazing fast speed
◦ paid SSL certificates
◦ unbranded storefront
◦ strong servers
◦ 24/7 support


So, this was nearly everything you need to know about reseller hosting. Its pros, cons, and some of our recommendations. It surely is a business with lots of scopes, and henceforth we insist that you should give it a try. So hurry! Get yourself a reseller hosting package.

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Is it the same form of hosting as the other traditional hosting methods are?

No, it's slightly different. In traditional hosting you buy packages for your website, in reseller, you rent the packages or resell websites.

Are these services abailable for free?

No, but you can get really cheap options that are extremely pocket friendly.

Does reseller hosting opens job opportunities?

Of course, it does, if you can not make and maintain websites you can just resell them and rent them resources.

Are the recommended hosting providers trusted users?

Yes, the recommendations are well researched and all the features are being listed to you. You can choose accordingly and widely amongst them.

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